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I think that when I’m older
I’ll think back to now
The happenings
Of a 14-year-old
And wish life was still just as simple

But for now
I can’t wait to be older
And it couldn’t come any sooner
J Valle Apr 2016
Fourteen days
And I knew I liked you
It all began
Fourteen times
I followed you
Fourteen days
You ignored me
Fourteen texts
You read
Fourteen lies
I believed
Fourteen dreams
You shattered
Fourteen times
I think of you each day

Fourteen months
Since the last I saw you.
Lost Mar 2016
I hope he goes to bed tonight,
knowing that he's loved*
more than anything.
I'd give anything to hold him in my arms again.
Terry Collett Jan 2016
Martha holds
the plaster statue
of the Crucified

and kisses the head
and feels the cold plaster
on her warm lips

taste of salt
on her tongue

holds between fingers
thumb rubbing the head
feeling the beard

the chest and Sacred Heart
holds Him to her breast
tucks Him in closer

mothering Him
or is it other?
the O'Brien boy's a ****

with his touching
and words
as if she would

Mary introduced
he's a good catch
she said(Mary)

touching her
and lifting her skirt hem
lets us see them

he'd said(O'Brien)
she rocks the Crucified
against her

lets Him be near her
His arms crossed
against His chest

one finger pointing
to His Sacred Heart
she kisses His finger

licks His hands
O' O'Brien said

what's the deal
why are you so stiff
with the holding hands

and such
Mary gives us a feel
she walks with her Crucified

to the bed and lies down
on her back
the Crucified held

against her
His eyes staring at her
blue and black dots

what am I to do
with the O'Brien boy?
she whispers

her warm breath
on His plaster head
it's Mary's fault

she will introduce
them to me
and I'm not wanting them

He says nothing
stares at her blankly
hands crossed

and pointing finger
His heart red and crowned
she lays Him

on the pillow
beside her
turns herself

and gazes at Him
what's to do with O' Brien?
she kisses Him

Agnus Dei
she whispers
runs a finger

along His arm
down to His feet
take O'Brien from me

keep him from me
burn his fecking fingers
for the touching

the Crucified stares at her
did He wink
or nod His head?

**** you O'Brien
Martha says
you're as good as dead.
Arcassin B Sep 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

The children and their futures,
Born into families,
I'm gonna date if I choose to,
Picking up a different ***** each time to
Fill the void of what was missing but
She was missing a long time ago,
I need you.....
Told the devil
Don't you tempt me
I'm not in the mood,
I'm not understanding fully of what's
To come,
Of course I'm always the fool,
I'm not trying to be rude,
I'm a star in all the hateful people's eyes,
But from the stars I can not run,
This is not fun,
Give me the gun,
Put it to my head,
Memories rerun,
Get your refund
For the bad future for all your daughters
And sons.
Felicia Jul 2015
Yours is a dead end, but it's the only path I want to take
Chelsea Patton May 2015
He is only 10 he should
be crying beacuse he
feel down,not beacuse
someone called him a ***.

She's only 12,she
should be playing with
makeup,not razors..

He's only 14  he should be  out with his freinds,
not tying ropes...

She's only 16, she
should be out on dates,
not staraving herself...

They were all 18, they
should have been
celebrating graduation,
not a furneral...
hope u like it
Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

I miss you,
And when I miss you,
Its not,
Just a miss , or worry , or care,
Or a concern,
You're the best,
I'm the worst,
But by chance,
you just made my night,
Never heard from you,
Or your mom,
Or your brother,
In awhile,
Made me laugh,
Made me smile,
It was accurate,
It was reality,
When we were together,
Good morning,
I guess mistakes were made,
Then we dry our eyes,
Put on the vans,
I kiss your face,
Made you blush,
Hide your face,
I hid under your bed,
The cutest face I ever seen,
First person I ever loved,
And gave my virginity to,
Wanted us to never end,
Its like you had all the answers to my questions,
You sat on cloud nine with me,
I can't get over you,
And if I do,
Then I want someone just like you,
To kiss and touch like you,
You knew me well enough to do those things,
And get me excited,
If you know what I mean,
I miss you.
Miss her ...
OnwardFlame Feb 2015
Painted blush and bursting red
Out of my breathing, heavy chest
Took so much to get here, but I know
It ain't over yet.

Boxes come and my door buzzes
Gifts and tokens of love from you
Handles of wine disappear
But I don't know how to write

A series, a trilogy--make everyfuckingthing
Waiting for the ring ring ring
But I don't wait
A slice of pizza in my mouth
Kisses and physical affection I long for
But I shoot with my little camera
Dance to the upbeat chorus
With all my friends by my side
Oh what it means, to feel revitalized.
Humming radio sounds, can't get you out of my head
"Baby, I think I am the only one who deserves you."

Stripping down fabric, lets take our chaos out on the town
I pile clothing and articles of the past
High atop each other like a mountain
Into the sky I wish I could float and knife through
Sell it, take it
New chapter, woman I am becoming.

Hearing voices of candy hearts
Twisted pink swirls of lust and love
I wear my little red dress
Glad to be so done with the past
My walls become more and more blank
New ******* slate
And I cannot seem to break
Old habits of mine
So we do, we discuss self worth
And the wonder of 20 something
Late into the snowy night.

I should really get that camera in my face
Try to make you see what you mean
But baby, you are just a computer screen
For now.
But I smell real leather and sing songs
Of my longing for a man
I cannot have right now
But my gypsy skirt and I
A wand of power and sensuality in my hand
We burst like a flame
Into the world.

Everybody has to say something
About everyone's happiness
Caffeine filled veins
I trudge through the snow
Nothing wrong
Something beautiful
About sleeping alone
And I don't wallow over The Betrayer
Or past lovers
But I smile at new bags
Art that lifts me up into the sky
People that dance around me,
Lightning bolts and disco lights
Line up next to us.

Valentine's day.
Red, pink, purple
Light pretty little colors
Open your organs to happiness.
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