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Jun 2020
Thinking about the week after that smoke break
The beginning of continuous mistakes
First time unplanned second time was for the take
The fireplace for your lonely brisk night
Was friends of three turned to two
How it was for me, framed and blamed
For things never being the same
Temporary connections, use to false affections
It should have been different
I changed thinking it’ll be worth it
But you turned out to be so arrogant
That’s what caused the sudden split
You came back, thought we could attempt to make it work
With that hopefulness I only earned a slight smirk
Then in an instant saw nothing but flowers
Minutes that went by, for me, felt like hours
Purple daffodils printed on a white silk pillow case
And scratches from long callous hands
That feeling I could never erase
Feeling warm in the worst way
Wishing after you wouldn’t want to stay
Diving into that state of mind like quicksand
Said things would stay the same
But the distance increased, now we don’t speak
This memories for you to keep
I bet you’re still “glad you came”
Written by
Jaxis  24/F
   Bogdan Dragos
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