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Feyre Jun 2020
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
I say a picture is a movie trailer,
of a trip down memory lane.

One look at a photo, of a time now past,
can unravel a strand of memory.

People in the photo can call to mind,
The story behind the image-
  the context that’s missing.

A photo tells a story in the mind.
Captures a candid moment-
A laugh-
A look of pure joy-

A photo tells more than meets the eye.

Picturesque people, places, and things.
Parts of life otherwise unseen.

A  stolen glance,
A shy smile,
A wistful look,

Capturing things in the moment,
That would otherwise be forgotten.

Time stands still in a photograph.
Those exact moments in time,
able to be preserved for forever.

When memory fails,
and recollection gets hazy,
Look back on the photographs.

Professional or Amateur.

Good lighting or Bad lighting.

Blurry lights or Sharp lines.

No matter the photo,
No matter the quality,
No matter the who, what, where, when, or why-
A story it will tell.

Ken Pepiton Apr 2020
They shall say of 2020, when it's done

nobody forgets a year like that one,

this one, with you in it,
never been one like it,
fractally speaking, on this scale of perception.

The demographic target of Covid 19,
and I share periences from some years sortalike this,  like 1961,
but that isn't global, that was national,
the summer, mostly, then
1963, the fall,
those days got global, a bit,

1969, the autumn, 1970, the spring,
and all those
tied in to now by way of psychedelia, and post war blues
odyssey of a sort, walking to Chicago scheduled,
through the October Moratorium, burlap sack of
peyote Wuwuchin season, then Earth Day 1, in San Jose,
half a time, half a year in men's measure,

those days were more cosmic than global...when I consider

I knew the way, that far, at that time, those were
strange days;

then I disappeared.

Now, I reappear, just to say, the way

I got here, got me this far, but as Granny Cook,

from the original Angelus Temple amen corner,

she said " we all need discernment", then

Job called for a referee ee ee ance refer to
Voltaire - define your terms ..

dis cern the terms of our agreement, reader.

This map leads here. 2020 April, it is a meme

forming link in the evolution of the global brain
holding AI

accountable for each idle word, every good nobody got,

give it again, doit doit now, we missed. Hamartia, ha, try

umph, and we are rolling once more right past confused Camus.

These are the last old days, new ones are emerging,

after all we know finishes shifiting into next before our seeing eyes.
Meditation of Marcus Aurelius audiobook is full of hard-sharp ideas. You need days of nothing to do to digest the good parts. I tell this to my friends who have 1200 tv channels and all they do is click
Juno Sep 2019
I love it when the words
Just click into place.
Just like that!
Isn’t it great?
Bhill Aug 2019
The steady chirping of the crickets
Is natures concert, without the tickets

How do they do it, I have to ask
Don't they get tired of their life long task

They click, chirp and clack, all night long
Hippin and hoppin to the same old song

It makes you crazy, I have to admit
I really wish, they all would just quit....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 194
Oh the sound....
Ken Pepiton Jun 2019
Integration of spirit and body, is a reason for being mortal for a while
for some
secret reason

known only to the initiates,
the Melchisidekean

Priest hood, known by believers to be Jesus, Pre-existancy
Avatar thingy do.

Ah, but Lucifer and he were bros, y'know. The rub, that nagging urge,

get up and move the wagon, why lie
there comfy in your bubble
believing not all spirits are from God, but

some are. Try the spirits, if they can preach the good news
the angels brought:
God and the disconnected reconnected, Joy flows to the world.
Alleluia, right.
-- note: no list of do/don'ts save common sense.

Plugitin plugitin a bean in y'ear, a bean in y'ear
about as big as a yeast

Leaven, y'know, comes in flavors. Like proteins,

most leavening things leaven only one thing,
word borne leaven leavens

and we ain't speakin' even-jello-ic jiggle of crystalizatio,

we talking boomin' gaseous gluten intro-learyant
beans, beans, beans po'folk beans
words witcha maya hoid yo grama say

breathe. Be leaving all your lies and tries to us as we
dare to cast our care

wind words, net let out, starboard,
good new net. Wait.
Notes, for later, if I ever need to know how I know. I was hooked by the title, so I thought, I could add salt. I recall once using a shark for bait, that was a fine experiment with an elderly Jew I knew 'til he died. Beliefs are spirit hooks somebody dangles, he said.
Loser Apr 2019
Did that just happen?
Wait is it still happening?
Oh ****, I better calm down so I can remember this later.

This is lovely.
I couldn't describe it in a way that fit so I wrote my thought process.
Claudia Jan 2019
It's like that feeling
When you're a little kid and you've lost track of your parent at the mall
Running around aimlessly
Tugging at the sleeve of anyone who might be them
Who might be the one you're looking for
Might be safety in the lawless crowd
Might take you home

The escalating panic with every new face, every wrong face,
Every judging gaze
And seeing that the worst case scenario, you might die stuck right here and hopelessly alone

All I can think of now
As we walk across the bridge
Discussing feminism and things they never ever understood,
As you opened your mouth to catch a snowflake on that holy tongue

Is that I found you
You caught me on the tip of your tongue and I found you

I always hated how people say they "clicked"
But now I get it,
Not a click but that soft sound
Of the the last jigsaw sliding into place
That's what happened when I met you

I made sense

dear best friend,
Twin soul,
When they mistook us for lovers,
Or siblings I only ever felt flattered
To have you in my puzzle

You are the prettiest part of my picture

You are the best "click" I ever heard

You are a sincere "*******" to anyone who ever crossed me

You are everything I owe you
Everything I owe you
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