8h Steve
i try to be counterintuitive,
keep expectations
professional, less emotional-
use the latter as collateral
in colluding with my soul

i must follow my heart
yet make decisions from the whole.
after mistakes made in races
to passionate first gut,
i did find thousands of breaths

of body and mind bring full sense
to intuition ...
these thoughts spill
so a vote my heart will feel-
i do love him and probably
always will.
Steve 1d
Oh Christmas tree you give me hope
Sweet emblem of memories made to last
The symbol of the love we’ve shared
As years accrue and saunter quickly past

Oh Christmas tree what did you see
Through those angels’ eyes
Tiny faces looking up at you
With their whats and whys

Oh those Presents placed around your base
Your branches wide and spread
Then with the passing years
Some have other names instead

Oh Christmas tree would I have known
All those years ago
You’d still be standing proud and strong
Having watched my family grow

Oh I’m sure there’ll come a time
Dressed in all your wares
No present in your tinselled arms
A time I’ll  have no cares

Christmas tree remember me
I’m woven through these lines
I plugged you in and lit you up
Oh weren’t they special times.
Fifth in the series now I think.
Steve 5d
Snow flakes
Your heart breaks
Woolly hats and cool cats
People wrapped up tight
Stepping softly in the snow
Important places they have to go - tonight.

Snow drifts
The chill shifts
The wind casts icy blasts
Scarf’s pulled over your face
Blown home to the warm
Finding shelter from the storm's -grace.

Your heart aches
Driving sleet
Grit your teeth
Gritters grit the street
Drivers sit and greet

Snow falls
Snow *****
Kids riding on a sled
Still light when it's time for bed
Still bright as the night gets fed

A goodnight
Sleep tight
The Magic Of Christmas series no. 4 Enjoy :)
Steve 6d
Oh my mum
And oh my dad
And oh my ***
How terribly sad.

All my hopes
And all my fears
All my love
And all my tears

A seasonal wish
A little prayer
A projected thought
Draws you near

Eyes closed
Distance crossed
Memories warm
Nothing lost.
Salvaged from a bleak time past.
Steve Dec 1
Merry Christmas everybody
Merry Christmas everyone
Peeping through the darkness
To see if he has come
You need only close your eyes
And dream a little dream
The magic that is Christmas
Is everywhere you’ve been
It’s knowing where to look
Steve Nov 30
I found a magic carpet
At the Christmas Market
It carried me away
In search of Santa's sleigh
This was my first Noël
Down at the south poël!
Working with the elves
Stocking all the shelves
Picking out toys
For all the girls and boys
Santa was a blast
And when Christmas came at last
I was lying in my bed
A stocking at my head
Full of festive cheer
A carrot for the deer
Lay eaten on the floor
And the glass I'd left for drinking
Was empty now for sure
The magic of that night
Had cast its spell above
And on this special morning
The world was wrapped in love
The magic of Christmas it does exist
Steve Nov 26
Harry and Larry
Both fancied Gary
But it was Barry
Gary would marry
In February
Partners in rhyme.
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