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Dea Elizabeth Nov 2018
**** this stupid
******* massive
country of ours.
This desolate land
God forsaken.
My skin is too soft,
My heart is too weak
to be dragged up and down coasts
Chasings stories and heartache.
A mail-order bride,
A ******* for love,
the mouse
who ran to the
Dea Elizabeth Nov 2018
Advertise my soul,
capitalise from my sins.
Dig the earth for coal,
a market built for kings.
Suppress for your control,
fill your life with things.
Abolition of self-control,
a life attached to strings.
Dea Elizabeth Nov 2018
My first love was real love —
absolute, pure bliss.
An innocent lie,
but what good love story isn't?

My second love was lust —
passionate, destructive lust.
A hedonistic trip,
but what great love story isn't?

My third love was safe —
conventional, traditional safety.
A step back for feminism,
but what ****** love story is not?
Dea Elizabeth Nov 2018
Now his name gives me chills.
What would have happened
if I'd gone home to him?
My tough man, my big man.
You're not a good enough
reason to **** myself.

— The End —