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Send me a letter on cream linen stock,
written in cursive in handwriting fine.
With ink from a bottle, and a fountain pen sharp.
Seal it with wax and your signet ring’s sign.

Build me a desk of strong walnut and ebony,
filigreed with gold and with mother of pearl.
Joined without flaw, and with handles of iron,
and legs shaped like lion’s, each paw in a curl.

Roast some wild boar on a spit on a fire,
with figs and wild plums, some thyme and rosemary.
Tell me a tale of legends and heroes,
of magic and myths in the land known as Faerie.

Take me away from the plastic and gasoline.
Take me away from the tv and memes.
Let’s live somewhere else, anytime we can get away
from this place, doomed to darkness, to the truth in our dreams.
Pulse Apr 27
listen, my love, but don't follow.
question, but don't answer.
watch, but don't become enraptured.

for there is beauty and there is grace,
but danger follows closely.
for the folk most fair are crafty
and death comes swiftly after.

from the lilting call from the valleys green,
and the roaring whisper of the winds most proud—
to the steady murmur of the waters deep,
and the swaying song of forest fair.

spring has beckoned you my darling,
and it calls your name,
it beckons you forth—
into the woods with a softly glowing sun,
and curls it's vines and plants its roots behind you.

and forward now is warmth and light,
a cheery little tune.
a dance, a game, a riddle, a rhyme.
and the fair folk come for you.

so sight has cursed you my precious one,
and i've gifted you with knowledge.
should you choose to close your mind,
but keep your ears wide open.
then may your mind be steady and your feet be quick.

for the fair folk hate you leaving.
Journey of Days Nov 2017
the faerie is unwell
her sociopathic tendencies
are stamped in pretty, intricate, mosaics
across her wings
she backs herself in every game
and games everyone
careless regard for those she befriends
blaming others for her mistakes
even her shadow feels bullied and harassed

after rigorous analysis of observations and field notes now conclude that  faeries have personality disorders
Journey of Days Nov 2017
the faerie is unwell
his shadow drags him
regretting taking him to parties
due to the muttering and monologues
the fashionable goggles he insists on wearing
are dark and distort perception

after rigorous analysis of observations and field notes now conclude that  faeries have personality disorders.
Journey of Days Nov 2017
the faerie is unwell
sitting alone
schooling her blank stare
and feigning apathy
while her shadow
administers botox to her brow
in a game of darts by candle light.

after rigorous analysis of observations and field notes now conclude that  faeries have personality disorders.
Journey of Days Nov 2017
the faerie is unwell
irrationally suspicious of motives and voices
even poker games with his shadow
descend into  farce
wth accusations and malevolent glares

after rigorous analysis of observations and field notes now conclude that  faeries have personality disorders
> do not step in the fairy rings
> the neatly circle like mushrooms will call you to
> the fairy folk will dance you away laughing
> take you where one century passes in a minute

> don't do it
> stay away from the too bright meadows
> in the too silent forests

he steps in each and every circle he can find

he steps in them and closes his eyes

when nothing happens he steps out
and sighs

*still the last one of my kind
Maeve Hightower Sep 2017
Do not eat of Faerie food
And do not drink of Faerie wine
Or when you leave Faerie at last
The home you seek's no longer thine.

Do not step in Faerie rings
Do not enter the Faerie Mound
Or when rescue comes for thee
Your sanity will ne'er be found.

Do not lie to Faerie folk
And don't insult the Faerie Queen
Or for all of eternity
You and yours will not be seen.

Do not enter Faerie woods
And do not walk the Faerie trod
Or, though you come back to hearth,
Your heart will ne'er again be thawed.

Don't listen when Faeries sing
And ignore the Banshee wail
Or you will have the dubious fame
Of becoming a Faerie tale.

Do not look through Faerie stones
That you find on the Faerie ground
Or they will put out your eye
So you can't see when they're around.

Do not enter Faerieland
But if you do, don't leave the path
Or you'll be lost for ever more
In darkness where the monsters laugh.

Do not ask for Faerie help
If it comes take care how you pay
Some want clothes or milk for it
Some are insulted and betray.

Do not accept Faerie gold
From captured elf or leprechaun
For it will turn to moss and leaves
And when you look up they'll be gone.

Don't swim in the Faerie stream
Where nixies and kelpie play
Banshee wash dead men's ****** clothes
In that water, so stay away.

Do not believe what Faeries say
Though it's true that they cannot lie
They never say quite what they mean
Honestly they will truth deny.

Don't even taste Faerie repast
No goblin fruits from elven trees
They're addictive beyond belief
A wise man offered such food flees.

'Ware giving thanks for Faerie gifts
Though they save you from all pain
Or else you may be in their debt
And lose more than you stood to gain.

Beware lights off Faerie shores
And lanterns seen in wild bogs
For wisps will lead folks off of cliffs
And laugh as corpses float like logs.

And buy naught from Faerie markets
They sell goblin fruits, curses, lies
The price your dreams, your past, your soul
Your voice, the color of your eyes.
The Fair Folk have a thousand laws
That humans cannot understand
So if you want a happy life
Do not enter the faerie land.
sweetheart, sweetheart
here we come
from the hill nearby the river
we will take your first-born son
we will take and will deliver

sweetheart, sweetheart
close your eyes
he'll be taken to a palace
where nothing ends or dies
shines aurora borealis

sweetheart, sweetheart
here we are
singing songs of constellations
he will be our shining star
our blessing or damnation
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