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Miranda Kramer May 2014
I look for little pieces of you in everyone. It's as if you died. And certain individuals seem to have consumed your ashes. And I find these people with the sole purpose to resurrect that feeling of being with you again. To feel alive.

The boy in my physics class who looks like you is the reason I hate mornings. It may not be the real you but I swear he took your laugh straight from our last phone call.

The story of Narcissus reminded me of all the times you got caught up in your own reflection and told me you were a god. You were my god. I worshipped you.

The boy I tried to like started using the same expressions as you and I suddenly wanted nothing to do with him. It wasn't his fault, most girls would love a guy who spoke to them like they were in the sixteenth century. Trust me, I did.

And I run from these people, maybe in hopes of forgetting you along the way. Maybe in hopes that I'll run right back into you. To hear you laugh again. And smile like the whole world ought to be taking your picture. And for you to say "How art thou?" But I know that the only thing I'm running away from, is the little piece of you that has become a part of me. I don't know how to escape you, and even if I did, I doubt that I would.

Miranda Kramer Apr 2014
Don't fall in love with a boy who loves himself more than a mother loves her newborn
Don't fall in love with a boy who compares himself to Alexander the Great (even though they both won every battle they had ever fought in)
Don't fall in love with a boy who would rather look in a mirror than stare into your eyes
Don't fall in love with a boy who had enough confidence to make Kanye look humble

Because he will never love you more (at all)
Because he will never use his greatness to climb mountains for you rather conquer you instead
Because your eyes only gave him a new source of reflection
Because no matter how much confidence he had, he will never use it to build you up

Broken girls cannot love secretly broken boys.
Tattered converse cannot stand next to Italian leather.

Despite being fostered by the same unknown force, insecurity and bravado cannot fall in love.
Miranda Kramer Apr 2014
I was anemic and you were O-. Life was draining from my eyes and you were my vital oasis. I needed you. You were right for me, right?

You were the universal donor to alleviate my sadness, and I accepted you without question. I let your blood consume my own. Because your blood was simultaneously filling me with oxygen, without you I couldn’t breathe. I needed you. You were right for me, right?

But for every drop of blood you contributed to my body, a new tear drop fell. Every drop of blood whispered a new insecurity. You filled me with your own self-doubt serving to emphasize my own. But not once did I wince at the pinch of the needle, or cringe at the sight of the IV. I needed you. You were right for me, right?

But so often times we fall for O- when we are AB+, because they feel right, because they seem perfect. And we fall because without those 6 quarts of blood we may cease to exist. We forget that our heart can beat alone without someone else’s name pumping through our veins. O- blood has common side-effects of insecurity and sadness that overpower the feeling of limited livelihood.

Wait for your AB+. It’s worth it. I promise.

  Apr 2014 Miranda Kramer
I've only been on this earth for 17 years
But already had the good honour of experiencing
evil and good from the youth of my peers

My precious vessel, you deserve nothing but the best
learn from my mistakes and make your life rest

One: The acne on your face does not determine how beautiful you as a person
Neither you're weight, height or stature. Your skin a shade of wonder, wear only the (dna) makeup of me and your father

Two: Your body is your temple, not a museum for those who want to feast on your flesh, for those dead eyes are shady and they want nothing less.

Three: Fall in love with everything around you, the stars, sky and moon. The sound of laughter, the rain drops too. Look from balconies and trees at the veins of the cities. And take pictures of people and weddings, savouring silver white memories.

Four: Make your own mistakes and learn. You are allowed to feel pain, there is still blood in you veins but don't let that sweep you away away away on dandelion heads

Five: Dearest, don't worry for a moment what they think; be prepared when they want to see you sink, respond with dimples, sunshine and light. For this is what makes the darkness strike

Six: Finally My girl love yourself, for all that you are and want to be; the music you love, the food you detest, those long family outings and that boy that you like best.

The list could go on and on with verse and song and book and word but Dear Daughter let this be the basis of your life. Carry it and write it on your flesh beating heart. For your flesh beating heart deserves life in it fullest.

©Rebekah Lazarus 2014
Just a draft, but a letter to my future daughter if I ever have one about how to survive life as a teen from a fellow teen. You never know in 10 years I may re- write this.
Miranda Kramer Apr 2014
It was the middle of December and you made sure to turn on your fan before you went to sleep.

It was the beginning of January and I suddenly understood why you kept your fan on as 'I love you' rolled out of your mouth like the smoke that loomed over Pompeii. You choking on your own words was a red flag. I guess the smoke was too thick for me to notice.

It was February and the lava began scorching my fingertips with each muffled 'I love you.’ Some people tried to run, I chose to melt to death.

It was March and I was hoping you were only cauterizing my wounds, protecting me from something more harmful. I was wrong. Nothing is more harmful than a natural disaster.

It was April and you had cremated me to ash. I realized your false ‘I love you’s were what caused the tectonic plates to shift.

It is May and I am still reminiscing on January.

In June I hope the fan in your room keeps you cool enough from the volcano that you are.

— The End —