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It's been a minute
Since my heart was in it
Maybe I'm just busy
Or I wish it isnt me
Scary thought to lose it all
Before I could say it all
But I never know what to say at all
I should just stop before I get involved.
More to come hopefully.
I enjoy my own company
But love yours
Along Texas shores
The sunrises
But on your heart
My mind is set
I'm sure mine, yours despises

Two fires far as east to west
Burn in cold so bright like the sun on Earth's crest
Burning the world they detest
And find less to **** and lest
Become one and die

With no one left to watch the sunrise
-Luca Ivaldi
******* I want to die
Sick and doped up
Can't even cry
Though I'm choked up
Gave hope up to a new name
Seen her face in a few dames
But it's still the same old same old
So close
Cut through the smoke to see my lies
I only do this cause I wish to die
If I had the ***** it'd be quicker
Can't even find the courage in this liquor

Smash the bottle and grab the glass
Every tearfall I say is my last
It's not about them but you and me
Everyone is happy when they're finally
-Luca Ivaldi
I miss her.
It's not poetic.
But it's true.
-Luca Ivaldi
A dream I wanna have lost to Oregon trails.

   The moon, raging in the night, sunk behind Wyoming mountains and nestled in Tennessee hills.

   As the rain on my best days has certainly faded away.
   I see the wind carry on as the lost soul, so weary.

   But fate withers with vigor both the flower and the tree.

   I'm falling.

   Does anyone hear me?
-Luca Ivaldi
Pick me up and spin me around.
    Throw me through the window
        to the wall. Do you hear that
           sound? A warning to all.
             You're the sky and
          I'm the ground
     by wind
-Luca Ivaldi
I'm losing grip
My finger slipped
In the sky
Where I fly
Back to earth
Back to birth
With no recollection
Of losing direction
-Luca Ivaldi

Giving your all to make others happy and ending up alone hurts the most.
To get out of bed
To clean your body
To love your family
To end it all
Is not here
-Luca Ivaldi
It's not metaphorical; that's how the mind works.
It's really plain as day--

But like a sign in reverse.
iblɒvi ɒɔυ⅃-
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