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Steve Jun 28
I’m a frail old tree
Gnarled and raw
Nobody looks up at me

Once tall and proud
I knew every passing cloud
And the birds in the air
And the badger in his lair

Lording over all I saw
Rooted to the ground
Impossible to ignore
Built to astound

Stretching my arms
Spreading my seed
Acorns hung like charms
Sprinkled on the ground they feed

Soon the forest grew
Fortified in the morning dew
Reaching far and wide
Sees me quiver with arboreal pride

Now these branches twist and bend
The trunk is hollow
All dynasties end
And new ones follow

There’s no grief
Nor relief
I’m as free as the birds
And I live on in these words

And in the heart of the wood
Centuries unfold
Life shifts as it should
It’s time to grow old.
Steve Jun 3
At a time on the planet
Where we hoped those that ran it
Cared for the hearts
Of the people that span it
We were left in despair
While we listen to their
Excuse for the fire
As they step back to fan it

And they scatter the dreams
Of the souls that they shatter
As we stand hand in hand
And chant black lives matter
While the fat cats get fatter
And fatter and fatter.

How will it end
If the love that we make
Is broken and battered
By the hate that they take?

Where will we go
Does anybody know?
Steve May 30
I see the ink’s run dry
But the words piled high
Search for a page

I remember her then
Not now and again
But always

Wiping sleep from my eye
Straightening my tie
Fussing about me

Your mother should know
But where did she go
Steve May 22
Time is for tides
And boating lake rides
It’s for boiling your eggs
And the swimming pool regs.
Time is spent in detention
Or paying attention
Or sitting a test
Or having a rest
Time is for departing
Not for outsmarting
A pie shaped chart
With nothing to impart
A dish served cold
That chimes when your old
It scrawls lines on your face
And flutters the flag
At the end of the race
But the best of time
Is when it’s all mine
No pressure on the day
No programme to display
No seconds tick away
No words left to say
A smile paints my face
The sun warms my skin
My mind’s lost in space
My heart’s deep within
A Disney ride
With three kids in my care
Bristling with pride
The wind in my hair
And come the time
When I’m
Just a thought
Caught in your throat
That’s how to think of me
Because that’s where I’ll be.
Lockdown, every day is a Sunday
Steve May 3
Have you ever looked
And had your breath taken away?
Have you ever watched
And your mind went to play?
Have you ever wished
And wished wishes would do?
Have you ever dreamt
And dreamt of her with you?
Did you ever think?
Could you ever have imagined
That you’d open your eyes one day
And see that it was true?
This is a reworked version of an older poem that I liked.
I think it flows a bit better now.
Steve Apr 9
How quick the change
How strangely strange
Life on earth
As we all know it
Finely balanced
Would a virus show it
Shows us all
All along
What some have often said
We dared to tread
But do we belong
The entire us
Are we the virus? 🦠
What fraction of bacteriology are we away from resetting the whole planet?
If one person contracts a truly deadly virus and infects 10 other people and this is repeated the world of people ends in less than 10 days. Many would argue that we are as deadly to the planet as such a virus would be to us.
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