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It's not even worth saying anymore. a perfect world with logical people, yes.

But people aren't perfect and the world is illogical...
is where you found me

when you were around me

I was a fool
It's the Idea
My thoughts curse the page in my heart set a blaze by the fire in my soul. With nothing left I lie in the ashes brushed to rest by the abiding darkness. The inkwell draining the iron signature from within. My life as a letter will be blank though stained through and through with pain;.

Goodbye for now
I like the pain
I don't know
Growth without rain
No longer seed I've sprouted roots
No longer budding I've sprouted fruit
I'm no longer happy
Without you

We can do this when I'm numb
Grass doesn't ask
Which mother this water comes from
Neither do I
It's life
Every brushstroke catches my eye
Someone find me when I hide
One more year and I might die

It's okay
I can wait
It feels so good to know you
~orion sun
She wears it all so well
The sun on her skin
The wind in her hair
The stars in her eyes
The world is her canvas
And she was my favorite stroke
-Jesse H
Let's assume
Time like wine
Aged fine best when rotten
After dying

I'd be lying if
I said I didn't think about trying
Cause I'm tired of crying
And climbing grapevines

This is no poem that I scribe
Just my life
Ina vibe
That's it
And probably why
Luca Ivaldi
H iding
A las has gotten quite lonely
P assing in a world I no longer know
P erhaps I can't fall in love but
I like the idea
N ow the thought of happiness for my soul
E ases me
S inging at crossroads where Ill meet Lucy
S atisfying the cost to
-Luca Ivaldi
If I could give you stars in your room
Life on the moon
Life in your womb
Heal your scars but not too soon

Stardust and radiation, Catch me while I'm swooning
Its noon in Houston and we've lost all communication
Racing to be finished with no stipulations
But you lick your lips and I precrede my reputation
Pick up six. You won't miss. Shoot your shot. Stay on get. Plant that kiss don't drop a drip when you paint this wall, your astro-canvas.

If I could give you stars in your room
Life on the moon
Life in your womb
Heal your scars but not too soon

Feeding in the void I'm consumed
Bleeding in tune with fumes

Due to expanse we're doomed.

But Dear
Black Sunflower Lily
Looking kind of funny
Pretty ugly really
Especially when it's sunny

Golden hours never dull
A sight to behold because you can't be held
Captured souls you can tell
Will water your roots in hell

As a matter of fact
The fact of the matter is just

Pink Balloon
Don't think too soon
Or drink to swoon
Burn to consume
Moon rocks with no stop
Bare bedrock
In a chance to confuse
What the earth does not supply
What it's worth to reapply
My self to you

Sweet Sunflower Lily
You look better in the night
Best to see your light
At midnight, the sun

Raging in the mirror
Crying, For. No. Sage

Could hear her


These ****** flowers
Petals kissed by death
Scars licking her stem
A twist in her pistil  
She doesn't dodge this missile
Petal tips touch lips in unkind embrace
Walking lines so fine like lace
Misguide your grace in stones
Work and chisel to bone
Ripping skins you've outgrown

Unfamiliar with in where I stead
Non peculiar when things are dead
Rot revealing our date to lie ahead
Blooming so red

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