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Steve May 12
From sixteen to sixty
And all the days in between
From a lassie then a lady
To the woman in my dream
From sketch book to painting
From wondering and waiting
To building and creating
With fireworks and gold plating
From all that you mean
To being my queen
From nowhere to forever
And all the days in between.
Later this year my wife turns 60! I've written this with that in mind.
Steve May 6
The flowers pass in waves
Waving as they go
Colours fit to burst
Petals pure as snow

The serenade of spring
The love new life will bring
Blossom on the trees
Fragrance on the breeze

While flowers pass in waves
Waving like they know
Colours fit to burst
Petals pure on show

The cavalcade of spring
When pigeons coo and sing
Heart strings stretched out tight
Tempestuous delight.
(Plucking through the night ;)
Hello poetry, hello everyone. Hope we are all looking forward.
Steve Feb 22
Snow drops, the chill stops
Crocus heads in flower beds
Daffodils, on window cills
Bluebells, hyacinth smells
Bird song, buzzing bees
Nights long, budding trees
Morning sun, having fun
Chocolate eggs, a hot cross bun
Cracking smiles, walking miles
Grasses grow, the seasons flow
Fall inter winter inter spring
Spring inter summer inter everything

Bluebells hyacinth smells
Rose hips, puckered lips
Lovers leap, chicks cheap
Blue skies, hover flies
Long day, children play
Far away, clouds build
Winds chilled, a leaf falls
Shivers grow tomorrow calls
Another day, so they say
Snowmen, dough boys
Tangerines, shiny toys
Wooly hats, purring cats

Logs burn, cogs turn
Fireplace, slower pace
Warm coats, sore throats
Dark nights, frost bites
Cosy bed, cuddle fed
Shoots form, rays warm
Bluebells and hyacinth smells
She sells sea shells
New page, old age
Tired out, can't shout
Lay down, don't frown
Go to sleep, not a peep

Love you, miss you
Goodbye now, kissed brow
Eyes closed, what's more
Star dust or God's law
Spring board, revolving door
Heartache, earthquake
Full swing, bells ring
A baby cries, wipe it's eyes
Deja Vu, coming through
Sun shines, better times
Lost or found, a merry go round
Of bluebells and hyacinth smells...
One inspired by yet another birthday - today!
  Sep 2019 Steve
Elle H
You’ve got me locked up in this cage
My mouth full of dirt, my heart full of rage
I’ve been beggin n’ pleadin, won’t you let me go
The veins so tight, they’re gonna blow
You pick me up, then push me down
Hold me under, until I drown
I don’t understand the reasons why
You clip my wings, then demand I fly
You’ve got me nailed to your cross
A load to carry, when I feel so lost
I never know which way to turn
You stoke my flame, then watch me burn
The fare you serve, so sticky sweet
You fill my plate, but won’t let me eat
You light a candle, just out of reach
Is there a lesson, you’re tryin’ to teach?
I don’t know why, you love these chains
Like a man on fire, a heart deranged
Bound and gagged, seems the only way
To keep your angry beasts at bay
I’m a prisoner of your wild desires
…Trapped inside a lustful fire
You want to have, but not to hold
I’ve never felt…a fire as cold
Baby, baby, why can’t you see
What this torment does to me
Don’t you feel the loss of my decay
I’m a broken sparrow, trapped in a cage
  Sep 2019 Steve
I am my own masterpiece
flawed and broken
but unique and irreplaceable.
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