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She dances ethereally,
As possessed as the leaves flitting to the tune of a breeze.
Pledging her rhythmic heart to the beats
She unfurls gracefully—
Footloosing to every note harmoniously.
Her supple form traces meandering rivers,
Imitating waves of music flowing,
Creating effulgent symphonies scenting.
So unaffected, so ardent her step, that
Gravity, enchanted by her resplendent feet
Loosens his spell—
So she may flutter around unbound.
Destiny be preordained
Plucked by Goddesses
Placed at thy temples.

Identify the petal,
Sight the flower
In a nursery;

Bring it home
And nurture thy
Flowerful destiny.
Reality sees what beholder believes—
A pond discovering your reflection together,
Authenticating relative truths to thinkers—
Absolute to dreamers.
Lest you forget!
Each definition in itself carries a connotation—
You'll always be something more
How can one soul treat another unequally?
—That which can't be perceived by the senses is free of judgement.
Sound in to your silenceful Nature,
Echoes of an uninfluenced instinct shall reverberate:
That all of us are consciously different,
That all are in a relationship with a predesigned ecosystem,
That all are the functioning cells of one body,
One organism—The Earth,
And in that all of us are one!
So, how does one treat oneself unequally?
Mars to Sun: See those highly intelligent humans, all of them equally guilty before us, speeding up the process of decay, of that nurturing Earth. And now, are looking to inhabit me; let them arrive and see that I'm in my dormant phase and realize how good they had it on Earth.

Sun: Give them their concept of time, only too late will they realize that all is one.
Work your relative truths
During the sounds of day,
Reality construed through tools
Of your calculating conscious minds:
Optimal for survival and longevity.

But do remember too:
As when the silence of night dawns in, and
As the sound of thought scurries away
While you're cradled in the arms of slumber,
None of those truths will matter
Which governed your existence during the day.
It best be thought as Maya(illusion).
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