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GM Mar 26
When they sing about peace and love
Or the beauty of the stars up above
There I see you

When I read about the blue sky
Oh, how could I
not think about you

When I look at the beautiful moon
I know I won't be seeing you soon
But oh, there are you

So when they say to forget
I say the world just won't let
And inside me, still you
  Mar 26 GM
One day you will be
A five-minute memory
That fades away
When the music ends.
GM Mar 24
I wish silence could explain
That my words are not in vain
And if you want me, there I'll be

I wish silence could explain
That I'm true and sincere, not insane
So if you'd like, there I'd be

I wish I could just say
But I have to trust the silence
Cause that's the price I have to pay

It makes me feel dizzy
But yet still it's easy
Cause I couldn't find the words

So I shut my mouth from here
Without a single tear
So you can hear my loud silence

Knowing it's for you.
GM Dec 2018
The joke is that I practically chose
To be burning, and never get close
I know what I did was so wrong
I couldn't hold my tongue
But even far, far away
I can dream of having her someday
Her mouth is so pretty from here
Wish I could call her "my dear"
Even being so though
I am satisfied enough
Just to dream with her voice
Being away was her choice
So my destiny is just to be sorry
And never knowing the glory
GM Dec 2018
I kept trying all these years
To be the standart, to hide my tears
To smile at everyone in the table
I thought I was able
To receive all I gave
To leave the cave
Today I see that's not right
I know who I am, I've seen the light
I'm not lonely, just alone
I don't look at their faces on my phone
I gave up on her, I gave up on him
That's what I mean
It's all over today
And I think I don't have to pay
It's okay to let go
My life isn't anymore a show
Now I understand, at last
That my wild days are past.
GM Dec 2018
Não dá pra esquecer
Já que eu sou eu e você, você
Há motivos pra minha vida de monge
São os mesmos que te fazem estar longe
Mas a distância é relativa
E eu, que ainda estou viva
Te olho assim
Feito telescópio, tão distante de mim
É fácil pensar
Difícil ignorar
Já que entre nós dois
Só tem a Pedro Américo
Lembro disso e depois
Mais um porre homérico
GM Nov 2018
Your skin was flawless, I'm so pale
My life is a mess, yours was a fairy tale
Your voice was perfect
While mine sounds incorrect
You used to shine so bright
I run from the light
I'd still could make you like me, I bet
It's such a waste that we have never met
But you went to a better place in two thousand sixteen
And I keep living here, where people are so mean
Yet, sir, wherever you are
You'll always be my favorite star

— The End —