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deyrah Sep 23
So, all the love, cynical pleasures, and time spent together, building up memories...
Feelings, piled up, and love spreading out.
"I don't want to be with yhu anymore"
Was how yhu ended t...
I'm dedicating this one to a friend here.
I hope she moves on to happiness... *smiles
Kim Rifqi Sep 6
The darkness is my only friend
It feels like I'm colour blind
I'm in a silent movie
Everything around me is colourless
Black,white,grey is all I see
A little bit of happiness is all I seek
The pain is gone, leaving me numb
It still comes back for more
Day by day hiding my wounds
Bottled everything up
Letting it go freely into the ocean
Prayed and prayed for the right one to open it
Seeing light at the end of the journey
I gained my vision
Believing this beautiful soul will open it up
There is always a little hope
there is always hope
Carl D'Souza Jul 31
When I was a youth
I was busy, busy, busy,
rushing from one activity to another
ambitious for success,
but I was unhappy
because I was too busy
to care for my mind,
my mind was suffering and confused
with many bottled-up emotions and thoughts;

Now that I’m wiser
I realise
what I need
is to take time-out
to care for my mind:
to introspect into my emotions and thoughts
to express to myself my emotions and thoughts
to become aware of my emotions and thoughts
to evaluate my emotions and thoughts
to improve my emotions and thoughts
until I have achieved wisdom
about what I can do
to achieve my joy and happiness.
rai Apr 30
I'm sorry if I'm putting to rest,
my heart that got tired from waiting and waiting.

So in the last moments that I'm feeling your embrace,
Can I pretend that you are still mine?

I will keep on hoping until you return,
I will keep on hoping even though it hurts.

Maybe I will see you again
When the sun rises,
when the night ends.

If I don't force what is not yet for me,
Maybe it will come back to me.

You're free now...

I will drop my weapons and back down from the fight.

Not because I'm a coward but because I love you,
It's hard to fight against the "swords" of the clock.

If I continue to hold on, it will just bring more pain.

You're free.
i'm writing poems again, can't contain the bottled up emotions from us
Jack Jenkins Apr 11
please just let these wounds bleed/
razor blades across my brain/
razor blades across my brain/
over and over again/
counterfeit feelings and choked out dreams/
all im asking is you let me bleed/
let me breathe/
scream for air in a silent scare/
razor blades across my brain/
razor blades across my brain/
tired eyes and a poured out heart/
stop living and just survive after ive died/
nonsense is my language of choice/
a voice alone in the dark corner of my/
razor blades across my brain/
razor blades across my brain/
//On anxiety//
arian Mar 30
i kept those monsters locked in a cage,
so they couldn't get out.
but hell,
i didn't know caging my heart cost me a lot.
marc rios Mar 18
Can anybody...... help me?
Is there anybody out there?
Please..... im begging
Im lost....again, like i always used to

Out here in the dark
The rage glows and sparks
I cant bare to handle this no more
Im scared

My pride? Its gone loose
My strength? Its gone rouge
And my mind? Its lost

The rage builds up
Like particles with attractions
Its forming and it formed,
A thunder raging with violations

Help me... im tired
Volt me, shock me, and electrocute me
As long as you wake me
And stop me from completely turning
Into a thunder raging with violations.
Caitlin Jan 18
To family, friends and strangers-
I’ve bottle everything up inside.
Suppressed my true thoughts and feelings.
Quashed any emotion.

I couldn’t speak the words,
but I sure as hell can write them.
Maybe this will heal me.
Instead of hiding, let me rip myself open for all to see.
Xaela San Jan 17
This bottled up
I want to throw it
to the ocean
and wait patiently
as it drift
towards him.
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