The usual, they say

After 3-2
I pause
Getting  time for a smile

She smiles  back
That divine smile

Thus memory
Genre: eXperimental
Theme: Photography simplified
Mina Dec 2017
it clicked between us
it clicked
i dont know if it was
the gun
or just us
but at least, it clicked
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
I captured,
Clicked them.
They were documentaries,
About fashion,
Fine arts,
Action like sports,adventures,daring feats,
Corporate events,
Parties and weddings.
They were in different forms,
Black and white,
They recorded history,
Made an impact of sharing emotional truth,
Carried memories,
Held important documents,
Reproduced a moment,deep feelings,
Raised awareness against poverty,famine, abuses and disasters.
Reshaped public opinion on Government,
Conveyed emotions,moods, narratives,ideas and messages.
They are my Photographs.
Photography is my hobby and my job.Captured in an instant it tells a history.
Raviha Hussain Dec 2017
I click every moment
without any memories

Just click one button
it captures the moment

Feeling bored
I click the button
expressing myself like I lost
because I just click
the wrong button ..........
I just click wrong button and lost all my pictures
clem turner Nov 2017
"what painting only your thumbnail means."
i look down to my thumb.
i click.

"YOUR child might have college freshman disorder!"
i don't know what it means
but i think i might have it
it sounds sad
i click.

"i'm tired all day, and awake all night. i'm sad. you might have..."*
i click
with no hesitation
i click

i get a virus.
Arcassin B Oct 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Don't think that your alone for one second,
There's a world out there to explore,  you don't know about it,
Don't have to enter a sequence,
Just close your eyes and breathe,  there's no need to doubt it.

Don't think that your alone for one second,
There's a world out there to explore,  you don't know about it,
Don't have to enter a sequence,
Just close your eyes and breathe,  there's no need to doubt it,
There's no need to ever hate,
There's no need to ever fake,
Love and hate will fuse with destruction i hope you can't relate,
Sincerely your mistake of believing that clickbait,
Don't you feed the beast, just know your worth in this world to iterate,
The music,  the food,  the equality is all screwed up,  no apologies,
Left to wonder where the free thinkers will rewrite their discographies,
The world will be coming to an end, no time for thinking,
In the end you will decide what's real and fake in reality.
Alienpoet Sep 2017
Television romance

In scripted dialogue
and camera click bait
is this our love story
or can heaven wait?
in the dreams of writers
will love be fore filled
if we become fighters
Will fate yield?
and will the type writer give us that happy ending
as the stage is set and then completed
Will we kiss and get married and die together or will we pretend
That love is merely written in our stars or will we have retreated
from that notion
that can be grown only come from a story we tell ourselves about each other
and that love and devotion
Is merely a set of complex conditions that come from one emotion.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Picture yours, put it out
to your kaleidoscope.
Like the day at the full-blown noon
or the night on the cheek of the moon
a flame burning on the underlying dark
a dawn switches on the first light
a sun comes out of the night.
Visualise your latent one
put it on before your mirror!

Princely give the eyeballs a designer treat.
Paint your masterpiece at the day’s peep.
Hook the browsers at their first click.
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2017
Hello weary travelers .
to my living room
for in words
I have found life ...and purpose
in thought provoking
and sometimes
ego stroking words
that can if we're lucky
can ...
paint a thousand pictures
to hang proudly
along the walls
of any open mind.
as long as you like
come and go you please
.  The door has no lock
and there is always
fresh sweet tea for all
in the ice box .
My hope ...
is that my LIVING room
is where some will find
living ROOM inside themselves.
So please ...wipe your feet
Wipe your feet
you go outside.   thanx.
...I have been waiting to post this as I conquered a few hurdles.  I have in the last week gotten wifi out in these woods and a 19.5 inch desktop computer and dragon a bluetooth headset and a printer . ..7 + days later I can now turn it on so soon I will not have to squint and get myself headaches and painful eyes to read this small smartphone and I will be able to sit back and read the screen as if I'm at a drive-in theater but all this is new to me never had it before and I'm sixty years old so bear with me and I will catch up with you all as soon as I can peace
Waves of hysteria
crash against my screen
before I flush them
with eye drops of
and a brick with your
name on it

               -Richard J. Treitner
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