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how would you address
if i wear this tight black dress
as dark as the nights
i might
spend with you
and might not

would you pay for me
at the restaurant?
thinking that you have already
won my sympathy
by this act of courting
hoping that i'll kiss you
on the first date
in addition

or will you blame me for my
female magic spells
because this is what tells
that i am just another
pragmatic *****
in a dress that made
your breath

tricked you into this act
like it's not
a well-known fact
that i went out with you
just because you
leave me alone
and i couldn't
defend my own
without my make up
nice smiles and black dress on

so how will you address me
after that?
it's an old piece. well, not really, from last year, but i never posted it
so here it goes
no kisses of mine are deep enough
no touches of mine are soft enough
no words of mine are sweet enough

as i am not him

not what you


wished for





not *enough
> do not step in the fairy rings
> the neatly circle like mushrooms will call you to
> the fairy folk will dance you away laughing
> take you where one century passes in a minute

> don't do it
> stay away from the too bright meadows
> in the too silent forests

he steps in each and every circle he can find

he steps in them and closes his eyes

when nothing happens he steps out
and sighs

*still the last one of my kind
he traded words for guns
and fell silent
armed and alarmed he goes

be aware
be afraid

he comes without a battle cry
sweetheart, sweetheart
here we come
from the hill nearby the river
we will take your first-born son
we will take and will deliver

sweetheart, sweetheart
close your eyes
he'll be taken to a palace
where nothing ends or dies
shines aurora borealis

sweetheart, sweetheart
here we are
singing songs of constellations
he will be our shining star
our blessing or damnation
tumbling down
into the darkness we fall

shall we open our eyes
for its jaws
to consume us

or has this void
as black as our hearts

already gotten
our souls too

lighting like
the thought strikes me

you are not gone
till you can wonder
about your further fall
oh honey please
tie my hands with the reddest silk
you can find

let it bleed
as i am unable to

darling please
don't stay with me here
in the darkest of nights

just let me breath
for a while

dear don't
don't you ever think
of saying those words

i'm afraid my heart will stop

as soon as they'll escape your mouth
as soon as the silk will loosen
as soon as the night will end

as soon as i fall in this love
as you did
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