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noir Jan 2019
I remember when you had the one wing

<And I wish to forget>

I remember when you tried to fly

<And I feel so far down>

Why did you have to be this way?

<We could have been perfect together>

But you couldn’t love me

<Especially not you>

We were supposed to be free

<But not this way>

So this really is goodbye

<I’m sorry>

Don’t be


<insert static text>
another dialogue set, thing. I also wrote this one a while back.
noir Jan 2019
I feel like Ink

Ink soothes

Ink feels

Ink flows

Ink loves

I’m not ink

I’m so terribly far from being Ink

Are you Ink

Or are you just an actor

Either way

You’re beautiful

Enjoy your Ink’d days


<insert static text>
ok this is about ink. whether you believe me or not.
noir Jan 2019

So bright

Soaring above everything

Everything that I knew

And everything I didn’t

But those wings have been caught


And eventually


I remember how we cried

Asking why

Why this had to be ours

And the only answer we got

Was an echo of madness
I wrote this one a while back (like a week ago). I'm not sure what it was about, but I know I wrote it with like... no sleep so... enjoy!
noir Jan 2019
I forgot how to breathe

Left my thoughts in silence

Died to stay afloat


Being with you

Was the best thing to ever happen to me

But it was nothing more than me

Me banging my head against walls

Me bleeding static

This isn’t something that can be made to work

This is the end of me

Of us

<insert static text>
hey, you can't have ex's if you never date.
noir Jan 2019

Sink into me

Breathe me in

Breathe me out

Drink my skin

Love me

Hold me

Die with me


<insert static text>
a more desperate version of myself. sadly beautiful to watch
noir Jan 2019
I made another mask

I got too much blood on the last one

I promise to take better care of this one


To be honest

I’ve forgotten what I look like

Behind my collection

<Is that really such a bad thing?>

I don’t know

You tell me

<I can’t tell you what you are>

I am


i have no idea who i'm talking to but it feels like my conscience.
noir Dec 2018
“How’d you find me?”
- “I could never lose you!
Not even if I tried.”
“Ok let me rephrase that
Go away.”
- “No
You need me
Even if you don’t want to admit it.”
“I am broken and empty
There’s nothing for you here.”
- “I don’t need anything
I just need to have you.”
I don’t want to see you waste your time
Go find something new.”
- “I can set you free
Let me save you.”
“Being in love with me
Doesn’t it seem like a bad idea sometimes?”
- “It does
But that doesn’t matter
You’re too perfect for me to let go.”
“Did I ever tell you
How beautiful you are?”
- “You might have
But it wouldn’t hurt if you said it again.”
“You’re beautiful
And I love you.”
- “And I
Love you.”
it's weird this one. was supposed to be sweet and beautiful but it wound up being a mutual need for someone. not necessarily a bad thing just not really what i intended. hyphen queues second speaker and quotations queue first speaker
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