Steve Oct 2
The laughter has all gone
Days have lost their shine
Twilight marches on
While time commits another crime

The nights are long and dark
Mornings far away
Voices pitched and stark
The skies are low and grey

My fingers clutch the earth
Like a tree past bearing fruit
Holding on for all it's worth
But withered at the root

The leaves are turning brown
Frosty fingers round my throat
Pour me poor me on the ground
Summer smiles while autumn comes to gloat.
A little rework for the fall.
Steve Sep 30
Witches  scared me as a kid
I went behind the couch and hid
Little did I ever know
Witches  knew where I would go
But they never tried to trap me there
Or even rock the rocking chair
Instead they’d wait until I slept
Then in my dreams with stealth they crept
And kept me in the depth of night
And preyed upon my fearful plight
Laughter ringing in my ears
Witches  feeding from my tears
And if I went to run away
It was like my feet were made of clay
‘Help me mum’ I’d try to shout
But I couldn’t make the sound come out
They’d strip me bare and burn my clothes
Cover my mouth, squeeze my nose
I’d plunge into a deeper sleep
Then in my soul I felt them creep
Cackling voices filled my head
I promised to do whatever they said.
Witches   scare me, they always did
And it never helped when I ran and hid.
I wasn’t keen on red indians either but I got over that!
Steve Sep 29
Falling leaves
Leaving trees
Autumn’s come
Summer’s done.
It’s that time of year again.
Steve Sep 15
Trying to find a quiet place to pee
Don’t want anyone seeing me
Bursting to go
Without making a show
When I found a secluded poetree.

A Poetree by SE
Steve Sep 9
What made Walter falter at the alter?
Rumours heard, suspicions stirred
That on her hen night in Gibraltar
Nelly met a tall pole vaulter
And when he showed her his equipment
She forgot about her commitment
She scaled that pole
Like a water vole
But never bent the bar
Like a sports mad superstar
The bridesmaids couldn’t halt her
And that’s why Walter faltered at the alter.

Walter by SE
New super improved version.
Steve Sep 1
What made Walter falter at the alter?
Rumours heard, suspicions stirred
That on her hen night in Gibraltar
Nelly mounted a Polish pole vaulter
Without bending the bar or removing his halter
Then when she slid down, well, they heard her in Malta.
This was version 1 I think I improved it with version 2 but I’m leaving it here out of respect for the people who liked and commented.
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