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Broadsky May 2018
Your inability to take accountability shows me the type of man I was with.
I finally poured my heart out to tell you how you hurt me... you were silent.
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2017
In an ugly world
Full of ****
You were made of ****
And beautiful.

gray rain May 2016
How can I run away if I never had a home to begin with?
gray rain May 2016
Who came up with the word slaughter?
did they think killing things was funny?
gray rain Apr 2016
Sometimes bad days come and pass
Most of the time they seem to last
gray rain Apr 2016
Say goodnight to your friends
when your day ends
and as your eyelid decends
ZT Jul 2015
An invisible ladder
To the top it ends
Climb and it’ll be your end
lily Apr 2015
i need you like i need warmth in winter and water in the desert
Kate Lion Apr 2015
We're like birds who've lost
our voices.  Trying to tweet,
but no sound comes out.
why do they call it falling in love,
when it feels more like flying?

- n.a.
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