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OnwardFlame Feb 2015
Painted blush and bursting red
Out of my breathing, heavy chest
Took so much to get here, but I know
It ain't over yet.

Boxes come and my door buzzes
Gifts and tokens of love from you
Handles of wine disappear
But I don't know how to write

A series, a trilogy--make everyfuckingthing
Waiting for the ring ring ring
But I don't wait
A slice of pizza in my mouth
Kisses and physical affection I long for
But I shoot with my little camera
Dance to the upbeat chorus
With all my friends by my side
Oh what it means, to feel revitalized.
Humming radio sounds, can't get you out of my head
"Baby, I think I am the only one who deserves you."

Stripping down fabric, lets take our chaos out on the town
I pile clothing and articles of the past
High atop each other like a mountain
Into the sky I wish I could float and knife through
Sell it, take it
New chapter, woman I am becoming.

Hearing voices of candy hearts
Twisted pink swirls of lust and love
I wear my little red dress
Glad to be so done with the past
My walls become more and more blank
New ******* slate
And I cannot seem to break
Old habits of mine
So we do, we discuss self worth
And the wonder of 20 something
Late into the snowy night.

I should really get that camera in my face
Try to make you see what you mean
But baby, you are just a computer screen
For now.
But I smell real leather and sing songs
Of my longing for a man
I cannot have right now
But my gypsy skirt and I
A wand of power and sensuality in my hand
We burst like a flame
Into the world.

Everybody has to say something
About everyone's happiness
Caffeine filled veins
I trudge through the snow
Nothing wrong
Something beautiful
About sleeping alone
And I don't wallow over The Betrayer
Or past lovers
But I smile at new bags
Art that lifts me up into the sky
People that dance around me,
Lightning bolts and disco lights
Line up next to us.

Valentine's day.
Red, pink, purple
Light pretty little colors
Open your organs to happiness.
it's ok Feb 2015
So many people are bitter on this day, but
It's a day to appreciate all the ones that love you.
To be glad love exists and that there are people in your life
who would die for you and stay alive for you in the same breath,
knowing you'd do the same for them without hesitation.
Klara Jan 2015
One of my favourite things about poetry is how it can make pain and suffering sound so beautiful. The downside is that this also makes people forget about what is really going on and oblivious to how much hurt there is in the world. They become blinded by the light and forget about the dark. For instance when people comment on how beautiful poetry is, I don't think they realize how broken the writer is, I don't think they realize how broken I am.
I mean, I know we were never really in love - but man, we could have been.
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
Where dark and devastated loners,
Eat black painted noodles.

Sorry sad singles,
Lonely people!

Who dream of dark things, nightshade and purple;

Dressed in black,
Black nail polish,
Black accessories, black shoes.

Marking the time, but no looking back;

Drowning sorrows,
With little green bottles,
Never love a tear.
Kiss seldom, like a cold rainy holiday,

The small girl nowhere views the black dressed drunk in the mirror.

Missing love on this blackest of days...  

© 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Black Day Korean Celebration April 14th

April 14 in Korea is known as 'Black Day', a holiday where sad singles
gather to eat Chinese-Korean noodle dish swimming in chunky black bean sauce.
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
A dream is a sunny Korean Green Day.
Enduring loves, like a firm hand.
Singles like soju.
Where is the intense girl?
Crying tears quietly alone!

Drowning sorrows
With little green bottles,
Never love a tear.
Kiss seldom like a cold holiday.
The small girl nowhere views the drunk in the mirror.

Couples walk tender romantic, holding hands.
Adoring green clothes,
Trees rise.
Nature kisses like a boundless delicious boy.
Trees are eagerly awaiting a firm stunning, pure love!

The eager mountain patiently desires the girl and boy.
Kiss calmly like an enduring, unwavering blissful wind.
Couples fall roughly like a hot misty Korean day.
Ooh, love!

Copyright © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
August 14th – Korean Green Day Lovers Holiday
Couples are supposed to dress in green, and walk outside in the woods. Singles would drink a (green) bottle of soju to console themselves.
Dana Kathleen Oct 2014
I stopped doing
my favorite things
because I was
sick of doing them
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
Do you love me?
Do I care?
I reach out to you
no one is there.
You tell me you love me
I tell you the same
but all that I'm doing
is hiding my pain.
Life in the fast lane
it ain't all that great
in my world that only
revolves around hate.
Wrote this at 14
Marisa Felix Aug 2014
When I look at him.
All I feel is pain.
Because I know one day he would leave me just like everyone else did .
And I don't blame them, I'd leave me too.
Gold May 2014
How will you love me when you are not even willing to love yourself?

— The End —