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Arturo Hernandez Dec 2015
Carrizo, lamina,
Cemento, y varilla.
Mi casa
Su casa
Sus casas.
Te busco
Te deseo
Y no te encuentro.
y Recuerdos
Es donde te tengo.
Habla y dime,
Como esta
Mi pueblo.
Villa de Etla,
Arturo Hernandez Nov 2015
I want to wrap myself in this blanket,
The Fall breeze, good music,
And mellow atmosphere.
I want to drink tonight with a little bit or rain,
A sprinkle of stars, chilly wind,
And a piece of moon shine,
The traffic lights reflected on wet concrete
Bleeding red, speeding yellow,
And fleeting greens,
Lingering on my windshield.
I am not asleep,
But I am not awake either,
I'm doomed to linger
And wander through this season.
Arturo Hernandez Nov 2015
I build a road
And stacked up
Some stone.
The fireplace
Is ready for the
Both us, won't
You join me?
I have the softest
Of covers, and
The most comfortable
Pillows, love.

Baby, it's cold outside,
Won't you keep me warm?
I have been waiting too long.
Arturo Hernandez Nov 2015
I'm on my way
To the promised land,
The streets
I saw myself walking on.
Fall leaves clipping
On the sole of my shoes,
Fall leaves jumping
From my BMW's windshield.
I can taste the rain
That is now on the floor
From the night before
And I am daydreaming,
In that same street,
Breathing the crystals
In the air,
So soothing and sharp
At the same time.
I am leaving the house
I promised I would have,
I am going to enjoy
The rest of the day
Because God gave me
The weekend
To give him thanks
And rejoice
In all the glory
That he has made.
It's so beautiful,
I cannot wait.
I started walking,
I am on my way.
Arturo Hernandez Oct 2015
Brick, metal or stone,
A corbeled brick crown
Acts as a drip to create
Ambiance for heating a room -
Ancient fire pits
Vent smoke through open holes.

The best way to gauge
Is not, and never was,
Intended to heat the air.
One of two horizontal metal bars
opening in a hearth to sweep the ash.
Warmth on cold days and nights,
One of many flaws that I have found.

The inside is a metal piece
Reflecting heat into the room
With metal arms mounted on it,
Which swing and hold words above.

The sides of a heart
Has its opening near the throat.
Arturo Hernandez Oct 2015
The back bar is
elaborately decorated:
Etched glass, mirrors, and lights.
A set of shelves full of glasses,
bottles behind that counter.

An elegant bar focused
On wine rather
Than on beer or liquor,
Or so said your rose colored
Cheek bones.

I haven't been
Since the music
Stopped playing.
Arturo Hernandez Sep 2015
Brown eyed
God driven
Family matters
Devoted to art

Electric piano
Off beat guitar
Mercedes Car

High humidity
Cut grass

Quarter rounds
Day dreaming
Sleeping soundly
just words
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