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Claudia May 19
What is life?
Life is
The magical moments
That keeps your heart levitated,
That keeps you on your toes,
That fills you up with warmth,
Filled with loving moments,
That you can’t get enough of,
And wish that it stays.

Life doesn’t give you what you want,
No matter how many pennies you throw into the fountain.
What is life?
Life is
The dark moments
The ones where you cry when something doesn’t go your way,
The ones where you must carry an umbrella and wear all black,
The ones where you feel like S*;
These ones are when you feel hopeless
No matter how many times you fall,
And don’t feel like you should get back up.

Everyone’s day feels like one of these.
Wake up and find out: Are you having a magical or a dark day?
But the worst of all, are the ones where it is magical then it slowly turns dark;
Where you think everything is in your favor,
And you are about to show the world that they should not mess with you
Then a text or a tweet comes in
And everyone turns their back to you.
Traveler Mar 13
The bottom has falling out
Levitation is a must
I collect my abilities
Disability was just a crutch

Retired warrior conditions
A construct of altered cognition
We all grudge the *****
Why else would we put hope
In our metaphysical
Poetic encryption's
I assure you
It is all merely mind over matter
Surely a little bit older
And of course a bit fatter
But levitation, I'll have at her!!
Traveler Tim
A simple window
A mirror of reflection
I see a balance of tension within its creation
The morning nature arose in its fresh tree pine
Shining itself upon the window's shrine
What do I see?
I spy with my little eye
A sea of independence
And a faction of world pride

Leading forth its beauty
A crack is present on the glass
What could this mean?
Was destruction awake in its past?
Was it a breach of war in its latch?
Or just a simple pile of rough, rocky ash?

A window's future
A glass stain, a mark on impermeability
To be recovered?
Could this be the open solitude of infinity?
Deer with long tracks sheer the day
Upon its past age
Or was it just a present revelation of roadkill...
That subdued its inward rage?
People withstood many triumphs, and
Most filled with anger
Some responsibility taken
Others with pain and no hope to salver
A mirror is worth an antique
Of power and immortality
Not the glass type, but
Our own view of sanity.
This was the first personal poem I ever wrote back in 2009. I definitely had a vision for this piece as I was writing it. It holds a very special place in my heart, although I may have edited a line or two for it to make more sense, lol. Always room for improvement! I hope to build upon each of my poems until they reach their final versions in a poetry collection of mine one day. That would be awesome!
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Koel’s song merges with
Musky scent of mango bloom;
My heart lunges up!
Nylee Oct 2017
Eternal silence of sky
Still night
and chills
the house in middle of nowhere
with lamps on.
The atmosphere brings
eerie waves,
the only thing one finds missing
is the sudden background music
and some work of levitation,
to make the boring atmosphere alive
make things turn creepy.

— The End —