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laura 3d
It's not how much you say,
it's what you say that matters.
laura 7d
It really hurts knowing you're not good enough
laura May 21
I know this is late,
but I just wanted
to say Happy Birthday.
I hope you had a great day.
Thank you for being
a great friend.
I can't wait to see
you grow more.
I love you!
One of my best friends celebrated a birthday on May 17th. Her sweet 16
laura May 10
Today is a day
to be thankful
for everything our
mother's have done
for us. I know I
could have never gotten
through my life without
my mom.
Happy Mother's Day!
laura May 3
I know we can't
be together right now,
but I still love you just the same.
Missing my friends
laura Apr 17
If you have a friend
who stays with you through your worst
they are a keeper.
laura Apr 12
Even though
this may not be
our traditional Easter,
I hope you all have
an amazing one
and don't forget
what Jesus has
done for us.
Happy Easter!
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