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Zack Ripley Sep 2021
If you want to change something
Don't be afraid to take your time
Because tomorrow's another day.
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
There are billions of colors.
But most only see black or white.
Don't be afraid to live in color.
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
In a world of your imagination, who do you see? What do you see? Could it be..
.a paradise untouched by man?
A place you can escape?
Dare I say it, a place you could feel safe?
In a world of your imagination,
are there any wars?
Have you opened all the doors?
Do you have somebody to love?
Don't be afraid to share!
We may never get to see it in person.
But that's never stopped us before!
And if Rowling or king are any indication,
a world of your imagination
could inspire a generation.
Zack Ripley Jan 2021
Time doesn't heal. You do.
Love doesn't conquer all.
But you can when you're ready.
And it's okay if you're not ready.
It takes time to be strong.
Don't be afraid to live young.
Because you won't be for long.
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
You don't have to wish you could be strong.
It takes courage to stay alive when you feel trapped and in pain.
You didn't know it,
but you've been strong all along.
You don't have to wish you could feel like you had somewhere to belong.
You're human.
You're in a club bigger than you could ever imagine.
So go ahead. Sing your song.
You don't have to be afraid you aren't enough.
You standing here proves you can push through when the going gets rough.
Bottom line, you don't have to think, wish, or be afraid of anything
Because you already are everything.
If you build a wall,
I’ll build a door,
I’ll knock until it opens,
And hope it never closes.
forestfaith Jun 2018
Shot Guns.
Lives gone.
Trust is gone.
Verbal swords,
love gone.
We are not safe anymore.
Hard to trust.
Hard to feel safe.
Hard to feel quiet, at peace, when minds are feeling unsafe.
Hearts tensed up.
We can't even walk into the place we love without feeling afraid.
Just trust in God in these times.
He would guide and keep you,
all the days of your life...
all the time...
Shooting her and there, accidents here and there, people molested ***** even by their "trusted" ones. All around the news. Hardly any sense of safety or love or peace or joy anymore. All these are making people cold...
Devon Oct 2014
with a soft & skittish beat
she builds
the little muscle
left filled
     with holes & bruises

slowly now, little atrophied heart

you'll never find strength
under the weight
of walls

— The End —