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derblue Dec 2022
Every little thing you do
Makes me feel valued
Every little detail that you say
Makes my heart melt

Your imperfections and flaws
Makes me fall for you harder
Your courage and confindence
Makes me feel proud

You are you despite your mistakes
You are also who you are going to be
and what you are going to be

I accept you in every little aspect
Of your being, just be you
Grow and I'll be with you
derblue Dec 2022
My heart is beating fast
Had I taken too much caffeine?
Was I running too fast?
Did I fail a test?
Too many things lurking in my mind

Then I remembered
I was thinking of you
Your eyes that stares right thru me
Your smile when you looked at me
Your taste when you kissed me
and Your warmth when you hugged me

It pains me that you're nowhere near
I am missing you badly
Come home to me
I'll be waiting.............
derblue Dec 2022
I was looking
I needed to fill the void
Got bruised along the way
Yet to find nothing

Then you came to me
What a dream you are
Filling the spaces
Lighting my darkness

You are the perfect fit
Too good to be true
I'll cherish this, while I have you.
  Jul 2022 derblue
never to deep
never enough to die
but enough to feel the pain;
enough to scream inside
  Jun 2022 derblue
I only write,
I am in love
Falling apart.
derblue Jun 2022
Star light, Star bright
Twinkling in the night sky
Shining all through the night
Here I am, wishing with all of my might
That you were here with me tonight
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