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If you start with the eyes—
Rest becomes beautifully negligible
O silence, O darkness
Tuck me under your blanket
For light overwhelms this, inundates this with too much information
Which the longer it's exposed to the more it veers away from everything that was once simple,
Everything that was once inimitable
Has lost its essence in regurgitation—
In the cyclic chambers of the conscious.

Bring me back that child which operated with the unknowns of the unconscious
Needed no definitions, needed no shape to comprehend
For whom everything was continuous—viewing everything amorphously like the fluid which flows through her.

(All I ever do lately is hanker for the light
Thinking it'll be the saving grace
Thinking procuring more knowledge will get me closer to serenity
To build and build and feed the ever hungry conquered soul
All the time speculating, measuring, calculating...)

No, sap away the water from my roots
Shrivel away the veins of retention
O! embrace me that which lingers on endlessly in the background
Take this platform, take the mike, take this person
Cacoon her in nothingness
For she wishes not to see her imperfect reflection in the presets of life anymore.
Sense of entitlement prevails in primitive minds
She dances ethereally,
As possessed as the leaves flitting to the tune of a breeze.
Pledging her rhythmic heart to the beats
She unfurls gracefully—
Footloosing to every note harmoniously.
Her supple form traces meandering rivers,
Imitating waves of music flowing,
Creating effulgent symphonies scenting.
So unaffected, so ardent her step, that
Gravity, enchanted by her resplendent feet
Loosens his spell—
So she may flutter around unbound.
Destiny be preordained
Plucked by Goddesses
Placed at thy temples.

Identify the petal,
Sight the flower
In a nursery;

Bring it home
And nurture thy
Flowerful destiny.
Reality sees what beholder believes—
A pond discovering your reflection together,
Authenticating relative truths to thinkers—
Absolute to dreamers.
Lest you forget!
Each definition in itself carries a connotation—
You'll always be something more
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