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rig Jan 5
this map - to be
or not to be:
that is the quest.
starstrike Apr 2019
Only the stars can save me now
Grant me the honor of no gravity
Let me float away in space
Away from the world


Make me one with the cosmos
Space dust coalescing
Stars birthing and dying
In simple, silent majesty
And vehement violence
If it can even be called violence
without malicious intent coined by **** sapiens brains
For into the void there is nothing

Sweet, sweet nothing

No society
No expectations
No humanly constructs

It just is
Or it isn’t

What a concept
Tommy Randell Jan 2018
Of course I am me
Often only me
The spark that wakes each day
To start the engines

Gets the boilers up and steaming
Makes the thing I am
Have meaning
Looks for answers to the millions of questions

But if I am only me
Only the verb* be
What good is that to being
Any kind of man?

The world has to enter in
Get passed my state of being
Alone here in the darkness
I need more than just
**I Am
A perennial philosophical question I know but today it rang bells in my head +tmy+
Emily Austin Aug 2017
To watch or not to watch.
That is the question;whether it is nobler in my mind to suffer the feels and emotions of addicting shows and yet be so in love with them.
To watch, to cry.
One more episode and only sleep will help me to end.
The heartache and the thousand cinematic shocks the writers are obsessed with.
‘tis a consuming world with everything I wish.
To watch, to cry. To cry-- perhaps too much. Ay, but it's worth it.
For, when watching these shows and knowing what feels may come, when we have shuffled off this depressing factor, we must not forget the humor that makes happiness last oh so long.
To watch characters travel the depths of space and time.
The detectives prove wrong the proud men and even the relationships and love ‘tween the main protagonists.
The insolence of the hiatus that even patient fangirls cannot take. When we go on great adventures with a hobbit and a ring. Who could bear the long wait? To punt a sweat is a weary life. To discover world's unknown from books or shows. We travellers never want to return.
Our fangirl hearts burn and even still
We would rather bear the tears we have Than live in a world where there are none.  Thus Fangirls are not cowards, not at all
Thus we are heroes so very proud
So we proudly say take flight on the enterprise with Captain Jean Luc
We bare our lights sabers alight
And lose ourselves in the action
Go we now happy as could be-- off to fangirl forever 
To be normal? Ha! Never.
I forgot I had written this, so enjoy!
Tyrel Kriger Nov 2016
Fleeting era;
Blossom of humanity;
I caught you by the tail,
And now you’re slipping out of my hand.

As we pack ourselves tighter in;
As we close the gaps with our wondrous tools;
We lose our colour,
And melt together.

Tolerance, gift of our violence.
You paint our faces all the same.
I cannot deny your higher road.
I cannot deny my head is turned,
While being driven on with the rest of us.

Like an arrow through a vacuum we fly.
feeling the oscillation of the shaft,
looking down its length at one moment,
and not being able to see over the curve the next.

Pointing at the flex from our momentary vantage.
as if we or they were responsible,
and not the bow
that fired us long long ago.
The more I learn the more amazing it is to see our collective path as a species. Its like we are free individually but are always fated to collectively travel one direction. What do you think?
Phil Lindsey Jun 2015
I’m a hypocrite,
I’m full of
I’m harmless
But I’m proud,
So I won’t sell my lemonade
To a whisky-drinking crowd.
For those who order
Sweet ice tea -
I say let them drink!
But New Yorkers drink Long Islands
And are more like me, I think.
I know I’m not an Atheist
But me and God don’t talk.
I think he built his watches
And then went for a walk. (4)
The armies go on fighting
Until the reaper wins
Or Armageddon’s curtain falls
Before Act III of the play begins.
The question asked by Hamlet
So many years ago
Today still asked by many,
Still the answer we can’t know:
“To be or not to be?” he asked.
To suffer or to die?  And
“Shuffle off this mortal coil”
Leave our loved ones here to cry.
There is beauty all around us
Inside us too, if we but look.
Though we might not like every cake
We can’t crucify the cook.
So eat when you are hungry
And drink when parched and dry.
Live life, for life’s worth living,
You’ll have eternity to die.
Phil Lindsey 6/2/15
(4) Another reference to deism.  See Der Uhrmacher Theorie, posted May 7, 2015.
Bluedyedroses May 2015
There's destruction in the air..
Coming from my fingertips and landing on a blade
Only, the blade is a pill, and no it's not just one
10, 9, 8
Just sit and wait
7, 6, 5
**** I'm still alive
4, 3, 2
Guess I won't be making this one through
Over the lips and through the gums, look out stomach, here it comes!
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