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That's where you learn to feel
Where you learn to accept
Learn to let go
Learn loss and gain
To fight and die quietly
To hold yourself
To carry your burden
To learn you don't have to
To forgive yourself
Where you learn yourself
Learn solitude and to cherish
To find hope in the dark
To learn love is not always beautiful
That sometimes its ugly and hurts
But it's there
Waiting for you
When you need it most
Like when you're alone.
27 years of experience
You are not.
I am still
Every moment is a gift
I could write
a million poetries
filling a
hundred thousand books.
Though I fear
I'd only succeed in wasting
what's most precious.

My time.
My love language was everything.
I no longer speak.
All I've left is write.
Taking steps back
I found my way home

It's time that I lack
Bare down to my bone

If this is my path
Let it not be my own

These crowns that I cast
As I run to The throne

Thank you Father
And they're not fond of me.
"I should love my self." The thought had not dawned on me.
My fury is cold and weeping
My hatred is remorse and sorrow full
My will, though broken is fixed
Only part of me is beautiful.
The broken bits and pieces you find yourself in.
Mind like water
Because I'm not beautiful
Empty as this page. Fulfill you is my wish.
Shooting for your stars, **** me if I miss.

But it wouldn't mean a thing
From me
Adverse effect/affect
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