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Nat Lipstadt Oct 2018
a television interview, Oct. 2018  with Sir Paul McCartney

~for all of us, forever~


**** you Paul, old man
you trying to make us all look bad?
guess you’re just another
‘miner for a thousand years’
or more,
cause we haven’t seen a reason why the vein should run dry,
for the stolid earth resupplies endless old metal and the liquid veins
supply the need, the urgency of a warm gun of composition,
a drug nonpareil

and the things that provoke,
still provoke once more and again,
love and need, even memories,
petri dish cell regrown,
breathing atmospheric nutrients in the hotheaded hothouse air
of the human farm

‘tis why I paean you at 4:25am understanding full well,
better than most, for once I wrote,
it’s always the next one, that will be,
the flawless poem,
that will permit the laying down of the pen, the guitar

but even flawless is not
“good enough yet”
for all of us, forever

for “yet,”
even more than forever,

is the most unlimited word we share


5:02am 10/17/18
Chris Neilson Sep 2016
Random tandems aren't bikes made for 2
between you and I, blood isn't really blue
himself, Narcissus couldn't resist to touch
Oedipus loved his mother too much

McCartney just won't let it be
Lennon imagined he held life's key
together they twisted and then they shouted
but their scouse talents were never doubted

Rhyming couplets just for fun
this poetic piece is nearly done
a cunning plan in store to end
to you my thanks I do send

Never fear I'm still on it
I've turned it into a sonnet

Robert Varblow Mar 2015
I Should Have Known Better

I Want to Tell You
You've Really Got a Hold On Me

If I Needed Someone
Baby It's You
No titles changed or punctuation added
Robert Varblow Mar 2015
Come Together
Oh! Darling
All You Need Is Love
No song titles changed or punctuation added
Every time I try to write a poem
I think of one that was written for me
John and Paul, **** and Keith, or even David, or Ziggy
Wrote the words before me
For now I will try but one day I will cry
When I give up and accept the fact
That I am not a poet, nor a writer, nor a lyricist.
But I am what I am.
And that is all I’ll ever be.

— The End —