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mja Feb 2015
I often envisage love
as snowflakes-

Each of us have it different
but it’s really just the same
with its imperfectly etched beauty
only few can comprehend

Its beauty can never be
expressed in words
or even a sliver
of what it’s worth

The snowflakes are piling up
and the shivers are ethereal
we don’t even realize
that it drives us delirious

The snowflakes keep piling up
but it doesn’t end here
it’ll drown us in its avalanche
and leave us gasping for air.

mja Feb 2015
I don’t think

I could ever forget

the twinkle in your eyes

whenever you talked about

your love for the stars

Or how we dreamt

about traipsing our way

into the distant galaxies

and naming them as ours

I love how we talked about the universe-

even though we’re worlds apart.

mja Feb 2015
When I view our love

in retrospect

all I can see is the lush

of roses-

the sunflowers are filled

with luminosity

and the fragrance drives me senseless.

But when I view our love

in this very moment

all I can see are thorns

in what were once roses-

all the sunflowers radiate

are darkness

and all I can smell

is the scent of


mja Feb 2015
I desperately

want to build a bridge but I

don’t want to cross it.

mja Feb 2015
I poem my way out of everything.

I disguise all the misery,
euphoria, contempt, and solitude
into the beautiful form
of poetry.

Losing myself
in the world of
twenty-six letters
is my enthralling form of

But no matter how many
sonnets, haikus, free-verses
or six-word stories
I do;

I could never

poem my way out of you.

mja Feb 2015
I broke three wine glasses this morning.

It was all your fault-
I was immersing myself
in bottles of numbness

when suddenly-

Your voice was ringing in my head your eyes were
staring right at me your fingers were touching my face your
eyelashes were tickling me your lips were curled up at the edges
your whispers of promises were in full volume your scent is driving
me insane your head was resting on my shoulder you are all I
see, hear, taste, touch, smell.

You were everywhere.

I broke three wine glasses this morning.

At the end of the day,
I’d have broken everything into a million pieces
and you’d find my house in ruins.

You’d find fragments of the moon
and pieces of the sun on
your way home.

I may break all the wine glasses,
the houses, the moon and the sun,
but it is still nothing compared to
how broken I am.

mja Feb 2015
When a single stone
falls on water,
the impact is far more
than we ever know.

It would create
astounding ripples
and the particles of water
would inevitably change
in direction.

I am not water
and you are not a stone.
But a single drop of your love
would ripple throughout my
entire soul.

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