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Tatiana Jan 2019
For the next two weeks he digs a grave.

He deftly wields a shovel
with hands that have forgotten
what it's like to hold the tools of life
He only knows what life is like
when he digs a hole for holy men
who have cheated others into strife
who have hurt their children, brothers, and sisters
who have made damaged wives
So for two weeks, he digs the hole deeper
than regulation states
for men who were mistakes.

The more time he spends digging
The more time the dead spend climbing

And they're always climbing
the ranks to be on top.
Falling again, bones breaking on impact
they just shake it off and start again.

He met one dead man who climbed to the top
with a light glowing where his eyes should be.
The dead man shuddered, bones rattling a song
of all the people he had wronged.
He was more bone than skin
More ghost than human
But he came back with sorrow on dried, discolored lips
and the grave digger wondered if
he could have redemption

For the next two weeks he digs a grave.
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
"I am dying."

"Its hardly a cold."

"Will you fetch me a thermometer?"

"I will send for one, you Shakespearean."

"I am glad you can make jokes to a dying friend."

"Learn to hold your wine."

"You mean drink? Or what I am doing now?"


"Will you still be my friend in the morning?"

"If you are alive."

"Good. I am dying you know?"

"You died a week ago and the week before that."

"It's real this time. You will not be happy in the morning."

"Why is that?"

"You will wake to a foul smell and realize that your mourning will be spent digging a hole."

"Oh, so like most mornings with you."

"You are a real pal. Pass the wine?"
Makenzie Odom Aug 2018
I left it to waste
It's time to dig my own grave
I am no longer proud
Not proud of what I have become
Not proud of what I have done
I will leave the pieces behind
Build a new closet
To leave my skeletons
Once again
Ryan Holden Jun 2017
A fresh lick of paint
Is applied to these houses
That are so far and few
In between.

Just like deception
And lies that are covered
Up to steal another life force
For your benefit.

But you don't think I see
The transparency of your ways,
I've seen your type before
Succubus of stone hearts.

You reap and haunt
The dreams of innocence,
Men who are so happy
To be loved and to be whole.

But that's your favourite trick,
Once they're yours, you disappear,
As you siphon liquid gold
And purity from trapped souls.

Trapped in an endless cycle
Of doubt and hope,
But they still hold onto
The woman they once knew.

If that woman ever existed.
A poem about women who use men. I've seen this many times in my life and thought I'd give it a quick go!
Ryan Holden May 2017
As you breath,
With trapped lungs,
Like a fly caught,
In the silkiest of webs.
Her manifold shell,
Multiple eyes of harrowing,
A succubus to the harmless,
dampening a gentle candle lit,
In sheer darkness.

******* on our blood,
Like a hundred leaches,
Her nature thicker than mud.
Fluid runs smooth,
like ash and water,
but she stains your heart,
in gray poisonous matter,
Using you like puppet on strings,
from the very start.

She hides behind the lies,
That she fills within your head,
like a hot air balloon,
soaring through skies,
Unaware of what's below,
Avoid prickly skinned women,
They'll eat you alive.
Just a quick write. Many people can probably relate!
Sarah Kline Jul 2016
two loves compared
mine and yours
your man buys you things in exchange for you to do ****** things
my man loves me and tells me everyday
"what would I do without you today?"
your man has a few cars
well at at least my man doesn't go to the bar
at least he's not close in age to my friends dad either
writing this is even making me mad
I need a breather
for heavens sake
you need time alone, by yourself, to learn yourself
"I've always been this way, never alone"
a quote directly from you
I don't see why a potential independant women needs someone
you've turned to a monster
I don't know you anymore
going against everything our parents have taught us
just to hear your man go "cha-Ching"
"I'm tired of getting called a gold digger"
well I'm sorry but unless you can prove it im gonna be bitter
two loves compared, yours and mine
my lover and I took time
we learned about eachothers ways
and didn't sleep together at the first gaze
I can prove I love my man cause he doesn't have much but himself for me
your man has always given you crap, from purses to bras and now will come curses
my man doesn't need me all the time and i don't need him, just keep that in mind.
all you are is leaning on him, money & sin, I mean that's how your relationship did begin?
don't try to tell me he cares about you
he cares if your staying the night
because if he cares he would know that you need family too
and that's what he has taken away from you!
Material objects tempt you
To leave your mildewy rags in the rearview
I know who can help you, he'll be here soon
Meaning he's arriving you just gotta sign this
Contractually obligating your silence
It's not science
Even a blind ***** would find this
See he's taken an interest in ya thighs
and how ya roll ya eyes like you know it all
But trust me when the dough's involved no ya don't

Your just tossing out them bills
Throwing em out like it gives you a thrill
Gives me chills, when the heats shut off
Coughing and coughing, I'm getting sick
Waiting on that ****, lickity split
Pass it around, I'm losing it
This ******* piling higher, I'm getting higher
Jumping out the window like that **** on fire
Waiting on a refund for all the time spent
No dimes or dollars even make a dent
Remorseful, with a side of content

Wait up ***** aint they raisin your rent
You need a sugar daddy not a diabetic
Let him take away your woes with a couple franklins
Getcha takin off clothes at his banks expense
Sayin that you bad, need a spankin then
And since you want attention this is what you get
Hard **** and love are two different things
but watch me blur the lines like the drink you sip
I've never been good with relationships  
And I lie tryna hide I'm fake as ****
But come to the bedroom
Got money and head room just so we dont drown when the blankets wet
Afterwards you smoke get your makeup fixed
Ask about bank while I take a ****
Throw you twenty to make complaining quit
Do i smell like money, honey?
Take a whiff

I smell something, it aint no money
You wanna play?
Imma need more than some stacks
and some grass to want yo ***
This aint no game of tic tac toe
Three in a row aint gonna beat my woes
You're reaping what you sow
Can't just throw out them bills no mo
It's rich, but you're not
You thought you had what you bought
But I walked, watch your wallet
Cause it can't cash your *******
This aint a relationship
Save it, I aint falling for ****
You aint having it your way
But I'm lovin it
Rad Tad Apr 2015
Forever neglected
Forever dismayed
Forever deafened
By the cacophony of the trade

The antiquated digger stands by
A sentient guard of the worker
It watches as the tree slowly dissipates
Its life slowly crumbling
As the voracious chipper
Devours the tree whole

The worker stands by
The digger stands by
The chipper chips away

The taciturn worker remains
Ruminating the existence of the world.
Why was he put here?
For what reason must he stay with these hallowed construction tools?
Do they feel any remorse for the change that they've enacted
On the world around them?
Are they aware that they transgress the laws of nature?

The bellicose chipper
Wages war with nature
As the people watch so distantly.
Its sound makes the neighbors quite belligerent
Yet the zealots watch attentively.
The pure ignorance
The pure neglect
The blatant apathy
Is something to be seen.

Whatever could possess you
To follow in the footsteps of the worker
To feel his pain as the trimmer
Chips away at the trees' centuries
The sound of shattered glass
Punctuates the air.
Perhaps there has been an accident.
Wrote this one on a plane, too.
An Aussie digger
killed in battle
but disinclined to die
returns to the front line
as a spectre
wearing a slouch hat
and a larrikin grin.

Draped in a tattered flag
he yells
'Remember Korea, lads
and Vietnam
and how we went
all the way
with Menzies and L.B.J.'

'Don't forget Gallipoli
or the fight for peace
with George
in Iraq and Afghanistan
against Al Qaeda
and the Taliban.

'Defeat the enemy
to secure the future
as our heritage
of service
patriotism and pride
in U. S foreign policies.'
Poetic T Nov 2014
He attends the graves, a tear is shed
As he prunes the weeds that grow forth
Of there death,
Freshly dug, not long for this world
He buries them alive
He watches there eventual time past
The last breath they take,
He sheds a tear upon each passing
"A wooden plague"
Hammered deep to their passing
He looks upon fresh earth,
Handfuls smothered upon his self,
He cries through dirt drenched skin, these
That fall upon now dead earth
He gazes upon the many plagues
That read of each moment they are now past,
He sends families the paper of passing
A  picture,
A  moment,
In families eyes, The passing he let breath
Breathe its last,
He is the grave digger,
He has many plots  fresh  for the living to die
He will shed many tears that pass In his graveyard
Of the living, and the now **dead.
He buries you in a spot, looked after while death waits, he mourns above
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