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Steve May 12
Yes, here I am
In my 1955 model body
Sipping hot toddy
But on the inside nothing has changed
It’s all on the outside.

And there I go
Like the old man in a song
Shuffling along
Inside, nothing has changed
But, oh, the outside.

The years have passed
One on one
69 have gone
In the blink of an eye
But the changes you see, tell a lie.

SE      May 24
Does everyone of a certain age feel like this?
Steve Sep 2023
Is it in God we trust
Or are we stardust?

The answer my friend…
Steve Aug 2023
Demon’s lust for blood
Bathed in Dragon’s fire
Pixie’s dance in the forgotten wood
And Witches build a pyre

The Mermaid’s bubble laugh
A Unicorn’s fair grace
Werewolves wait along the path
And Vampire’s leave no trace

The Wizard’s wanton spell
In a Fairy ball of mist
A Goblin’s lair - at the gate to hell
That Angel’s can’t resist.
Steve Jul 2023
Pristine, sixteen and kean as the wind
She was twinned with a storm
The day she was born
And since I met her
Forty odd years have passed
Mostly for better, never for worse
Some things are built to last
And even after all the years
I can still hear her footsteps
Coming up those concrete stairs.
If I close my eyes, it’s like yesterday
Delivering the milk in the student block
Clink clanking away
I could set my clock.
She was from Camp Road on the Mayfield estate
Her dad’s yellow Datsun
Driving through the Abbey’s gate
To pick her up and take her home
“When do we meet him?”
She said he’d moan
“Like a rabbit in the headlight”
She said he said
As I shuffled away and headed for bed
Pernod and black on my wardrobe shelf
You’d let yourself in and help yourself
So self assured for one so young
I can still taste that Pernod on your tongue.
We just knew that we liked each other
Something inside told us that
From sweet innocence to a natural born mother
And you always looked good in a hat
Do you remember that first day
You came into my room?
It was the end of term
And you were the new broom!
How many times
Did you clean my window that day?
And we talked and we laughed
As we thought of things to say.
I couldn’t wait till September ended
And the college reopened
And our separation was suspended
Then I had to ask Beatie where you were
I still feel that little chill of despair
“She’s away tae Spain son”
“She’ll no be back till next week”
Oh how I breathed that sigh of relief
And counted the days till then
When I’d see you smiling again
And when you arrived, you wore the crown
Sparking eyes, electric skin
Golden brown, oh, where to begin?
I could only dream
Of wedding bells and perfume smells
Like the cat who got the cream.

Time and a word, that was right for me
Yes the moment that we knew
That what would be would always be.

Forty odd years, where did it go?
Imagine if we’d never met?
In a world I wouldn’t want to know
Heaven forbid.
But thank the fates that we did.
People and places all those old faces
Remember Rab and Ray, back in the day
Gorgeous guys, fun and wise
And Elaine and Jack, they had your back
Gorgeous gals, the best of pals
Then there was The Sun Inn
And The Bottom Shop
And the Justinlees
Where we drank a drop
- and shot the breeze.
Those were the days in so many ways
A world away
But doesn’t it seem just like yesterday?

The Cast:

Mr Reid, Gudreon and Anna
Mr Mitchel, Mr Mair
Mrs Hyde, Mrs Rowbottom
Ian MacDougal, Brian Baxter
Ron and Carol Iphofen
Dr Mary Ross, her mum and her dog
Paul Cockcroft and Dave Turner RIP
Alan Ducklin
Big John The Gardener, Both Dereks
Jimmy and Anne Deans
Lilies, Annie Gilmour, Shiela Stuart
Betty, Irene, Cathy and Dawn
Nessie, Agnes, Beaty,
Peggy, May and Lynne
And all my fellow students, where would I begin?
For the occasion of my 40th wedding anniversary
Steve Mar 2023
(Spoken affectionately)
I see the ink’s run dry
But the words piled high
Search for a page

I remember her then
Not now and again
But always

Ma’ shelter when it rains
The blood in ma’ veins

Wipin’ sleep from me eye
Straightenin’ me tie
Fussin’ about me

Your mother should know
Well where did she go?
Remembering her.
Steve Feb 2023
The flowers pass in waves
Waving as they go
Colours fit to burst
Petals pure as snow

The serenade of spring
The love new life will bring
Blossom on the trees
Fragrance on the breeze

While flowers pass in waves
Waving like they know
Colours fit to burst
Petals pure on show

The cavalcade of spring
When pigeons coo and sing
Heart strings stretched out tight
Each day’s a new delight.

(Plucking in the night ;)
Steve Feb 2023
Why do I say I love you
When you already know that I do?
Why do I need to say it out loud
When you already know that it’s true?

But it’s..

Funny, hearing those words, knowing, I like them more than you.


Sunny, that feeling I get, glowing, when you answer that you love me too.


I love you
And all of your many ways
And I’ll love you
Till the end of my needy wee days


What’s a poem for
If it doesn’t let me love you a little bit more
So while there’s words on this page
The thought cannot age.


I love you
In the bright focal light of the day
I love you
In the dark heady sleight of the night
I love you today
And in every way
Things that you do
Words that you say
Those looks that you give
The way that we live

I love you..
The fuller version..
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