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Jule Dec 2021
If only I could slow down my mind for a moment
I wouldn’t be turning for every door
And ending up on every floor
Maybe I’d see something to inspire
Or maybe I’d smoke and sit by a fire
Would the existential feeling be gone
Or be here forever more
Either way I need to write more
Get my thoughts and feelings out
Rather than keeping them bottled
Rebecca Oct 2021
If it were up to me, I would fill all of my sorrows into a bottle and throw it as far into the ocean as I could.
Then I would run as hard as possible while they sink to the farthest depths that this world holds.
Reaching the darkest pit they so desperately needs to be.
No longer along side me.
No longer inside me.
Finally, then I would be free from it all.
Still continuing to run as the sinking still furthers.
No thoughts as where I would run but somewhere.
Dani Apr 2021
Obey, do not display
Stay, there is no time to play
Emotions are not for show
Just reap the crops you sow

**** it all
Do not fall
You cannot fail
For you must set sail

To the ends of success
No need for excess
Emotions are not for show
Just reap the crops you sow

Reap and reap, build and build
Do not let down your guild
Keep going, do not dwell
On the pains that swell

This is what we are taught
This is how we get caught
In the perpetual fire blazing
Judging eyes a-gazing

It burns you up
To be ****** up
It devours your life
Nothing left, bring on the scythe

Why love or live another day?
When I've already been murdered inside?
What really is there left to say?
How can I live when I've already died?

Let me tell you something neat
Its knowledge is power that cannot be beat
Ready? It's a hard pill to swallow for sure
It will allow life to florish, but it's not quite a cure
You see.... it takes a lot of work
I'll say again, it takes a lot of work!!
Listen carefully now, It's not just for tricks
Allow yourself to feel the pain, and you will die a Phoenix
You will be brought back to life
And oh, what a wonderful life
It is filled with joy and love
It takes a lot of work, most important though, LOVE
The kind that's raw and open deep
The kind that brings a melody and weeps
Love, it is the birth and death of all
So listen carefully my Phoenix, do you hear the call?
Bottling up your emotions is crippling. Allow yourself to feel again and joy will return.
deyrah Sep 2019
So, all the love, cynical pleasures, and time spent together, building up memories...
Feelings, piled up, and love spreading out.
"I don't want to be with yhu anymore"
Was how yhu ended t...
I'm dedicating this one to a friend here.
I hope she moves on to happiness... *smiles
RQ Sep 2019
The darkness is my only friend
It feels like I'm colour blind
I'm in a silent movie
Everything around me is colourless
Black,white,grey is all I see
A little bit of happiness is all I seek
The pain is gone, leaving me numb
It still comes back for more
Day by day hiding my wounds
Bottled everything up
Letting it go freely into the ocean
Prayed and prayed for the right one to open it
Seeing light at the end of the journey
I gained my vision
Believing this beautiful soul will open it up
There is always a little hope
there is always hope
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When I was a youth
I was busy, busy, busy,
rushing from one activity to another
ambitious for success,
but I was unhappy
because I was too busy
to care for my mind,
my mind was suffering and confused
with many bottled-up emotions and thoughts;

Now that I’m wiser
I realise
what I need
is to take time-out
to care for my mind:
to introspect into my emotions and thoughts
to express to myself my emotions and thoughts
to become aware of my emotions and thoughts
to evaluate my emotions and thoughts
to improve my emotions and thoughts
until I have achieved wisdom
about what I can do
to achieve my joy and happiness.
raicyd Apr 2019
I'm sorry if I'm putting to rest,
my heart that got tired from waiting and waiting.

So in the last moments that I'm feeling your embrace,
Can I pretend that you are still mine?

I will keep on hoping until you return,
I will keep on hoping even though it hurts.

Maybe I will see you again
When the sun rises,
when the night ends.

If I don't force what is not yet for me,
Maybe it will come back to me.

You're free now...

I will drop my weapons and back down from the fight.

Not because I'm a coward but because I love you,
It's hard to fight against the "swords" of the clock.

If I continue to hold on, it will just bring more pain.

You're free.
i'm writing poems again, can't contain the bottled up emotions from us
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