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May 12 · 1.5k
All The Days In Between
Steve May 12
From sixteen to sixty
And all the days in between
From a lassie then a lady
To the woman in my dream
From sketch book to painting
From wondering and waiting
To building and creating
With fireworks and gold plating
From all that you mean
To being my queen
From nowhere to forever
And all the days in between.
Later this year my wife turns 60! I've written this with that in mind.
May 6 · 126
Steve May 6
The flowers pass in waves
Waving as they go
Colours fit to burst
Petals pure as snow

The serenade of spring
The love new life will bring
Blossom on the trees
Fragrance on the breeze

While flowers pass in waves
Waving like they know
Colours fit to burst
Petals pure on show

The cavalcade of spring
When pigeons coo and sing
Heart strings stretched out tight
Tempestuous delight.
(Plucking through the night ;)
Hello poetry, hello everyone. Hope we are all looking forward.
Steve Feb 22
Snow drops, the chill stops
Crocus heads in flower beds
Daffodils, on window cills
Bluebells, hyacinth smells
Bird song, buzzing bees
Nights long, budding trees
Morning sun, having fun
Chocolate eggs, a hot cross bun
Cracking smiles, walking miles
Grasses grow, the seasons flow
Fall inter winter inter spring
Spring inter summer inter everything

Bluebells hyacinth smells
Rose hips, puckered lips
Lovers leap, chicks cheap
Blue skies, hover flies
Long day, children play
Far away, clouds build
Winds chilled, a leaf falls
Shivers grow tomorrow calls
Another day, so they say
Snowmen, dough boys
Tangerines, shiny toys
Wooly hats, purring cats

Logs burn, cogs turn
Fireplace, slower pace
Warm coats, sore throats
Dark nights, frost bites
Cosy bed, cuddle fed
Shoots form, rays warm
Bluebells and hyacinth smells
She sells sea shells
New page, old age
Tired out, can't shout
Lay down, don't frown
Go to sleep, not a peep

Love you, miss you
Goodbye now, kissed brow
Eyes closed, what's more
Star dust or God's law
Spring board, revolving door
Heartache, earthquake
Full swing, bells ring
A baby cries, wipe it's eyes
Deja Vu, coming through
Sun shines, better times
Lost or found, a merry go round
Of bluebells and hyacinth smells...
One inspired by yet another birthday - today!
Jan 2020 · 225
Because of You
Steve Jan 2020
The day comes brighter
The sky is bluer too
The steps I take seem lighter
As my thoughts converge on you

It's like I've reached inside your heart
And you're in here with mine
It's like we've both been set apart
And lifted out of time

The way is brighter
The sky glows blue
My steps are lighter
Because of you
May 2019 · 608
Steve May 2019
Stick me in the washer
Spin me round and round
Put me on a cycle
Till my waste is found
Run me on the treadmill
Chase me up the hills
Look after my well being
Take the bitter pills
Look at what I’m eating
Only healthy food
No wine or whisky and certainly not;
No being rude!
Life’s about to change
I’ve to be a new man
Three stents in my arteries
I’m drafting up a plan
I’m thinking of a six pack
And growing new dark hair
Refreshing all my teeth and gums
And going round quite bare
I think I’ll be an icon
Like George or John or Paul
And spread the words of peace and love
From off the subway wall.
A funny thing happened to me the other day...
And I’m lucky enough to be able to tell the tale.
Dec 2018 · 231
The Magic Of Christmas II
Steve Dec 2018
Merry Christmas everybody
Merry Christmas everyone
Peeping through the darkness
To see if he has come
You need only close your eyes
And dream a little dream
The magic that is Christmas
Is everywhere you’ve been
It’s knowing where to look
Nov 2018 · 874
Steve Nov 2018
Harry and Larry
Both fancied Gary
But it was Barry
Gary would marry
In February
Partners in rhyme.
Nov 2018 · 341
Because Of You
Steve Nov 2018
The day comes brighter
The sky is bluer too
The steps I take seem lighter
As my thoughts coalesce on you

It's like I've reached inside your heart
And you're in here with mine
It's like we've both been set apart
And lifted out of time

The way is brighter
The sky is blue
My steps are lighter
Because of you
A little poem of love.
Oct 2018 · 3.2k
What Do You See?
Steve Oct 2018
I wonder what you see
When you think of us
Red boxes, dead foxes
The flag of St George
Or a shiny red bus

Yes I wonder what you see
When you think of us
Scotch pies, och ayes
A white cross on a blue sky
Unruly Scots - treasonous!

I wonder what you see
When you think of us
Bore da, nos da
Green valleys and red dragons
Welsh words to discuss

Yes I wonder what you see
When you think of us
The mountains of Mourne, a leprechaun
Peace between orange and green
Or the troubles between us

What do you see?

Shamrock, glam rock, God save the Queen
Daffodils, leeks, tartan breeks, a red haired colleen
Better together, miles apart, kissing cousins or time for a fresh start?
Never before has the moment felt so close.
Sep 2018 · 2.8k
Steve Sep 2018
Witches  scared me as a kid
I went behind the couch and hid
Little did I ever know
Witches  knew where I would go
But they never tried to trap me there
Or even rock the rocking chair
Instead they’d wait until I slept
Then in my dreams with stealth they crept
And kept me in the depth of night
And preyed upon my fearful plight
Laughter ringing in my ears
Witches  feeding from my tears
And if I went to run away
It was like my feet were made of clay
‘Help me mum’ I’d try to shout
But I couldn’t make the sound come out
They’d strip me bare and burn my clothes
Cover my mouth, squeeze my nose
I’d plunge into a deeper sleep
Then in my soul I felt them creep
Cackling voices filled my head
I promised to do whatever they said.
Witches   scare me, they always did
And it never helped when I ran and hid.
I wasn’t keen on red indians either but I got over that!
Sep 2018 · 467
Fall & Leaves
Steve Sep 2018
Falling leaves
Leaving trees
Autumn’s come
Summer’s done.
It’s that time of year again.
Aug 2018 · 4.0k
Three Little Piggy’s
Steve Aug 2018

Three little Piggy’s
Wallow in the swill
Who’s going to show them
What happened to Jill?

Little Jack Horner
Scourge of the sauna
Who’s going to tell him
Bo peeps round the corner.

Piggy’s in the middle
Cat’s on the fiddle
Who’s going to stop them
The answer’s a riddle?
For all the missing poets.
Aug 2018 · 2.3k
Steve Aug 2018
Close your eyes and count to seven
Look out  for angels which art in heaven
Say your prayers and say them well
Keep clear of the devil who lurks in hell
Simple rules for us to learn
While planets turn and comets burn
Moons abound, new stars are found
And the Arabs are expelled from the promised land.
Thank you God for making it clear
So they can normalise their sins
Without shedding a tear
Close your eyes and count to ten
While the terrors of the past
Revolve again.
This is happening in front of our eyes. May a God forgive us.
Aug 2018 · 2.5k
The Dark Knight (10w)
Steve Aug 2018
Lying in darkness
With eyes closed
Wearing only a smile
Aug 2018 · 274
Sad Face (10w)
Steve Aug 2018
The earth in the ground
Is where we’re all bound :(
Aug 2018 · 253
New Ways (10w)
Steve Aug 2018
New days
New ways
The bright new things summer says.
Aug 2018 · 2.3k
Meet Me There (10w)
Steve Aug 2018
Heading for home
Thoughts turn to stone
Meet me there.
Aug 2018 · 378
Steve Aug 2018
To-con-vey one’s mood
In sev-en-teen syll-able-s
Is ve-ry dif-fic

A classic from punk poet John Cooper Clarke. My first ‘our song’ was I Married A Monster From Outer Space.
Aug 2018 · 443
Steve Aug 2018
The finality that comes with pain
Puts everyday things to shame
Is it perspective or acceptance
That numbs all other concerns?
In truth I care so much for you
While life robs me of the ability
To help, no matter what I try to do
I'm losing you and my heart's
In pieces and no matter how
Much love I pour in
You're broken and I can't fix that
You're my little angel Ringo
You bushy tailed, ginger, beautiful cat.
Ringo is our cat, he's 10 years old and has the nature of an angel and now he's sick, We aren't sure yet what is wrong but he hasn't responded to any treatment. Today the vets did a biopsy and we won't get those results for several days. In the meantime we have him back.
Aug 2018 · 1.2k
Beatles Haiku
Steve Aug 2018
Each of these three haiku’s is also a puzzle and the answer to each of them is Beatle related. A fan site I follow publishes one of these everyday and these are three I contributed to the site

Haiku 1
John, a group of four
Writers all who made their mark
Look one missing street.

Haiku 2
Well preserved cured leg
Went down with the Titanic
Hit by the ice lump.

Haiku 3
Winding long and true
The old abbot rules the roost
Eleventh in line.
A bit of fun
Jun 2018 · 869
You (a palindrome)
Steve Jun 2018
You -
Me like you
Smiling neatly
Me kiss you
Toe to toe
Heart to heart indiscretely
Toe to toe
You kiss me
Neatly smiling
You like me
You -
My little go at a palindrome inspired by  ApriCoT
Jun 2018 · 561
Steve Jun 2018
tcelfer I rorrim eht nIn the mirror I reflect
yks eht morf rorrim A mirror from the sky
tou ro ni ro nwod gnikooLooking down or in or out
yhw nosaer a tuihtiWithout a reason why
meht ro uoy ro em gnigduJudging me or you or them
ym ni gnikool reveNever looking in my
Written in the mirror, draw an imaginary line down the centre of your screen and let your mind wander through the looking glass...
Jun 2018 · 4.8k
Thought Bubbles
Steve Jun 2018
I’ve been thinking all of my life
I find I’m thinking still
It’s taken me all of this time
To realise I think
And I think I always will

Eternity is a lover
A friend who came to stay
Eternity is a place I’ll go
To persist
And repair the break of day

Darkness is in everything
It’s in the setting sun
Darkness is an opposite
A beginning
For when the day is done.

You’d think a thought was a prisoner
A captive of the mind
But it seems it’s fluid
And often hard to find

I’ve been thinking this over
I think I always will
I’ll be thinking this in buckets
On beaches
To think I’m thinking still

Those lonely thought bubbles
That pop in the sky
They're torn on clouds of despair
When thoughts are nil
And thinking, like sand, runs dry.
A lot of thought went into this!
Jun 2018 · 640
Sunday Morning
Steve Jun 2018
Sunday morning
Silence listens in
A distant dog
Someone moves a ***
A bird flies by
Tinnitus to be ignored, no it’s not
Cold slabs beneath my feet and
Damp air, filters through my nose
Eyes closed
If none of this was there?
Bird song
He’s sitting on a mast
Sings to me
In my quiet Sunday reverie.
It was the morning when I wrote it otherwise I might have called it Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon!
May 2018 · 480
Plan You
Steve May 2018
You are what you are
Not what you’re not
It’s not inability that defines you
Don’t waste your time wishing
Disturbed by your lot
It’s how you deal with your failings
We can reach for the stars
Then find them too hot
It’s making the best of the imperfect
We can raise the bar
We can hone what we’ve got
It’s what you do with what you can do
Its making the most of plan you .

This one came from what started out as 10 word poem. I thought the idea through and added bits from the thought process but as I look at it now it could be three poems so for the sake of it I'll add them below see which you prefer :)

You are what you are
Not what you are not. (10w)

It's not inability that defines you
It's how you deal with your failings
It's making the best of the imperfect
It's what can you do with what you can do
It's making the most of plan you.

You are what you are
Not what you're not
Don't waste your time wishing
Disturbed by your lot
We can reach for the stars
Then find them too hot
We can raise the bar
We can hone what we've got
It's what you do with what you can do
It's making the most of plan you.
I think I’ve reached an age where I no longer wish I could run faster or kiss better or jump higher or be wittier
May 2018 · 1.0k
We Go Again
Steve May 2018
No blame
We go again
Through the rain
We go again
Liverpool oh Liverpool
We’ve never been prouder
Standing on the highest stage
We’ve never sang louder
Heads held high
There is no shame
To the golden sky
We go again.
Feeling pretty deflated today but through it all still proud of my team.
May 2018 · 317
Cover Your Ears
Steve May 2018
Cover your ears
And count to ten
Close your eyes
And start again
Remember what she said
Turn your head
Hands behind your back
Let your thoughts turn black
Face the wall
Wait for night fall
Don’t move an inch
Don’t let her see you flinch
Inside the witches lair
Lucky to be there.
May 2018 · 170
Cheers My Dears
Steve May 2018
Who ever thought it
Peace beyond tears

When all’s said and done
Ground  down by the years

If only we’d known then
Been kinder through the gears

There’d be no need now
For those extra strength beers

Be careful out there
And cheers my dears
May 2018 · 228
Thanks Mate
Steve May 2018
Make a note
Jot it down
Get your coat
Let’s go to town

The bus is there
Right on time
Climb the stair
Church bells chime

Room on top
To see the sights
Don’t miss your stop
The name’s in lights

Thanks mate
Stepping out
Time to skate
To twist and shout!
Every journey’s special
May 2018 · 278
Steve May 2018
Palm trees
In a sea breeze
Shimmer in the sun
Blue skies
And heady highs
That’s how the day is done.
From a long weekend.
May 2018 · 1.6k
White Feather 10w
Steve May 2018
The weather
Never ever sever
Thoughts we gather together.
May 2018 · 280
Because... (10 x 10w)
Steve May 2018
Because the gun is warm
Doesn’t mean that it’s happy

Because I’m paranoid
Doesn’t mean they’re not talking about me.

Because nobody knows what’s going on
Doesn’t mean it’s not.

Because the sea is deep
Doesn’t mean that it’s thinking

Because you’re an early bird
Doesn’t make me a worm

Because the little white bull
Doesn’t mean it wasn’t killed

Because the trees bow down
Doesn’t mean they aren’t proud

Because you contain all my love
Doesn’t mean you’re full

Because our lives all end
Doesn’t mean that they’re over

Because that I know all this
Doesn’t mean a thing
and now and then....
Steve Mar 2018
Close your peeping eyes
Summon angels from the skies
Sow your wishes wise
This was from a comment on someone else's haiku but it seemed a shame to waste it!
Steve Feb 2018
Did we come down from  trees
Or up from seas  ???

Is it in God we trust
Or are we stardust ???

Is this only in dreams
Or just what it seems  ???
Three little ten word poems to ponder as we wander (there's another!)
Aug 2017 · 917
A Poet Dreams
Steve Aug 2017
360 things
The keyboard says - to some degree
360 things
When the sun shines - and shadows see
360 things
Circles turn - our minds set free
360 things
Seeds spin down - from a poetree

There's a spark of light
That offsets the night

The moon rules
And stars are jewels

Cogs rotate
And agitate

360 streams
A poet dreams - and thoughts mutate.
Poem no. 360 on the site.
Aug 2017 · 424
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Steve Aug 2017
Baa baa black sheep
Is it really fair
For anyone to judge you
By the colour of your hair
Judged by the master
Judged by the dame
Judged by the brandy boys
Down by the lane
Baa baa black sheep
Is it really fair
To come upon this world
Inside the dragons lair
Fed to the rich
Fed to the poor
Fed to the cats and dogs
Until your black no more
Baa baa black sheep have you any choice
No sir, no sir not without a voice.
Aug 2017 · 501
Dragons 10w
Steve Aug 2017
Dragons are fire made flesh
Givers of death, made fresh.
A wee dragon tale for a Sunday morning.
Aug 2017 · 310
Both Sides Of The Sky
Steve Aug 2017
The truth is clear
If all you see
Is what you want to hear
Life's a *****
Or it can be
If all you ask is to be rich
The end is nigh
For me me me
If all I do is want and cry

**Don't look at the rainbow
See both sides of the sky
Aug 2017 · 728
Going To The Zoo
Steve Aug 2017
Painted nails
And Coloured sails
Burnishing the view
Party hats
And Whisky Vats
Bolting from the blue
And dancing Turks
Scarlet ribbons too
Life on Mars
And chocolate bars
Going to the zoo
Aug 2017 · 2.0k
The Early Worm 3/3 10w
Steve Aug 2017
Are girls called birds, in fact
Because, worms they attract?
Aug 2017 · 1.8k
The Early Worm 2/3 10w
Steve Aug 2017
Birds come looking for you
And fish come looking too.
Aug 2017 · 1.7k
The Early Worm. 1/3 10w
Steve Aug 2017
Twist and turn
Like an early worm
Lacking in concern.
Jul 2017 · 457
How It Works
Steve Jul 2017
Get down on your knees and pray
(you know how it works)
And beg me to make it go away.

Don't ask why I made it so
(no one knows how this works)
That's a mystery you don't  need to know.

I'm the creator of everything
(I know how it works)
From a deadly virus to a spider's sting

Strange to think while you're on your knees
(Do you know how it works?)
I'm the creator of all disease

I made you and I love you true
(you know how it works)
And the rules say you must love me too

Because there's this place I call hell
(and do you know how that works?)
By the way I made hell as well

Well if you don't do just as I say
Then for eternity I send you away
(that's how it works)

Not for a while or until you learn
But forever and forever you burn
(hmm, is that how it works?)

They're the rules, I made them too
(this is how it works)
So I hope you know now what to do.
Jul 2017 · 513
I Call You Into It Love
Steve Jul 2017


I call you into it love


I call you in to it love


I call you in to it love

Jul 2017 · 440
Steve Jul 2017
Nature always takes the blame
God takes all the fame.
From another comment. But seriously he picks up all the glory and gets blamed for nothing.
Jul 2017 · 631
Steve Jul 2017
Good education in very important
But beer is more importanter.
From a comment.
Jul 2017 · 418
No No
Steve Jul 2017
A stitch in time
Is a victimless crime
No, no need to call 9
Jul 2017 · 1.0k
For One Night Only
Steve Jul 2017
For one night only
We got him home, alone
For one night only
Dark voiced and fully grown

For one night only
His room came back to life
For one night only
Next day he'd take a wife

For one night only
Our son came back to stay
For one night only
The house was loud and gay

For one night only
We were mum and dad again
But for one night only
And now only echoes remain.
Our son came to stay the night before his wedding.
Jul 2017 · 434
For Sarah
Steve Jul 2017
There's a new Mrs in town
Emblazed in a white sequinned gown
A miss no more
Veracious and pure
The Queen of the world
She wears the crown.
I wrote this for my new daughter in law. Second child to be married this year.
Jun 2017 · 1.5k
Why (10w)
Steve Jun 2017
If prayer's the answer
Wise there still a question?
The absurd illogicality of faith, prayer and religion sometimes does my nut in. I mean seriously, just think about it.
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