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DC Hall Oct 20
O Holy One
Come forth to me from above
I be but a conduit for your genius
Employ these hands to a lifetime of labor
DC Hall Oct 20
I began floating
through the shattered turquoise
Our contract had been broken
Surely I'll return again
Your visions paint me with disapproval
Two lives have changed completely
For now get your rest
DC Hall Oct 5
last year in San Fran.
I saw you there
with a sign on your neck
advertising your gift
your heart was resilient
as you walked up that hill
getting rejected by many
and accepted by few
but your eyes told your secret
your song i could hear
you found out the reason
the reason you're here
DC Hall Sep 14
The sky is a reflection of
a child that's lost
It is screaming and crying
Painting our world with it's pain.

Why did it have to rain
so hard in Kansas
As we laid there in our tents.

Praying to God
For the second time this week.
Wondering if this is something
We will soon regret.
DC Hall Sep 14
The sun is so low
Casting it's last Rays of day
Just before he calls it a night
When we enter a kingdom
Of different rules entirely
A foggy translucent time
For the demons and the hounds
When trouble takes hold
In the changing of the guard
DC Hall Sep 12
The darkness seems so very black
And strong amongst the crowd.
It watches me so patiently
I can feel when it's around.

I have no desire to work it out
To change things or to pray.
But I desire to be underground
Until this feeling goes away.

My words have often failed me
And conveyed what I do not.
While the seasons start to change here
I am missing you a lot.
DC Hall Jul 23
The sun will shine on me again
A sense of freedom and calm within
The dark days someday will end
A new life I will begin
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