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Karijinbba May 12
A lifetime suffered a lost love be found wearing no mask
but lovers wore many
each time we crossed roads again.
Now a mandatory sinester splinter
requiring mask as chip to buy food,
is implemented overnight.

I was hunted down trashed for years
and wished I wore masks for safety. prayed long my enemies be isolated from staining my treasures with distrust.

dreamt to be loved regardless of race creed nationality or social status;
we all seem faceless prompting
equality but, are we just one race?
Are we really faceless underneath macabre fear stained masks?

Now everyone good and evil tastes a bit of their own enforced medicine
on locked down mode eat sleep
isolating themselves just like they did me
this offeres no justice no relief
This pandemic universal malady
seeing no class no status
our abodes or manssions are prisons prisons for our mind!
clipping our last freedom wings
we are so tired of wars after wars.
Louis Amstrong song
"What a Wonderful World"
just keeps popping in mind at
6:49 AM George Noory radio show
Have we surrendered our freedoms
for safety to live life free-less?
Do we then deserve any?

Isolated years endured has saved me from untimely death where enemies
ploted profiting from my demise.

I remain aware awake enough to understand there's a cat inside this
Pandora's box lid closed up quickly.
Governments hording many a secret
unreleased but what is the mystery?

The value of liberating truth
is the price placed on a lie
sold to us all for mare peanuts
to keep us asleep sheeply
masked obeying or else
face illness untimely death,
distrusting all even ourselves,
is the new way of life the big change.

Can the world ever trust anything
anyone entity government
friend family stranger?
We aren't cowards nor lack courage
we are exausted enough to give up
surely temporarily though
for the human spirit relentless is
resilient outwordly born free
like you, like me, like us.

ditch the masks accept no chips
Let's grab this weird dictatirial change
by it's ugly covert horns.
30 million unemployed Americans out of 360 million throughout North America Usa..
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2019
If one is taught
Debit and Credit
Whole life through

Show me
Where the kindness is?

Show me
Where one can feel peace?

Show me
What one could expect?
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Searching human element
An abundant blessing becomes over-used
Becomes an economical powerhouse
For those who exploit its insignificance.

Largely significant to individuals who hurry nature
Rapid growth aided by toxic substances
Forcing nature to suffer a life full of exploitation.

Humans put price tags on nature.
Something priceless in its natural state gets demoted in value.
But, its value to humans - priceless.

Without sustainable and artificial growth of stand-alone insignificant pieces, a whole species of intoxicating humans will be eradicated.

Luscious greenery and growth follows the death of a human.
My pitch through sow
and debt trouble superfluous
with wealth in Coe
where thrift a hoax now
but tread yuan nigh
there my dear and die in relief
that join forces by tomorrow's spring.
Sebastian Coe-Parliamentarian noted for Paralympics
Matt Apr 2015
I told him we are a few years away or less
From a total collapse

He didn't say anything

These American banks are too big to fail!
His money is secure he thinks
His way of life is secure

Our America is doomed
Doomed and done for
A house of cards
The right event
Will bring it crashing down

Why are Americans so oblivious?
Why do they think it will just be the same as always?

This economy will crash
Mark my words!
Wake up America, We are doomed and done for!
Brent Kincaid Mar 2015

Here’s to the little people
That means you and I.
We create the economy
With the things we buy.
The rich people object;
They say they are the best
By squeezing the lifeblood
Out of all of the rest.

What the rich don’t take directly
They steal by increasing the tax.
Only when we are powerless
Do they really feel they can relax.
And it only serves to help them
If they pass laws that are hazy
In which they can hide graft
Because we are politically lazy.

Yes, here’s to the little people
That is you and that is me.
We’re passing up our chances
And all our hopes for prosperity.
We’ve let the rich people rob us
In congress by nickels and dimes.
While it might not be too late now,
We are just about out of time.

Brent Kincaid
Matt Mar 2015
Ayn Rand said,

"You Can Ignore Reality
But You cannot ignore the consequences
Of Ignoring reality."

The total collapse of the dollar will come.
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
One day, I will march on the lawn in Washington.
I will say my peace and progress on.
I will tell a million stories
that faded with history.
I will tell FACTS and cold, calculated truth.
I will inform the old and the youth.
I will bring peace to the world's people.
And you.
You may decide if you are with us,
**or with evil.

— The End —