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Rett Dec 2020
I want you to hold me tight and feel my muscles tense up
I want you to caress my face and watch as I force myself to stay
I want you to touch me until I start to shake
I want you to feel my body shutter beneath your hand
I want you to know how much I crave you and how sick it makes me feel
Song recommendation:
Rett Oct 2020
I feel like a waste of air
When I breath in, I can feel the air fill my lungs
And I think about all the people who deserved it more
Every breath feels like i'm forcing myself to **** in the oxygen
I can feel the air being ****** out of my lungs
Not only am I a waste of air I make the air around me rotten
I make other people struggle with every breath I exhaled
When i'm in the room everyone gets uncomfortable
Because they know the feeling that I bring
suffocation and annoyance and everything green with disgust
Because that's what I am
I am a disgusting waste of air
Rett Aug 2020
Inside of me it sounds like dust and wind
Blowing through my veins
The cavity of my chest broken and changed
Sludge spilling out of brain
My throat choked and held back by rain
My legs buckled and bound by chains
My desperation fills me and makes me insane
The thought of death consumes me, calling my name
Help me please I’m in so much pain
Hey it’s been a while! I had a subbed craving to do poetry for some reason. I forgot how hard it is to try to say what you want to say but also making it sound good. I know this one is pretty basic but I’m just trying to get back into it

Song recommendation: trying by Orion sun
  Jul 2019 Rett
Crown Shyness
The trees are very nice to me
They block the sun and give me leaves
They let me climb on their limbs
So I can be free

The trees are pretty shy like me
They don’t like others among other things
They shy away from others like them
Sometimes they get along in the end

The trees have nice crowns like me
Mine is a mess but theirs is so pretty
I tell them all the time
They don’t like to share designs

They shy away from each other
And keep their own crowns
Crown shyness, I say
As I feel the same
Crown shyness is a natural phenomenon in which the crowns of fully leaved trees do not touch each other, leaving channels in the canopy.
  Feb 2019 Rett
Brooklynn Rogers
Sometimes I pretend
that my anxiety is a little mean man on my shoulder
Sometimes when he talks
I try to tune him out by thinking of my threes
three things I can hear
three things I can see
three things I can touch
Sometimes it works
but when it doesn't
the little mean man destroys me
Rett Nov 2018
I want to sit in the snow
I want to hold the small white flakes
that fall from the sky
I want to see them on my lashes.

I want to feel the cold air in my nose
I want to feel the cold only graze my skin
just enough to feel the breeze
I want to hug the snow.

I want to be tired
I want to run inside all cold
only to be warmed by hot chocolate and love
I want to play in the snow

I want their to be snow God ******!
waiting for the snow is so hard!

I've been in a really good mindset lately, not as many panic attacks so, yeah! I didnt really try wiht this one, i was just feeling ready for winter so this si what i wrote

'Hot hot hot, Hot Chocolate!'
- Best Dance scene ever
Rett Oct 2018
The melody moves my heart
sitting on my bed
listening to the sweet sounds of acoustic guitar
Children are outside getting ready for Halloween
Dogs bark
The sun sets and the neighborhood is painted in pink and orange
The humming vibrates in my mouth
making me feel light
I lay my head back and smile
It's October
♩What I listened to while writing this♩
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