adeline Jun 2017
Wandering around the streets in the city
Not even caring if I look *****
I must find you my lost love
Even if I beg from someone above

I went to the sea hoping that you'll be there
But birds flying around is all I can hear
In the seaside there's only your memories
And it's me walking alone with our untold stories

I tried to look for you in every people that you know
But each one of them said I must give up now
There must be a place where you are hiding
Therefore this journey has no ending

Your warm touch is all I can feel
From the words which I cannot tell
You once called me a keeper
And so I must bury our secrets deeper

You were here walking with me before
And in the night in my deep sleep I will hear you snore
But here am I now who got no one
And day by day dying alone
adeline Jun 2017
Loving you means taking the risks
But here's my oldself which I can't fix
Too many doubts and questions
Thinking that I'm just an option

This is the language of love
Teaching me how to be brave
To face all the consequences
And here am I who lost her sense

I am afraid of staying
Thinking that you'll be leaving
And will left me hanging
I say to you, I am afraid of loving
adeline Jun 2017

Each night she will hide inside
while blankly staring at the ceiling
a fake smile will paint on her face
and there flashbacks will start to appear
mixed emotions inside her
the feeling of being unwanted
will slowly destroy her heart again


Without even knowing tears will fall
trying to wipe it with a piece of cloth
yet it won't stop till she fall asleep
her sobs are becoming louder each night
trying to cover her mouth so one will know
that she's in pain and just pretending to be happy


Bucket of tears day by day
caused by the unknown pain
of loving unconditionally
yet got nothing in return but
pain, sorrow, despair and hatred
bucket of tears is what you gave to her
instead of embracing her onto your arms


To leave is all what she wanted
yet there's no more escape
she's inside a jar of memories
that you made together
but she's now left alone hanging
and only looking back at those
while you walked away
without even saying your final goodbye
adeline Jun 2017
Shall I compare thee to Winter days?
Who art lovely as a piece of poem
Thy skin as white as snow
Which I cannot compare thee to anything

The glowing candle in the table
Thy eyes who cannot forget
I say to you
Please remember me
adeline Jun 2017
Falling leaves as for I wish another day to live
From all the battles that I've fought with; will you consider me brave?
For what it is seen; this is not my home
Who were loved by many; trashed by some

As for I was once a sinner here on earth
Now a lost soul who is seeking for the truth
I say to you; thank you for the wisdom
From a disciple who aims to enter the divine Kingdom

Despite of this; I will arise
As an angel in disguise
Engulfed by the love
From the heaven above

As you bend your head
I am lying in cold and dead
adeline Jun 2017
You woke up again in a bright morning
Looking up at the ceiling while praying
Thinking of your purpose once again
And there you saw farmers busy harvesting the grains

Walking outside with the fresh air
You only smiled and kept on staring
To the beautiful creation of Him
Asking is it the start of going out of a dim?

There you saw the blue sky
And birds who's starting to fly
Every farmer that you saw paints a smile
And you clearly noticed it even from a mile

You started greeting them back
And a lady called you to give you some corn and a duck
She only smile and said “Cook that for you lunch”
And so you replied “Thank you for this brunch”

A blessed morning
For those people who are praying
Looking up above and still hoping
Thinking that without Him I would be nothing
adeline Jun 2017
I, who cannot count the slap that I recieved
From the people whom I decieved
I, the person who cannot be contented
Will now address this experience as something splendid

I am a cheater in the eyes of the judgementals
As for they see me as falling leaves and petals
Someone who will never be happy
And a person who only deserve pity

You called me heartless
But I told you I loved you when I confessed
You thought everything was fake
But it is the toxic which I can't even take

I know this is a sin as for I am unfaithful
The girl whom you called an angel
Is a person who has the tail of a devil
But this is only the start of secrets which I'm about to reveal
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