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laura Mar 12
it's so hard to find happiness
with everything going on.
we realize we took things
for granted while we had them.
so when something makes you
happy or excited,
enjoy it no matter
how small it may seem.
it's been a while
laura Nov 2020
thankful for family
thankful for friends,
thankful for food
thankful for clothes.
thankful god has kept
me and my loved ones
safe during this year.
happy thanksgiving!
laura Sep 2020
Never change
who you are
just to fit in.
If people don't like
the real you, then
you shouldn't talk
to them anyways.
laura Sep 2020
Emotions are like
a piece of paper.
After you hurt someone,
like when you crinkle
a piece of paper,
even when you apologize
they still have marks.
Words never leave someone,
no matter how much you try
to fix what you did.
Never hurt someone else
because they'll never fully recover.
Always be kind💜
laura Aug 2020
Never take anyone
for granted,
you don't realize
how much you need them
until they're gone
laura Aug 2020
You decide your happiness,
things may be tough,
but it's how you view it
that makes the difference
Always look for the positives! It's the best you can do during these hard times💜
laura Jul 2020
Whenever I'm with you
I feel safe, I feel
like nothing bad will
ever happen to me.
I'm thankful for that,
I know that I'll always
have a safe place.
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