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Life is a lot like a river
The tides either help raise you up
Or lower tides can drag you under.
One false move
as you swim these emotionally
sensitive  energy currents....
Constantly keep  the emotions in a   balancing science..

Which helps the waters from turning "tsunami"  into wonder..
"How to Keep your head above the waters"
and "away from the gravels below?"
Strength and strict compliance to this ritual are always a skill..
A ritual..
A battle which always must be won..

Moods and unchecked thoughts are similar to a loaded six shooter.
You twirl the bullet wheel  and point the barrel to the head
Providing an answer on to the scene to where this "play" shall take you
or the rough waters shall take you through.
Memories of the past turning to obsessive weight
Kicking the stress of life's load to weigh one metric ton.

You must become like an Olympic swimmer and Albert Einstein rolled up into one character.
Smarts help you figure out a better equation instead of "Russian roulette"
and becoming a strong and skilled athlete can help one wrestle
their control over the tides wishing to
overthrow "this alpha male."
You become the victor through all of it.
Becoming a controller instead of being "controlled"
Energies kept in check.
Don't give in.
For one moment of allowing one's self to be overwhelmed or give in to
the energy effect of exhaustion
Can make your reactor
Powering your life's force
Blow as the Chernobyl Reactor blasted into lifelessness
You do not have to revisit history to know what and who such energy took down with it
So stay with the times
and never neglect yourself,
Never throw up your hands, and act out the phrase "forget it!"
The future is a brighter light than in the past.
Chose the right role in your life
and you shall win your Oscar
Thanks are due to the character in which you are bright to life
and as a director
you are a true actor.
in which you cast.
laura Mar 6
Now a teenager,
battling against the world,
fighting 'til the end
finally a teenager
Try Dec 2018
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No time to stall out now,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Can not let the demons win,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
Every day is another day I gotta win,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Every moves gotta be precise,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No room for a single mistake,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
For today could be my final day,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No time to stall out now,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
The demons are coming full force,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
The darkness is coming for me,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Tho my light shall shine on thru,
Gotta go all out ,
Gotta go all in,
I will stand victorious!
Each day is not an easy one when facing depression suicidal thoughts tho we all gotta push on thru to the next day your dreams are worth fighting for don’t let your depression take that from you.
sage short Oct 2018
Taking a deep breath is hard when your neck is being squished. And your eyes are wet, painted with tears.
I hate holding them back. The “crying breath” I have is uneven. ‘I’m just sniffling!’ type of sniffles, as if there’s not snot running up and down my nostrils.
I get in a steaming hot shower; not wanting to bathe, but wanting to escape. Watching beads of water hit my raised skin calms my heartbeat, but also gives me a sense of sadness. When you’re sad, you start to notice little things like the pattern of your breath, the serious line spread upon your lips when someone tells a joke in hopes of cheering you up, the gulps you take, and your milky, glazed eyes staring blankly back at you in the mirror you haven’t cleaned in weeks because you didn’t have enough energy to walk up and down the stairs to get the cleaner and to put it back. You start to pretend. You pretend to love, and to hate. You hate the world and everyone so much, but only because you are hurting and you don’t want to hurt others by letting them in, or them to hurt you too.

Nonetheless, you hurt anyway.
Geanna Jun 2018
A smile replaced with a frown
A laughter replaced with tears
A happy thought replaced with a sad one

The day that my birth is celebrated
Is the day that I worry
It's the day that I never thought would come

16 years alive
5 years of battling my own mind

My body stands here
but still functioning

5 years down, many more to come
Cheers to me and cheers to you all
Happy Birthday to me
~ G.P.O
lins Dec 2017
I took a shower
I put on jeans
I got off campus
I ate two meals
I spent a few hours in a public place
I talked to someone with my voice and not over text
I wrote
I studied
I feel okay
Today was a victory
A small victory
depression didn't swallow me whole today
Jules Dec 2017
You take things from me...
My breath,
                   my sleep,
                               my appetite,
                                          my happiness.
Where I am left with nothing...

I'm not motivated enough to do anything anymore.
I can't seem to get up.
But I have too.
I can't just lay here in the dark.

Yet I lay in the dark thinking...
"I need to get up, I need to get up."
         "I got to be productive today."
                   "I have to shower, classes, work."
                             "I can go to sleep tonight."
I lay there thinking if it was worth it.

I overthought on every reason I possibly could think of.
"I don't wanna go out, I'll look stupid.."
        "I'll see people I know and I'll have to say hi.."
               "Do I look okay in this outfit? Or this one?"
                         "I don't have to go out, I'll go out tomorrow."
Every little thought that could rip me apart.

All these thoughts are just... thoughts.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
They have no control over me.
Yet they have so much...
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