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Feb 4
Why do I say I love you
When you already know that I do?
Why do I need to say it out loud
When you already know that it’s true?

But it’s..

Funny, hearing those words, knowing, I like them more than you.


Sunny, that feeling I get, glowing, when you answer that you love me too.


I love you
And all of your many ways
And I’ll love you
Till the end of my needy wee days


What’s a poem for
If it doesn’t let me love you a little bit more
So while there’s words on this page
The thought cannot age.


I love you
In the bright focal light of the day
I love you
In the dark heady sleight of the night
I love you today
And in every way
Things that you do
Words that you say
Those looks that you give
The way that we live

I love you..
The fuller version..
Written by
Steve  The Burgh
(The Burgh)   
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