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Jack Jenkins Apr 11
please just let these wounds bleed/
razor blades across my brain/
razor blades across my brain/
over and over again/
counterfeit feelings and choked out dreams/
all im asking is you let me bleed/
let me breathe/
scream for air in a silent scare/
razor blades across my brain/
razor blades across my brain/
tired eyes and a poured out heart/
stop living and just survive after ive died/
nonsense is my language of choice/
a voice alone in the dark corner of my/
razor blades across my brain/
razor blades across my brain/
arian Mar 30
i kept those monsters locked in a cage,
so they couldn't get out.
but ****,
i didn't know caging my heart cost me a lot.
marc rios Mar 18
Can anybody...... help me?
Is there anybody out there?
Please..... im begging
Im lost....again, like i always used to

Out here in the dark
The rage glows and sparks
I cant bare to handle this no more
Im scared

My pride? Its gone loose
My strength? Its gone rouge
And my mind? Its lost

The rage builds up
Like particles with attractions
Its forming and it formed,
A thunder raging with violations

Help me... im tired
Volt me, shock me, and electrocute me
As long as you wake me
And stop me from completely turning
Into a thunder raging with violations.
Caitlin Jan 18
To family, friends and strangers-
I’ve bottle everything up inside.
Suppressed my true thoughts and feelings.
Quashed any emotion.

I couldn’t speak the words,
but I sure as **** can write them.
Maybe this will heal me.
Instead of hiding, let me rip myself open for all to see.
Xaela San Jan 17
This bottled up
I want to throw it
to the ocean
and wait patiently
as it drift
towards him.
white tiger-striped
underbelly, 5-3 eyes spitting
hot chiding ectoplasm with
saber-tooth gaping pessimistic dross
in fear-thinking ear lobes mercilessly
and the inescapable 8 inch slit in
between 5 pound bags of translucent fat.
kneeling down in the soot of ruination
with hands tied in the gypsum torso
the heart carved out
like purple pumpkins,
the ****** hair cinched
by the fire of India and
the head twisted and
pulled off like a chicken
by a Mexican rancher,
scratching in the
unchanging dust
and running aimlessly
in all directions with
no ventilation amongst
these strong cement walls.
the druids of dry spirits
coaxing out the dejection
of the toothpaste epitome,
encapsulated and ******,
with emotional charged
derangement on inner tubes
down the burning rivers
of the gullet strait,
only to regurgitate
barges of empathy
upward through the
injured pharynx and
cutting waves of melancholic
to seep through porous skin
and roll off the bitten tongue
like a silver pinball of
pointless blubbering to
any pair of snapdragon ears
that were willing to listen
but as the burning tears roll
down the succulent cheeks like
broken thermometers of poetry,
spittle hung from lip and chin
onto the circling senseless pulpit
and the obsidian curtains of clarity
parted east and west
like Moses untangling
Roman corkscrew ******,
the candlefat burned brightly
in throbbing pink,
the unappetizing laundry room pizza
tasted like hot needles of preeminence
and the x-rayed skeletal lifeforce
fornicated in rustbrown apathy
while the stars shot across
the blue nights like birds of fire
in our desecrated minds.
Josh G Sep 2018
This bucket of mine
Has become a curse
I add to the pile
And it adds a verse
I keep it hidden
And tucked away
But its made apparent
Each and every day

I add to this bucket
And the weight piles on
This facade grows heavy
Tearing down my con
I fill this bucket
Up to the top
And when its full
It proceeds to pop

I cry and I scream
As I make ammends
This bucket of mine
That I cant show to my friends
I've grown up now
But my bucket has not
It wears its cracks
From the battles I've fought
This is a work in progress. I'm not 100% sure that I'm happy with the finished product but as it is right now is good enough for me. I will continue to add to this as more comes to me.
Rayma May 2018
I have this silly game that I play
Where I test to see just how long
I can keep everything in.
Problems are thrown my way like dice
That always come up snake eyes
While I pretend they're smiling seven.

It’s just like roulette,
Only there are no blanks,
The rounds are fired blindly,
And I wait to see when they will lodge themselves in my throat.

The odds aren’t fair.
I continue smiling as my body is used for target practice,
Pretending not to feel a thing
Until one day I can no longer contain this pool of blood.
My fingers claw at it, trying to drag it back,
But it’s no use.
I am exposed.
Either I will smile through red-tinted teeth
And laugh it off like a nasty paper cut,
Or the reservoir will break and take us down with it.

I am afraid.
Every shot sends anxiety through my bones.
I’ve only been pretending to like it because you do.
I have so many questions I will never ask, because I’m scared that this isn’t real for you.
I trust you – love you, maybe – but my past is lingering like ghosts in a cemetery.
Why can’t I stop second guessing?
Why can't I tell you?
Do I want this because you want this?
How do I…
Where do I…

Lovely Apr 2018
What I have bottled up inside are words I've chosen not to say.
The feelings I hide till this very day.
You can see it in my eyes.
Please find a way to read between the lines.
What I have bottled up inside are secrets and lies of the past I can't erase.
With memories that won't seem to go away.
Why can't I be happy, with or without you.
Why can't I be happier, when today's a new day.
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