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loggi Dec 2020
The night has come
So the phase has shift
And in the moonlight
I feel myself drift
Out from my head
Deeper I go
Till I am out.
Poetic T Mar 2020
Life is A butterfly
       With its
wings torn asunder.  

For when your time
     Comes, and it will.

There will be no flight,
   No beauty.
Just your last breath
         Torn asunder.
blackbiird May 2019

what women have
birthed man tried
to put asunder
but no more
shall the fires of our
labor  be put out by
egotistical men
slopping around
the earth like castrated
pigs covered in their own
filth. what women have birthed
no man shall put asunder.

ryn Oct 2018
Clutching an anvil
close to my chest
as I struggle
to tread the water.

I’m sinking...
K G Feb 2017
Allowing our lungs to wane
Upon the school's rooftop
Watching these good times disappear
Like tears in the rain
K G Feb 2017
Coughing up tales, of which hundreds exist
Regretting us and misreading my transcript
Displaying a shade of default dismissiveness
False bereavement is what you're equipped with
Your visage remains a rivulet, negating encrypted lips
As you spew nix, levels of sanity collapsed when you loosened it
K G Jan 2017
Warring within the wind
Aped by a flush, you unveil a plash
Flaunting us a stygian, hazy gore
Left weaving a susurrus blether
With shards prodding your throat
K G Jan 2017
My chin is ****** in the piles of plastic cups
After nibbling myself out, the tables are bused
Onward unlatching, mussed my steady cause-
she was seducing my balance, I had to adjust
She dented concrete when sussed
She saw my incision and continuously cut
She saw my face when her description didn't fit
To be weak, anemic, and homeless I admit it
Now that my leash is leaking out of the tub
I'll remain spiraling like when in cuffs
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