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annh Dec 2021
A swamp cypress
******* at an orange while the rain falls


Tacky fingered and smelling of citrus
T-shirt front stained
Warm with juice,
I taste

‘When oranges came in, a curious proceeding was gone through. Miss Jenkyns did not like to cut the fruit, for, as she observed, the juice all ran out nobody knew where, ******* [only I think she used some more recondite word] was in fact the only way of enjoying oranges; but then there was the unpleasant association with a ceremony frequently gone through by little babies; and so, after dessert, in orange season, Miss Jenkyns and Miss Matty used to rise up, possess themselves each of an orange in silence, and withdraw to the privacy of their own rooms to indulge in ******* oranges.’
- Elizabeth Gaskell, Cranford
Black Petal Mar 2021
Among the Cypress
Portal to an untouched world
Where life reigns Supreme
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
I loved your cypress-eye from the old days,
And the glance who was shy from the old days.

Eyes of emerald were scratched by the world,
And I can't see its cry from the old days.

Your lips and voice remained the same delights,
Yet lack the smile and sigh from the old days.

The blush became white, the giggle a nod,
I don't get that reply from the old days.

The game of love has no rules anymore,
No coin, no card nor die from the old days.

Each thing from the past becomes desirous,
Both the truth and the lie from the old days.

Mâhî, lets get all our old friends back here,
Our own style lets apply from the old days.
my desire
thwarted Kition
by wharf
that pruned
their garnishes
and the
outing did
plait round
their Phoenicia
that Jezebel
lured bounty
with her
beauty and
Cypress lament
Alexander's army
that fought
war almighty!
trade war with cypress
Hasan Aspahani Jul 2017
THE cypress trees there translate
season into color.

A line of boulevards for guests like
me: a hungry one.

I may know what it is
they plan.

Splash and swish. Sweet. Ripples and
breezy. Lyrical.

After the song I used to remembered
and always wanted to hear.

I may know what it is
whispered the water to the wind.
Kon Grin Jun 2017
A cypress tree.
She lives in the shade;
She Radiates sounds
Voracious with fresh.
It conveys what my skin
never been
Exposed to. I'm green,
Much greener than slim
Of the evergreen shape.
Is it sinful to crave
For a nap at her lap
Or to merge
With the scent of her sweat?
mja Feb 2015
When I view our love

in retrospect

all I can see is the lush

of roses-

the sunflowers are filled

with luminosity

and the fragrance drives me senseless.

But when I view our love

in this very moment

all I can see are thorns

in what were once roses-

all the sunflowers radiate

are darkness

and all I can smell

is the scent of



— The End —