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Gage B Aug 2018
You're in danger when you're far
You're safe when you're near

I beg you

Keep your arms safe around me
Pull me in
and I'll keep mine with you

Place your lips safely on mine
Feel true love
and I'll never break you

Leave your heart's safety to me
Please trust me
and I'll never leave you

I mean it

You're what I've always wanted
You are what I was made for
Things are getting hard, Lora. I want you to know that my feelings for you are the same as they were when I called you mine almost 3 years ago.
Gage B Apr 2018
My life resonates within the strings of A minor seventh
                                  A tone which gives me a purpose
                     And a chilling down my spine

As it echoes through my fingers
                          up my arms
                                           through my chest
                                                           ­  and into my heart
                                                I forget

At least, I really try to. It's been so long since I've touched a girl.
                                        I only remember
                                     how much I wanted
                         somebody to experience life with

How can you experience life
               with somebody whose life has already been
                              completely changed by people you've
                                                         never met?
                                     Each string pulls me in closer and closer
                          to complete each set of moves just as I lean in
                     and kiss you, ever so slightly.

                                           And the burning of
                         sensitive flesh, just as if it were the first time,
                             marks the fully fleshed out chord that rings
                         between our heartstrings until only the memory
                      of such a beautiful sound
                                             is left and
                                                     never forgotten.
Thank God I made it through such a tough time. I struggled and struggled within myself, and I pulled through. Of course, such is the same with other people my age and their relationships. Eh. I'm better now. I know now who's making the right choices, and who is left to blame.
Gage B Mar 2018
What if there was an alternate universe
where I would have known that
mistake would have been made
and avoided it?

What if there was an alternate universe
where I just didn't care at all
and that everything I am now
just never happened?

What if there was an alternate universe
where at every point in time
I was positioned
slightly to the left?
Hmm. Just some things I think about I guess. Interesting to me, but probably not to you lol
Gage B Feb 2018
I'm a reject and i know this because
everybody has that one person or
one group of people that
just isn't the same without each other.

But I
have never found such people

I wander, hopelessly hopeful
of making some conversation,
but I never have anything to talk about
because I can never be a part of their
life long enough to have anything
meaningful to mention

I'm a reject and i know this because
people i know are usually easily picked
out of a crowd. They are never left behind.
They are included.

But I
always enter the chatter midway

I pick up bits and pieces as I
come and go, like a vulture
for gossip and for information
because I am always the one to message first
and I am always the one to be mentioned last.
I'm nobody's first pick.

I'm a reject and i know this because
I can't just have one selection of people
to choose from. I acquaint myself with
everybody I meet.

But I hate it because
I feel like nobody, and nobody knows me.

                              ­        You
© Gage A. Brush 2018
Gage B Feb 2018
I've been told that I shouldn't compare myself to others
because it's not right and not good for myself.
But you know what, the truth is still the truth,
no matter how it should be looked at.

So I just wanted to come clean and say that I ******* hate you.
I wish that you didn't exist.
You act like a complete ***** whenever I see you.
You're fat. Your sense of humor is far below that of a 5 year old.
And somehow that ***** of a girl left me for you,
a complete ******* loser.

And don't you even dare about playing the "better man"
trying to make yourself look like the good guy, because
I'm the good guy. You're nothing.
And, yes. I'm mad because I wish I was you.
I would never want to be you, **** no.
Not the way you look right now.

I just wish that she still liked me, just like she likes you.

Maybe I'm the loser.
Maybe even though I wholeheartedly loved her, and I wanted the best for her, and tried to be there for her, I just wasn't good enough.

But maybe now I'm realizing something.

I ought to thank you.
Because you made me realize that my beautiful girl
Is just a ****.
So, in that case, you can have her.
She doesn't need me, so I don't need her.

******* Lora
And ******* too Chris
You both make me consider killing myself
in a sarcastically serious way.
Lora, you were so much better than this. What happened to you? Don't you dare put the blame on me, because there was so many ways we could have done things differently. But no, you complain way too much for me to even do anything and you are literally incapable of everything. I'm glad you were in my life so I can know who to not waste my time with.
Gage B Feb 2018
A slip
                        A stutter
I fell way deep          
          Into that trap
     my life once surrounded
     just as it surrounded me

i could not escape
until it no longer wanted me
and put me high high high up
Out of the temptation
Away from the attention

I so desperately wanted to just jump
Jump and fall until
I hit that sweet spot
Back into it's entrancing world
But with every step I took towards
Falling in
The farther away the ledge was
From my feet.

Sealing off
a world that I was
Accustomed to

And now
I think about recovering
And also
I think about slipping back in
I think that I will never learn
R.I.P 8/20/2015 - 11/10/2017
It was time well spent
Gage B Jan 2018
Sometimes i don't know what's worse...
The fact that she's gone
or the stupid reason why she left me
I really tried my best, but I got in the way of her many guy friends
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