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Austin Morrison Jul 2020
Im standing on the edge.

A fifty-foot drop has never looked so appetizing.

 I want to step forward and take a bite.

I see the asphalt below as candy, and i my sweet tooth is aching.

 Im being held back by what little support i have left.

They tell me taking that first step has no return, that it will ruin my figure, that there is no plastic surgeon that can fix the mistakes i would make.

The cravings are pulling me in, i need a taste of the sweet release.

I cant get it off my mind.

I was speeding on the drive to the top of the cliff.

Every tree looked like a silencer to the voices in my head.

The street signs are my goodbye notes.

and the ground fifty feet below, is the beginning of the end.

Thank you, im sorry. Sincerely the forgotten.
Colm Apr 2020
Hovering where here
On the edge of a mountain
Holding steady fast
A tired high, a subtle cliff
A calling fall which rings out
This one is about that lost feeling when you're traveling between work and personal time. Stuck between repetitious duty and selfish desire.
Ivy Leigh Apr 2020
I felt like crying
But I held it back
And I didn't try
Because I thought I'd regret.
I want to feel good
When I'm making "like" to you,
I don't want to test you
And I don't want you to feel blue
There were some things
That I did have on my mind
I was distracted
And could have been unkind.
That does not mean
I don't want to talk to you
No matter the problem
The answers can never be few.
So please just see me
We'll calm each other's minds
And remove the sounds hollow
Eroding the cliff behind
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2020
Lone leaf hangs onto the branch of a tree on the cliff side,
Nods at the breaking waves below.
The hustle of the wind,
Cause the autumn leaf to fall,
Twisting and turning through the rough air,
Like a butterfly in flight.
Down, down it flutters,
Whispering, singing exhausted.
The diver saw the pain and beauty in the leaf,
Caught it in mid air,
And both shimmered down onto the waves.
Even the smallest leaf must face its destiny,
Saved by the battering waves,
It was buried in the diver's garden.
Carmella Rose Feb 2020
Love has this feeling i couldn’t understand,
is it the person or the feeling i like?
i don’t know, love is a confusing as a math problem
and i don’t know how to solve it
and it hurts, so bad that love isn’t worth it anymore
i’d love to give my absolute best to it
but i think my pride and ego are bigger
because i’ve loved the wrong person
and trust really isn’t valid to your heart,
i want to open my heart so badly, but
how do you open a heart whose been stitched up
because it’s been broken for couple of thousand times,
and i wish i wouldn’t wake up someday to this pain,
and all the bad dreams would go away
but it doesn’t, our memories still haunt me
everyday, even at night time past dawn,
how i’d wish i can give a chance to someone
who truly loves me and not you
who threw me off a cliff after i fought a war for our love,
you’re a coward for letting go a woman
who could do anything for you
love has taken me to dark places
that i don’t know
and if i can rewind time
i wouldn’t fall for you
because you
don’t catch
a damsel in distress
you threw off a
crown ready
to love you
you were
i wouldn’t
be there
so i was
the only
one who
the seas after
you. every realizations.
K Balachandran Feb 2020
Above cliffs a condor soars.
Through its eyes I scan the world
My inner being in flight.
Dani Feb 2020
I found myself in a field
The grass was spun from silk
Bowing beneath my every step
Kissing my ankles as I went by

I found myself in a field
Over looking the beautiful blue sea
Now painted with the colors of gold and pink
As the sun shined over me

I found myself in a golden light
The fading hour of the sun
Everything it touched was given the gift of beauty
Filled with its fading warmth that clung to me
As the sun slowly sunk into the night

I found myself in a grove
The trees of a forest surrounding me
I looked up at the sky to see the infinite stars
And heard someone asking me
"How can you make constellations in this mess?"

"It's connecting the dots you see."
My finger raised to the sky
Each star that graced my finger tips trailed with me
Painting the many pictures I saw up above

I fell asleep in a forest grove
Awoken by the soft golden sun
"I don't want to have to go."
From the fields and forests

My soul is rested
Here in the fields and forest
But rest is temporary
As are these dreams.
Just a dream I had
Chris Bee Jan 2020
I look over the cliff.
It's not only steep,
but deafening.

Down below
about a hundred feet under my feet,
the waves crash violently against the rock face.

The cruel, unforgiving ocean,
the jagged rocks that come in and out of existence
beneath the water,

why do they seem to be inviting me into their unending embrace?

I often think about how it would feel,
the few seconds before hitting the water,
the few seconds after jumping from the edge.

My mom says that's when
most people panic and freak out,
realizing they regret a choice they no longer have a choice in.

all I can think about is the air flowing past me, like I'm flying,
and smelling the sea as the noise of the water grew closer,

and crying.

Crying not from sadness or joy
or anything I have felt in a long time,
but from pure, unadulterated relief.

And I think I would be smiling as well.
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