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JcA  Apr 2018
Untitled #14
JcA Apr 2018
You are simply beyond description.

For a definition is but a collection of words, and those words are just letters working together to tell a story.

But your laugh takes me on an adventure through worlds undiscovered. Your eyes are deep oceans filled with tales of past shipwrecks before you realized that you were the treasure. Your heartbeat is a symphony composed in a melody that only we know.  

So while describing you is this fool's errand, I know mere words will never completely capture you.

For words are just letters working together to be beautiful, and you are more beautiful than any group of words can ever hope to be.
harlee kae  Jun 2014
day 14
harlee kae Jun 2014
i miss having someone always text me goodmorning and having someone to text goodnight to at the end of the day. i miss having someone tell me they love me. i miss knowing that if i get a day off i'll actually have something to do besides sit at home. and i miss being touched. being held and being kissed and having someone to tell my life to. because we were together for 441 days. and i dont know how to be apart.
SteamPhunk Feb 2018
Wednesday, 14th of February 2018, 7.00pm,
" breaking news, a mass-shooting happened today in Florida, American authorities are calling this the worst school shooting in U.S.A's history "
6 minutes and 20 seconds,
That's all it took,
17 confirmed dead,
15 injured,
Countless more lives ruined,
All in under 10 minutes,
No parent should ever have to hug their child,
So tight,
Just because it might be the last time they'll ever say goodbye,
No kid should ever have to be afraid of their school hallway,
Or be afraid of who's standing in the classroom doorway,
No kid should ever wonder if this day will be their last,
And no parent should ever have to bury their kid,
Six feet out of their reach,
So this is for Scott,
And for Alyssa,
For Martin,
And for Nicholas,
Not forgetting Aaron,
This goes to Chris,
And Luke,
For Cara,
And for Gina,
Joaquin and Alaina,
Meadow, Helena, and Alex,
Carmen and Peter,
You are all in our hearts,
Let's face it,
The Floridian community of Douglas,
Will never go back to " normal "
So, Washington? Trump?
Riddle us this?
When is this going to be added to your list of " proud American traditions "?
There are too many heavy hearts,
Too many dark days,
Too much chaos and confusion,
For this to be swept under the carpet again,
Just like the last time,
We weren't even a quarter of the way into 2018,
Yet there had already been over 30 mass-shootings since the beginning of January,
So here's to the people who aren't accepting the truth,
Who are too " confused " to realize what's going on,
For the people who haven't woken up to the fact,
That there were unidentified bodies,
Sitting cold in that school for over 24-hours,
And do not tell me I am too young to know what I'm talking to you about,
I stand alongside Emma Gonzalez and the hundreds of young people across the globe,
This isn't just for our lives,
This is for everyone's lives,
Since when did " don't shoot children " become such a controversial statement?
Since when did school safety become a debatable, two-sided matter?
So I will join my fellow marchers,
And yell loudly and unapologetically,
Until they hear our voices,
In the words of Emma Gonzalez,
Adults like it when we have strong test scores,
But not when we have strong opinions,
We are Marching For Our Lives,
And this is our legacy.
#enoughisenough #thisendsnow #Iwillmarch #marchforourlives
Nancy E Tracy Feb 2018
On Valentines Day
I don't belong
The love I've had has come and gone

No roses now delighting me

No heart shaped box of sweets
To bring me joy, it seems

But memories beside me sleep
To waken only in my dreams
Still Happy on Valentines Day because of CHOCOLATE!
Ashleigh Black Jan 2015
I could feel ribs break
from inside my heaving chest
as you kissed her lips.
Sanjali  Jul 2018
Sanjali Jul 2018
-Cat Shaped Bandages and Kisses-

Hello little darling,
How are you doing today?
Your hands seem to be trembling,
Your eyes hold what you can’t say.

Pretty little darling,
I’ll wait till you’re ready
Inside our blanket fort
With hot cocoa till you’re steady.
So tell me all your woes,
Your wishes and your dreams.
We can stay here forever
And stitch our love into these seams.

Sweet little darling,
Let’s light candles to make it bright,
You can be the sleeping princess,
I can be your loyal knight.
So when you feel it is okay
I can help you stay awake,
We’ll face dragons together,
Earn gold and run back to this place.

So my love, my little darling,
Let me heal your cuts tonight,
I have special cat shaped bandages
And kisses for every other slight.
(=O u O=)
PandaPao  Aug 2018
PandaPao Aug 2018
I love you very much
I might not be a perfect guy
For a special woman like you
But I will try my best to always make you happy
I will always be the friend that you know
I will give my best to you
I will always be yours
And yours alone
I will have bad days
I will be difficult at times
But my love will never falter
And I will always make up for those times
I'm afraid of losing you
I know I can't lose you
So please stay with me forever
Take my heart
I love you
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