Steve 2d

School is out
And I have no doubt
You'll find summer on your mind

But before you go
I want you to know
That when we say goodbye
This class room breathes a little sigh
All you learnt in here
Stays with you year on year
And if you wonder why
There’s a sparkle in my eye
I'm thinking as you grow
And all you come to know
I set you on the road
Like a seed I carefully sowed
I'll think of you in the times ahead
Please be careful where you tread
I'll wonder what will become of you?
Maybe there’ll be moments you think of me too?

Teacher's gone
And the year is done
Now let holidays bring jolly days.

My daughter, who teaches year ones, asked me to write a goodbye poem for her class. She changes school next year.
Steve 7d

Nature always takes the blame
God takes all the fame.

From another comment. But seriously he picks up all the glory and gets blamed for nothing.
Steve 7d

Good education in very important
But beer is more importanter.

From a comment.
Steve Jul 11

War is over if you want it
I heard a wise man say
Love ❤️ is the answer and you know it
As sure as night brings day.

And all he was saying;
Spread it around,
Like grass slowly swaying
Truth can be found
Not in a book
But wherever you look
Listen to your heart
That's where to start

War is over if you want it
A fact both plain and pure
All you need is Love ❤️
And you know that for sure.

A little homage to a hero of mine.
Steve Jul 8

An old man lives in a tree
He's sat there for eternity
He and the tree see all
Winter, spring, summer through fall

Leaves fill the air
With the breath that we share
Roots fill the ground
And the world turns around

Without ever leaving his tree
He sees all there is to see
In the time it takes you to blink
He's heard every thought that you think

Leaves fill the air
With the breath that we share
Roots fill the ground
And the world turns around

The Old Man closes his eyes
A wind in the tree softly sighs
The universe senses his pain
Then he opens his eyes once again.

Steve Jul 8

A stitch in time
Is a victimless crime
No, no need to call 9

Steve Jul 6

For one night only
We got him home, alone
For one night only
Dark voiced and fully grown

For one night only
His room came back to life
For one night only
Next day he'd take a wife

For one night only
Our son came back to stay
For one night only
The house was loud and gay

For one night only
We were mum and dad again
But for one night only
And now only memories remain.

Our son came to stay the night before his wedding.
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