Enandin 41m


The laughter has all gone
Days have lost their shine
Twilight marches on
While time commits this crime

The nights are long and dark
Mornings far away
Voices pitched and stark
Skies are low and grey

My fingers clutch the earth
Like a tree which bears no fruit
Holding on for all their worth
But withered at the root

These leaves are turning brown
Frosty fingers round my throat
Pour me poor me in the ground
Some would smile while others gloat

Enandin 55m

Our Valerie
Spent her salary
Going to the gym
Working out
Till there's no doubt
Her arse was really slim
There goes Valerie
Not a spare calorie
All the boys would say
Look at that bum
As tight as a drum
And that would really make her day.

Enandin 1h

Billy Blank hardly drank
And he didn't shout or swear
The apple of his mothers eye
You could take him anywhere.

Enandin 1h

Katie Krisp
Had a lisp
And what was worse she stuttered
No one had a c-clue what she s-said
Or anything she u-uttered
But everything got f-fixed when a spider bit her bum
She never said another word cos the   f-fright struck her dumb.

(f-f-fangs spider :)

No  eye deer
Enandin 1h

Bollocks all around
Bollocks everywhere
Bollocks on the ground
Bollocks in the air

Bollocks in your words
Bollocks in your head
Bollocks to the birds
Bollocks till your dead

Bollocks fills the sea
Bollocks floods the plains
Bollocks in your tea
Bollocks blocks the drains

Bollocks for your dinner
Bollocks in the news
Bollocks to the sinner
Maybe bollocks blew his fuse.

A load of bollocks
Enandin 3h

Snails and slugs
Slobs and blobs
Slimy worm trails
Greasy globs
Stir it round in a stew
Eat it up, it's good for you.

Meaty eaters
Rest in peace
Swallow down
Yon mighty beast
Never look him in the eyes
But mix him up with salty fries.

I'm surrounded by vegetarians and nice animals.
Enandin 3h

There was a man
From Birmingham
Who knew the answer
Are we dancer
But what he said no one knows
Because he said it through his nose  
What a dummy some might say
But a Brummie sounds that way
I guess that's human after all
The world is big and we are small.

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