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Penguin Poems Nov 2018
You used to love the beach, just like you used to love me.
Well, I mean you probably still love the beach.
When you told me you loved the ocean and the waves and how you wanted your little riptide tattoo
I vowed to you that I would take you sometime.
Even though I never got the chance to, I still imagine what our trip would have been like to this day.
I picture us building a sandcastle.
We shape it with our hands because we we’re to lazy to buy buckets.
As we build the base we talk about the dining room where our king and queen eat gluten free pizza and chocolate,
We sculpt their bedroom where they will lay and watch cheesy movies complaining about the bad acting,
We picture the bathroom where they will make bad makeup looks on one another and dance in the mirror
And when we’re done, we’ve built a castle made for the most imperfect of kings and queens.
A castle with empty hallways but lively rooms,
Except the queen’s study where she hides her insecurities in the folds of old notebooks,
Or the king’s bedside table where an old box lives covered in dust except for a few fresh fingerprints, holding faded Polaroids tucked away
In a slightly more careful fashion than the way he tucks his wife into bed.
But us building, we claim not to see the secrets
They’re too hidden in plain sight for us to notice
So we focus on the chocolate and bad acting and dancing.
And then
You complain you’re tired, even though your eyes are wide open
I say I’m hungry, even though I ate an hour ago
And as we walk away
neither of us notice the waves crash over our already flawed creation.
PJ Aug 2018
Why do I write
When my castles fall
And every time it takes its toll
I tried to protect it
By guarding the shore
For tides take
What ever I make

My castles are sand
I know its bland
But like my poems
I know its dry
But I always try
To make it glorious
Though  my words are not luxurious
For my words are true
No matter how plain

I will protect my castle
No matter what
Even if the tide takes It back
Cause if it falls
I will make it again
Like my poems
Will continue no matter
How much I'm in Pain
I will continue to write no matter how hard it is.
GreenTrees Aug 2017
Sand castles drifting into the wayward sea.
As the last tower falls I feel complete.

My spirit escaping to unknown shores...

© Karl V. (2017)
Yusof Asnan Dec 2016
The wind does things differently,
It patiently rubs off the sand castle's wall,
Slowly approaching it without intent to break.

Time was his friend,
He would give up his life time to enter the castle,
Showing only warmth as his effort to let her open up.

But the wave is different,
It would just come crashing on the walls,
Immediately breaking down the walls.

Time was never an issue,
He would do everything now while he can,
Shaking her world to show her the real world.

The beach knew how the wind loves the sand castle,
But the beach also know which one the sand castle will fall to,
I guess we all know how the wave will always win.

It may not be easy for everyone to get the one they want, especially when you've just dedicate your entire life for that one. It doesn't matter how many times or how long you have been holding your hands above her head from the rain, someone can easily come in with an umbrella and protect her entirely.
Phantasmagoria Jun 2016
a stabbing shiver corrodes my limbs
goosebumps lick my heart
a fat cramp strokes my lips
and terror waves my mind
freezingly hot blood
flushes twisted nerves
sweet foul shudder makes
all memories awake
blurry visions of happiness
worm into cutting blade
hissing a haunting realization:
that it is too late.
naivety suggests
a joyful brand new start
but the ***** present screams
that you grew apart
Yusof Asnan Mar 2016
There comes the waves kissing the shore,
Both gentle and harsh,
Mellow winds caressing the sand ever gently,
and at times abusively.
Like a sand castle residing at the shore,
your days are numbered to when you fall.
It's not the rough ones that are the reaper,
They left crumbs so you see your pieces fall off,
But the soothing ones that smothers you from grain by grain,
Feeding off bits of you that you left forgotten.
Like a sand castle residing on the shore,
Your days are numbered to when you fall,

Aimee Harris Mar 2015
I want you to love me like sand.
I want you to find me in your pockets
A week after you've been to the beach.
I want to fill your hourglass
And pour myself out
To count our time apart.
I want you to build castles
From my shattered pieces;
To build a temple
From this ruined frame.
I want you to make me hotter than I've ever been;
To touch me with pressure so hard
I turn to glass.

I want you.
I want you.
I want you.
World Poetry Day contribution.

— The End —