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mja Feb 2015
I desperately

want to build a bridge but I

don’t want to cross it.

Sydney Ann Feb 2015
My new favorite letter is M
Because it's your letter
I'll add in A,
Maybe even J
because those are yours too
I love them
They remind me of you
I love you
Sorry they pressure you
To  ask to be my Valentine
I wish you had said yes
So I could hear it from your lips
But you didn't,
your discomfort shows
that this matters to you.
I Think.
Good enough for me.
mja Feb 2015
When a single stone
falls on water,
the impact is far more
than we ever know.

It would create
astounding ripples
and the particles of water
would inevitably change
in direction.

I am not water
and you are not a stone.
But a single drop of your love
would ripple throughout my
entire soul.

mja Feb 2015
I don't understand
how hearts work
after they've been scathed
and shattered
over and over again

or how someone
who gives you strength
makes you weak in the knees.

I have often wondered
why people never get tired
of waiting for nothing

or how they pour
everything to someone
and leave none
for themselves

I don't think I could ever
understand the things
people do for love

or the things I do
for you.

mja Feb 2015
my mother told me
that I should take
great precaution
because some people die
of a broken heart

what she doesn't know
is I would choose
to die
in the most brutal
and grotesque ways possible
over and over again
just to have my heart
broken by

Don't tell her I said that.

mja Feb 2015
i fell in love with you
like fire

it was a flame at first
small and barely visible
but the warmth of its glow
replaced the crevices
where the darkness in my heart

then suddenly-
it was wildfire.
it was passionate
and obsessive
the flames were getting out of control
not only the crevices burned
but my heart in its entirety.

i was blinded
by the blaze of the inferno
and the pungent smell of smoke
and when my vision cleared
i was nothing more
than futile ashes
scattering in the grim wind

mja Feb 2015
how much
is the weight
of living

and why
is mine
so *******
mja Feb 2015
the scent of your lilac perfume
on my bedsheets
and the vestige of your footprints
in my room
are enough to
drive me

the twinkle of your laughter
across the street
and your whispers of
past and broken promises
are all i hear.

it's okay if you won't keep
your promises anymore
but please let me see
a glimpse of you
before you sail to another world-
another place and time.

wherever you are,
just don't forget me.


mja Feb 2015
why can't you see
the stars amidst the darkness
or the iridescence after the skies
spit fierce rain across the earth

the tranquility after death,
that split second of serenity
before a last breath is exhaled

the reverberation of laughter
amid the noisy street
or the familiar twinkle of lights
in the midst of overcrowded cities

why can't you see
the dewdrops atop marigolds
after a savage storm
or the picturesque lush of rose bushes
after cold winter nights

those awe-inspiring thoughts
that impinge you during sleepless hours
or the sunlight shining through your scars

open your eyes,
my dear,

for the world is as beautiful
as you.


— The End —