Steve Jan 4

There was a moll
From Interpol
Found often under cover
The ultimate deadly lover - lol
She could snap your neck
In half a sec
She could pierce your heart
With a poison dart
Or slit your throat
Under her coat
While pressing her breast
Into your chest
The warmest of lips
The softest of hips
But if you have what she's after
And you hear her feint laughter
Don't try to run
She carries a gun
Look into her eyes
And say your goodbyes
She always gets her way
And no matter what they say
She's the one that proves the rule
Nobody's fool
Never known to fail
More deadlier than the male
That is the moll who was the doll - from Interpol.

Steve Jan 3

Beauty is sin deep and
Built on a slippery slope.

Steve Dec 2017

I bought a magic carpet
Down at the Christmas Market
To carry me away
On the back of Santa's sleigh
It was my first Noël
Down at the south poël!
Working with the elves
Stocking all the shelves
Picking out toys
For all the girls and boys
Santa was a blast
And when Christmas came at last
I was lying in my bed
A stocking at my head
Full of festive cheer
A carrot for the deer
Lay eaten on the floor
And the glass I'd left for drinking
Was empty now for sure
The magic of the night
Had cast its spell above
And on this special morning
The world was wrapped in love

Merry Christmas everybody
Merry Christmas everyone
Peeping through the darkness
To see if he has come
You need only close your eyes
And make a little wish
The magic that is Christmas
Served up on a dish.

Squeezed in this side of the year...
Steve Dec 2017

I hear the rain
It's here to say
That's the old year
Washed away.

I hear the wind
It's here too
Blowing out the old times
Sucking in the new

I hear myself
Above the storm
Thinking of the dear ones
Arms that kept me warm

I hear your voice
You hear mine too
I'll take a glass
And drink to you

It's old years day
I hear me say
'For auld lang syne'
On Hogmanay

A toast for Hogmanay - Slanté
Steve Dec 2017

* Happy New Year to one and all from Scotland..

Here's to Yours
And Here's to Mine.
Here's to Those
Time's Left Behind.
Here's to the Noo
And Here's to the Morrow.
Here's to Joy
To Hell with Sorrow.

and it's Christmas variant..

Here's to Yours
And Here's to Mine.
Here's to Those
Time's Left Behind.
Here's to the Now
And Here's to Then.
And here's to the Star
O'er Bethlehem.*

Because it's that time of the year again :))
Steve Dec 2017

The day you were born
I was six years old.
Already at school
And it was my schooling
Or the lack of it, ultimately
That brought us together
Just 16 short years later

From the moment I saw your face
Witnessed you smile
Felt the shock of electricity
Behind those piercing eyes
I was then
And have been ever since
In your command

We shared the sunrise
We shared the blossom
We shared the fruit
And now as darkness falls
We share the night
Hands together
Eyes closed tight

Flashing images
Light up our minds
People and places
Objects and signs
Twice distilled all that we know
Hold on to each other
And never let go

Written for my wife of course on her birthday.
  Dec 2017 Steve

Dear Friends , this is an old poem of mine which was composed after I learnt that Richard Gere, one of my favourite Hollywood actors had become a Buddhist and believed in Zen Philosophy. So having read about Zen I composed this simple verse. Hope you like it. If you like it kindly re-post this poem. Thanks, - Raj.

                      ZEN PHILOSOPHY
With roots buried deep in soils of Ancient India,
And watered by the exotic blend of three different
Reflecting the mysticism of India, the pragmatism
of the Confucian mind, and the Taoist’s love of
naturalness and spontaneity,
Buddhism bloomed and blossomed into an exotic
flower called 'Zen Philosophy'!

In 475 AD a pupil of Buddha called Bodhidharma
went to China.
There the Mahayana School of Buddhism mingled
with Chinese Taoism, which evolved into Chan
'Chan ' derived from the Sanskrit  word 'dhyana',
which meant 'silent meditation',  -
Through which the Buddha attained enlightenment
and salvation!
Later, in 1200 AD this Chan philosophy travelled to
the shores of Japan,
Where 'Chan' got translated to 'Zen' by its many
followers and fans!
ZEN is the art of meditation to achieve inner awakening,
To gain intuitive knowledge, highlighting the inadequacy
of logical reasoning!
It therefore advocates the practice of 'Zazen' or 'sitting
For acquiring inner awakening through silent

ZEN could be practiced in our daily life,
Without entering a hermitage, leaving behind your
family or wife!
'Gain the naturalness of your original true nature',
-  preaches the Zen Teacher through meditation,
'Rather than through mere faith and devotion,
which is contrary to Zen notion.'
'One must awaken to this present moment to feel
this life,
And not waste time in speculations of an ‘elusive
The 'Enso' or the ‘circle’, is the Zen symbol which is
often deployed,
Symbolizing Enlightenment, Strength, the Universe,
and the Void!
With this 'expression of the moment ' the Zen Philosophy
And today the ‘Enso’ is also the symbol of Expressionist
Never ask the Zen Master 'What is Zen, When, or How? ' ,
For he will always tell you, - 'Zen Is The Instant Now'!
                                                      - Raj Nandy, New Delhi.

Mahayana in Sanskrit means 'Great Vehicle', and is the largest major tradition of Buddhism existing today. The other branch is called Hinayana, meaning the ‘Lesser Vehicle’.

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