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JJRKelly Jan 2017
Fire burns hot
And hotter still
But ardent sweet you are
I've never burned
My fingertips against
Your flaming heart.
When lips remain silent, eyes speak
Love conquers every beautiful peak
Expression comes from a sparking cheek
Crazy feelings come from heart to sneak

What is out in beloved’s domain
When she plays in drizzling rain
Love emotions to beauty start to drain
Heart becomes love and fails brain

Oh my beloved every season in you
Comes like moon just out of blue
On rose petals they play like dew
Price of all only heart known by few

Whether in autumn or in spring
Wind only dares fragrance to bring
My heart is justified happy to sing
You are my queen I am your king

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
JJRKelly Feb 2016

We are a young pair enjoying
An exchange of pleasantries
over aromatic tea and pita bread.
The ancient sun above has surely seen
Many times betwix youth, enamoured courting.
Beside our plates lemon halves are dripping
sour juices into the bright napery thread.
You've brought chocolate sweets,
Fruits for tasting, and sublte flirting to stir my chest.  
And I've packed wine bought cheap
Some dainties and humor
To cause peals of your laughter to reach
High up into the bright blue heavens.


The sun is readying to rest
and I lay, head in your lap with
face shrouded in your curly hair
as you plant your sugary delights on my lips.

The nights distant bright lights
flare as you lean comfortably into my chest.
The only sounds, our beating hearts
and our soft smooth breaths.
Broken only by soft whispers
Of ardent words that settle and rest
In our souls and minds.
Desires exposed to the dark night
Until at last we must say goodbye.


Late that night I
Recall ever detail, every moment,
From the sound of your laughs, to your coy flirting.
From the way you fed me, to the way you began kissing.
How my finger locked with yours.
And Your faint perfume rubbed into my pores
Leaving me  inhaling deeply for the scent.
I fall to sleep, ever nerve yearning for more
I sleep, desiring you once again.


An afternoon to remember,
And an evening to never forget.
For many a time like that we
In younger days spent.
Even now, that sweet distant memory
Remains ever pleasant.
Even now as my days increase
I remember our untainted
Enamored admiration.
Even now as I fall to time,
The one thing on my mind  is you.
I recall of that sweet youth.
Trying a new style. This actually adapted from a precious poem that I'll post later. Let me know what you think of it!
JJRKelly Feb 2016
In her eyes
He is beautiful.
He is the fullness of a word that she will never find.
The one word that would perfectly describe
His handsomeness, his very essence,
His charm, and ardent presence.
He is the pink within her life.
His is the warmth that melts her mind
and sets the butterflies in her heart to fly.
Sets the wings of her heart to spread
that she might fly to his light.
He is the Helios to her Clytie
He is the star to which her songbird heart sings.
She is tuned into his key.
She blushes when he puts his lips
to hers and sets her face to glowing.
Sets her heart to soaring.
She doesn’t know the word to describe
the feeling he gives her. The word that
captures what he is to her what he is in her life.
But she knowss there was never a better feeling
before he stepped into her life.
From a time where  I decided to write how a lady must feel when she's with her love. Not sure if I got it right though.
Darkness knows of light
Light knows of love
Love knows you
You know me

Me knows of Self
Self recognizes the Other
Other one dissolves in You
You are my beloved One
Amorously dissolved

Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty

— The End —