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DG Feb 18
Though my eyes are green
They cannot see the finer things
Words always rip my heart at its seams
My own, or said by other beings
If you give me love, I’ll give you wings
I’ll worship you with much extremes
And if you leave me, by all means
These green eyes will weep burning streams
This is about all of my exes, friends no longer with me, and people I’ve had eyes for
DG Feb 12
The messed up part about it all is,
I still find comfort in your lies
Even though I know the truth.
A Feb 9
I seem to loose the essence of what all of this is about.
it before gave me a way to express what I desperately wanted to shout,
or maybe this is just a common case of a poet's drought?
I can never be certain.
I am my own worst critic,
could you say that  I'm harsh or bad at doing my job?
is my self loathing so blinding that I have to look no further for the reason of lost essence?
I don't know what to think anymore
should I quit?
or should I try to live through this tiring phase?
I'm not one for holding on to hope for too long,
and neither am I one to pray.
i dont even know anymore. should i quit poetry?
DG Feb 6
I hate that
Even after all you’ve said
I still crave to hold your hand
Hold it tight
As if I let go, all of the happiness in the world would escape  
Not a word needed.
You don’t have to kiss me.
Don’t have to love me. . .
I just want to hold your hand . . .
DG Feb 4
All of my poems these days seem to be about you as if you actually care or something
DG Feb 4
If only we could start over
Not middle school start over
Just start over to that cold, dark school bus
Where I think you stole my affection first
And I told you how great you did
Even though you got last place
And you smiled and so did I
And it was all downhill from there
But in a good way
Because that smile you gave me was intoxicating
And you continued to give me that smile
In the halls, in the selfies you sent me, at my play, when you met my family, when you graduated..
I want to go back
And relive that bittersweet moment
That was so scary, and it went so fast
When you held my hands with that concerned look
After I gave you that note
In front of the comp teacher’s door
And that day you texted me
And told me we could only be friends
Because you were leaving..
But did you ever leave?
You’re just a friend
Just as I’m just a friend
We’re just two friends who happen to love each other
ren Feb 2
why is it that
when i do not spend time with you,
i feel so empty?

i smile at the thought of you
but cry too,
why is it always you?
why is it only you?
DG Feb 1
I spoke to you so kindly
Even after how you’ve treated me
And when you said you loved me
I said it back with no hesitation
And when you showed me where you put my drawing of us
It made me feel so happy
It felt like a warm hug or a kiss on the cheek
And for a few moments I forgot how sad you’ve made me recently
It was just us
Like I had prayed for the chance to have again . .
And your music
And your laugh
And oh God, just /you/.
I’m beginning to realize what it means
To truly love someone
Even if the love is not truly returned
DG Jan 31
Is it the truth?
Is it a lie?
Are you just trying to make me cry?
Do you love me? Like you tell me you do..
The mixed messages are killing me,
Why do you treat me the way that you do?
My heart feels beaten
My heart feels bruised
Please just come clean, for my love is being used
DG Jan 30
Ladies and gentlemen,
Please do not let your significant others
Keep you from talking to your friends
Because our time on this earth is limited
And we need all of the people we can
To live our days as if they are the last.
By shutting me out, dear,
You are taking pieces of my life.
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