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  Jul 23 derblue
never to deep
never enough to die
but enough to feel the pain;
enough to scream inside
  Jun 22 derblue
I only write,
I am in love
Falling apart.
derblue Jun 8
Star light, Star bright
Twinkling in the night sky
Shining all through the night
Here I am, wishing with all of my might
That you were here with me tonight
derblue Feb 3
I am broken but still in one piece.
  Dec 2021 derblue
I whisper words to you at night
Telling you, I know your white lies
I wonder if I am going to cry
Seeing you on the floor unalive

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
derblue Dec 2021
My heart is creeping out of my system
Beating fast I don't want to succumb

My nerves are popping, my eyes are weeping
My teeth are bleeding, My lungs are dying...

Goodbye? Well if it fits;
A farewell, dying little by little until you seize to exist.
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