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derblue 3d
It all started when I closed my eyes, waiting for those lips to collide with mine. You said you like me, teased me many times but it was all just a trap and it ruined my mind.
many times I wrote your name in the air
in the sand, in the rain, in the evenings
in the end everything was useless
I never saw you again
so as not to forget you
I have your name tattooed on my skin
derblue 6d
The first time we met, you were only a nuisance in my world.
The moment you spoke, I made a face full of disgust.
Who could stand that level of obnoxiousness.
Days, Weeks, Months have passed then we meet again.

We met again on a different circumstance.
You said Hi, I said Hello. You were intrigued by who I was.
Asked questions to our common friend, you were in awe.
Little did you know so was I. The vibe you gave off, the things we have in common. Hmmm is this kismet?

The timing was truly perfect. They said it plays a big role.
The only problem was we weren't right for each other.
We tried, we pushed into it but it was already a disaster right from the beginning.

We were only a mere chapter of each other stories.
You knew me as the fatty girl at the apartment; me on the other hand knew you as the motherfuc*** who keeps blabbing
derblue 7d
Timing plays a big part
I thought I was ready
Ready to start again
Good thing I pulled back a little
Now all that I built
All the sweat & blood that I shed
Bore fruit

Now we are both ready to start this journey.
They say timing plays a big role in a relationship. I never had a ton of patience when it comes to relationship, I was always in rush. I never want to be left out. She made me realize that's its okay to wait for the perfect timing. No need to rush things and eventually everything will fall into place.
  Jul 25 derblue
Alaska Young
if the choice to die
was mine to make
i'd probably dead by now
derblue Jul 20
It's inevitable
I am afraid of the risk
They said "you always have a choice"
I guess I choose you.
  Jul 15 derblue
Travis Green
He will forever be
In my soul
In all the enchanted places
That greatly sparkle
Like ardent stars
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