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  Sep 14 laura
4 am, tight hugs
whispered words, hand on cheek, and
your smile means all
  Sep 14 laura
Roses grace the sky in a bouquet,
And a few fall down to me.
The last fleeting rays of yellow sunlight
Shoot up into the sky like fireworks,
Illuminating the beach for a brief moment.
A cool breeze whips across the shore,
And the sands drift in my face,
The sands that tell the stories of all
Who have watched these pink moments before.
The ocean whispers to me,
Its enticing scent pulling me in,
Saying, “the world is not so bad,
Watch this beautiful sunset.
Everything will be alright.”
The last rose petal falls,
And the clock reads 8:12 pm.
The taste of salt lingers on my tongue
As I turn and head for home.
The sunset says,
“Come back tomorrow!”
The inspiration for this poem was from this essay on NPR's website called "Pink Moments". Here is the link for the essay if you would like to read it (; it's a gorgeous work that I did not attempt to copy but that inspired me to tell my own "pink moment" story.
laura Sep 7
I've never been a huge socializer,
and that's really all,
that people seem to do at football games.
So, why even go?
Well, now that I'm a member of the marching band,
it looks like I have to.
I mean, last night I never really thought that I'd have fun.
I mean, who wants to just go and scream for 3 hours?
I guess I do.
Last night was amazing.
You get to just be yourself,
and you just forget about everything.
You just realize more and more through the game,
that's it's just about having a blast and playing songs,
to keep the team going.
There we were, waving our instruments,
screaming for our team,
and having the time of our lives.
Now, I know for a fact,
that at the end of the season,
I will do anything to go back,
and do it all again...
Last night was the first varsity football game. As a first year marching member I didn't really know what to expect :)
  Aug 24 laura
Hello Daisies
Hey darling,
Not sure if I ever told you
You know I'm afriad of being bold
But you should definitely know

I've never trusted anyone fully
Never let myself go completely
I don't beleive in any of the mushy gooey

But you, I guess you got me
I'm afraid to let it take control
When I do it's never wrong
You're where I belong

From swinging at night
To playing tic tac toe
Dressing you in clothes
Telling secrets no one else knows

You're my best friend
Always have been from the beginning
It's not that I don't love others
You're just so special to me
Closer then my sister and brothers

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