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Isabelle Apr 2016
The ocean current was strong
I could not find my way home
I was floating for so long
in this ocean, alone

The wind, it's not a zephyr
I'm almost to sever
Could not fight the wave
So I have to face and be brave

Sometimes its dragging me up and down
One moment I almost drown
Sometimes it leads me nowhere
And I'm feeling hopeless I swear

But since I've been floating for so long
And able to breath for another furlong
Maybe I just have to go on
Stop battling, just hold on

If this was my fate
and I could not escape
Maybe I just have to go on
And just watch how my show goes on
That feeling when you wanted to fight, but you JUST CAN'T.
Denel Kessler Jan 2016
Petite arctic terns
navigate the sky
on epic migration
wings clocking
45,000 miles each year

it seems they know
how to go
with the flow
by thumbing a lift
on atmospheric airways

that crisscross the planet
adding thousands of
seemingly needless miles
to an already
arduous journey

flocks congregate
in open ocean
to rest and fuel up
on fish and krill
for the last push home

these tenacious birds
the cliché
it's all about
the journey

they synchronize
with invisible currents
because to beat
into the wind
is a futile expenditure

they pause
in community
to re-energize and feed
on unfathomable

four ounces
of feather
and hollow bone
instinctively holds
these truths

there is much
to be learned
from an
Humor me...
: )
Becky Littmann Oct 2014
Like electricity through a power line
Creative juices are flowing, full speed
& of course that's fine
It's all I really need
....Without it I'd probably be ruthless & mean
That I can't even imagine
Since it's never been seen
Compassion is just my normal routine
Hmmm what to make, what to make
Ideas are just an endless list
Choose one...HAHAHA you know how long that will take!?!
All too great too resist
Here's to another inspiring day
& all the many, many, many more
You're STUCK with me this way
The sky ISN'T the limit but in it I will soar!!
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
A gift confers no rights.
Is it not to be given freely?
How does one love anything
without seeing it clearly?
Those rosey lenses you wear
while looking my way,
will break when the morning comes
and I have nothing left to say.
It isn't the lenses' fault
or the the changing view.
The fault of displeasure
lies solely on you.
Better revisit that script.
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
I wonder,
if you're even
aware of
what you did?

Cause I wasn't,
until I saw it
for what it is.
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
There's nothing I can't face,
Nobody but me decides my fate.

I know it seems my head has been out of place,
But winners always seem to look that way
Right before victory
The whole world seems to trouble me.
Lingering insecurities,
Banish themselves when I just let myself be.  

I know nothing is perfect,
but that means it kind of is.
When you don't give up searching,
You learn what timing is.
You learn to fly within.
You finish fifth but still find ways to win.
Darling, that's the world I'm living in.
It's always worth it, beginning, middle, and end.
trust in yourselves and the universe.
it is all happening for you, for this moment.

— The End —