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Virginia Kasmi Aug 2018
You are the burn of a paper cut,
on my highly sensitive skin.
A sharp pain, a quickly drawn ****** line.

You are the cold of a brain freeze,
on a hot summer day.
A few seconds of a heart on fire and a mind on ice.

You are the slams of my heart against my ribs.
Irregular, too fast, breathtaking.

And yet you are the ecstasy of my thoughts.
A trigger of uncontrolled feelings,
a spread of joy.
And I want more, and more, and more.
Bigyan Ghimire May 2018
like the moon,
mesmerizing that,
you can easily overlook
the imperfections in her.
She makes you want to fall in love
with her over and over again;
until the last breath followed by endless void.
an0nym0us May 2018
I can feel it on my lap.
Its not just the clock.

I can hear it...
Unwanted visit...
I can feel it...
But I cannot see it...

Something's wrong,
Time takes too long.
Presence that's too strong
I don't wanna stay for long.

I didn't invite it in
It invited itself in
A spirit that is unclean
I try to keep my sanity in.

But once, I lost it
Nightmares caused by it
That triggerd me to fear it
I nearly got taken by it.

Where did it even came from??
Even creepier than a deadly venomous bug.

I fought it
I won from it
But it didn't stop from there
It didn't stop to scare.

"If I can't have you,
Then I shall take you!!"
Everyday I fight back
To keep my soul and sanity intact!
HoneyPotter Mar 2018
A perfect escape
away with the city's rush,
Stolen moment

Long trip is worth it,
the beautiful sea proved it
lose myself a bit.

Sun kissed while dancing,
listening to good music
with the wind's cold breeze.

Mind, body, spirit,
Lying on sands was really
a relaxing moment.

Was truly refreshed
by having peace from my own
struggles and thoughts.

Enjoyed life at last,
made every moment a blast
sad it ended fast.
Thoughts from my recent vacation. How I wish we could make our short work break longer than we should. Reality *****.
sweet ridicule Nov 2017
furrowed eyebrows, dark brown like 80% dark chocolate
(and arching wind-blown tree trunks)
these songs are guttural
branching through my trachea like
sugar snap pea vines
erupting into my mouth
in the most untarnished manner you are
the grand canyon/the great barrier reef/mount everest
(natural wonders) and
nothing short of
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