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Now I tend to laugh at the pity parties I throw.
Its the same old routine,  the same old show.
I whine and I moan
from tenor key to baritone
The curtains close, I stand and applaud but I do not go.
Gotta stop inviting myself to these pity parties
Rhoemeoh May 2019
She smiles when he whispers "girl you are my Peace.
She never thinks to question it
because it make her feel accomplished.
She brags about this man like a mother
doting over her newborn baby.
Little did she know, she was just his Piece of ***.
Written 5/28/2019
No time to be a side piece.
L Perry Feb 2018
Once again I'm lost
     Big Billboard  Ronald McDonald
tells me to embrace summer but how
           with the air con in its death throes + baking tar breath.

              In the back with heat stroke + around

                       **** your seatbelt I'm decomposing

             Read too much Burroughs
             Read too much Fear and        
+ all I can think about are mistakes and exes
shine storm shadow heave sordid sky
beat your diamond rain and milk sweet
delirious black blue moaned symphony
drive woman drive rough skin delicate
run spring drunk light panting velvet
watch you play your sea on raw bed
live rust sun mad rose-tinted like moon
over lake
you have chocolate drool ache
mother I never did like those sad
arms all dressed in red and furious
but see no wild woman feels less
sit or go but let what is be is
eat one picture a day, smear languid
love with finger
flick you kind wand kazzoo away
and please whisper smooth scream
through apparatus from forest
lather you life white bubble like
use all ugly love as fertilizer then cry
bitterly and pour frantic sleep into
lazy garden moss soft as a pillow
upon sacrilegious world thought
swim water through silken sheets
and rock it fluff puppy
you are an enormous exquisite honey ship
lick it fresh juice sweet cream
rip your winter above want
and rave on brave pilgrim
rave on
train of thought ripping through bleak December storm......guideline for full heart ..keeping the vibration high in the midst of crazy world madness
Linkuya Nov 2017
Seventeen times I have walked - or stalked?
Eighteen times I have died - or tried?
Nineteen times I have bled - or said?
Twenty times I have fallen - still crestfallen?


Such a breathtaking and beautiful melody awaited me,
As I gracefully sailed to the magnificent shores of gold,
A splendid figure visiting me on this shimmering sea,
Singing sweet songs to me as I passed through this watery threshold-

Four times I have mutated - or castrated?
Two times I have killed - feel fulfilled?
Three times I have lied - or implied?
One time I have cried - or died?

Cedric Aug 2017
As I fell and gambled my life so faint,
I took a picture with my eyes closed shut.
A dark pit with colorful butterflies,
Seemingly glowing then disappearing.
I opened my eyes to a field of green,
Of doves' silhouettes that fell from the sky,
With beautiful flowerbeds bathed in red.
Calm and serene was this world of gray skies,
I was relieved as I found my solace.
Joyful red tears of my own woes and cries!
Visions of red turns to black as I laugh...
Numerous and vivid, were these scenes of paradise. Yet loneliness consumes me as I enjoy my own world of delusions as it fades to black...
Cedric Aug 2017
I tried to read and understand,
Concepts and rules, plain and bland.
I laughed and fell out of my chair,
Delirious and in despair!
Simple insanity is grand...
A limerick depicting overloaded minds and laughing at it.
BSeuss Nov 2015
its never to late
says the world to you.
what could be said of this now.
where do you stand, what would you do
if the truth had you in its sights.
soon in its scopes.
the cross-hairs of life do not discriminate.
this is how things happen

at the end of the day,
there is no mistaking what you feel.
No matter what you said, who you
said it to; when your alone, that's real.
Those are the moments that truly
define you.

Have you felt it
The brink of the breaking point.
The spine and heart of your pain.
Have you been there
The bottom. The absolute bottom.
For its so low, gravity itself could not go deeper.

And I've never felt so lost
in the dark of night.
I fought, till i crawled
but I lost the fight.
With God, we will go
so bold so bright.
You will never make me fall
in the cold of night.

Isn't the point of living to experience
isn't the point of remembering, to have experienced
Does reality have to be so delirious
isn't the best thing you can do for her is be ever so curious
Doesn't this planet just make you furious
Yet the only thing your doing is waking, thankful that your here again.
sometimes we wondered.
other times we just knew.
it wasn't a question
but it was somehow proven true.

exactly what she feels about you
is exactly what you feel about her.
wouldn't this be the perfect earth
but no.

there's puzzles to solve
riddles to crack.
ambitions that drive you
temptations that hold you back.

things that make you think
things that make you yield.
People that make you think
people that make you feel.

Your life may not be where you want it to be
but your much further than where you were at.
No matter how many times you lose a fight
rise back up to it.

Remember the days
when you couldn't say remember the days when
so young with not much going. just living innocent.
or so it seemed on the outside.
but at a closer peek, and a lift of a layer
you'll come to see there's still sin underneath
Will Rogers III Mar 2015
and the light of the
empty parking

casts shadows of
delirious days

thank God
there is light to
see the shadows
(originally accompanied with video of my shadow walking under lights) [composed on March 20, 2014]
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