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DC Hall Jun 6
Though our city is on fire
I believe we will die like the Phoenix
And be born anew
DC Hall Jun 3
I was consumed
by mental shackles
Years were spent in longing
spent in bitterness
spent in pain

I do not carry
That weight now
But I still fear
the metallic hold

Those shackles are
slowly being
dissolved by love
DC Hall Jun 2
Light is shining
On the dark side
Of society,
Reform is a long and winding road
True healing comes at
the price of uncomfortable
But there is pleasure
in the pain
It is a precursor to growth
As a country
As a city
As an individual
DC Hall May 31
There is another pandemic
Sweeping across the country
The more pigment you have
The more you're at risk
If you disobey
You die
There is no end in sight

I heard there are riots
downtown for George
Chauvin is going to fry
In more ways than one.
I don't think it will make things better.
But it's a start
DC Hall May 23
It has been
a long time
  since I worked.
I don't miss
doing the work
  or waking up at 4 AM,
But I do
miss the taste
  of a well earned beer.
DC Hall Apr 30
Spontaneous death
rips through reality
like a crack in the earth,
feelings of impermanence
DC Hall Apr 28
Mr bronstein
I can't pay you your rent
The whole world is sick
Disease is rampant
There is no work to be done
Keep your overpriced studio
I don't like it anymore
The Sun shine's brighter on the street anyways
You can keep my belongings
Rent it out fully furnished
I have a new pair of boots
I'll be okay
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