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Steve Oct 2
The laughter has all gone
Days have lost their shine
Twilight marches on
While time commits another crime

The nights are long and dark
Mornings far away
Voices pitched and stark
The skies are low and grey

My fingers clutch the earth
Like a tree past bearing fruit
Holding on for all it's worth
But withered at the root

The leaves are turning brown
Frosty fingers round my throat
Pour me poor me on the ground
Summer smiles while autumn comes to gloat.
A little rework for the fall.
Steve Sep 15
Trying to find a quiet place to ***
Don’t want anyone seeing me
Bursting to go
Without making a show
When I found a secluded poetree.

A Poetree by SE
Steve Jul 23
Born on the horns
Of unicorns
Bees n’ trees n’ phantasies. 
Bleepin’ buzzin’ 
Squadrons by the dozen
Wings n’ stings
Black n’ yellow plump things.
Listen sissin’ 
Bumble bees go missin’ 
Stings n’ zings
A fluffy insect clings.
Mourned by the horns
Of unicorns
Could bees n’ trees be phantasies?
Pecked her necked her
Busy bees inject her
Zings n’ blings
And rainbow rings.
Hummin’ comin’
Soldiers started drummin’
Swarms n’ storms
In uniforms.
Wishes kisses
Serpents sendin’ hisses
Storms n’ thorns
Stripy little life forms.
Flowers n’ honey
Bumble bees not funny
Thorns acorns
Trees worth more than money.
Born on the horns
Of unicorns
Bees n’ trees not fantasies.
Certain species of bee have been added to the endangered species list worldwide, not our humble bumble bee but their numbers are in a very worrying decline nevertheless.
This little poem is a general plea for all of the environment and it was inspired by the little bee pin designed and available from https://cheryljonesdesigns.com/

It's worth remembering about bees, if they do go they'll bee taking us with them!
Steve Jun 17
.                               ^
                     ­ LittleAcorns
          ­          EuropEanOak
    ­                            !
To me the world needs to get smaller by people feeling joined, not by giving up their individual or national identities but by working together in cooperation and achievement.
Steve Mar 31
These budding leaves
Roll up their sleeves
To clothe this tree
And spare its modesty

This springing scene
Of crispy green
Shall shelter us
And bees will buzz

The summer sun May rage
But sheltered ‘neath this leafy cage
We take succour from the tree  
That its fruit may set us free

And we flourish here and multiply
As the world was meant to be.
One for Easter
Steve Mar 11
Mother's Day - one for Mother Earth*

To touch a tree
And climb amongst its limbs
To shelter in its canopy
And be wafted by the winds

To touch a tree
And hang amongst the leaves
To enter this reality
And surrender disbeliefs

To touch a tree
And reach around its trunk
To see how sweet the fruit can be
And use it to get drunk

To touch a tree
And when the mind is high
To turn ones wishes free
As fledglings learn to fly

To touch a tree
And wonder, wonder why
To wrestle with infinity
And rub shoulders with the sky

To touch a tree
And whistle with the birds
To sit upon the mother's knee
And play around with words.
Steve Aug 2017
360 things
The keyboard says - to some degree
360 things
When the sun shines - and shadows see
360 things
Circles turn - our minds set free
360 things
Seeds spin down - from a poetree

There's a spark of light
That offsets the night

The moon rules
And stars are jewels

Cogs rotate
And agitate

360 streams
A poet dreams - and thoughts mutate.
Poem no. 360 on the site.
Steve Jul 2017
An old man lives in a tree
He's sat there for eternity
He and the tree see all
Winter, spring, summer through fall

Leaves fill the air
With the breath that we share
Roots fill the ground
And the world turns around

Without ever leaving his tree
He sees all there is to see
In the time it takes you to blink
He's heard every thought that you think

Leaves fill the air
With the breath that we share
Roots fill the ground
And the world turns around

The Old Man closes his eyes
A wind in the tree softly sighs
The universe senses his pain
Then he opens his eyes once again.
Nouva Tala Jul 2017
it’s fine that you
decided to
remain as the moon
embraced by every creatures
and not to lose
for the time that has to be used
for you
to engrave the future
when you return

and don’t try to look
back on my unrevealed muse
tho’ I’m cursed
by the moon
that has chosen to
not to
be treasured

“for I am the one who in love with the first love of every creatures.”

Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
My world,
was overcast in
many ways, dark
cloudy gloomy days,
scary moonless starless nights,
The heart was sinking with pain.
One day with lightning it poured as
rain of words themes, i wrote, wrote and wrote, in the  dream space i float, now my grey world is painted with the colorful themes, highlighted with my deepest feelings and in the bright sky the words are dancing with syllables,
The seeds of hope buried in the dark, when watered with the raining words, sprouted. The plant, when nourished by divine grace, fertilised by new ideas and creativity, came out of doom, about to bloom. one day
it will offer the shadow
of solace and the
fruits of love to
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