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Aaditya Sep 6
Know how it feels?
'tis impalpable, flows through I,
just like the clouds flow
thro' the blue sky.

Know how it seems?
'tis solid, visibly opaque,
just like the clouds above
in the blue sky's wake.
Know what it is?
'tis Love.
Aaditya Mar 14
You shall always.


the greatest factor ever


show how an irrational figure

means so much to everyone; nothing exists without you.
π: "Yes, I knew I might outdazzle"
Aaditya Apr 2015
A belittled heaven, I never am yearning at

It was impassable, like love

A long wait, and you stay beside

eager to hold, even razor's edge.
Aaditya Feb 19
Along the seashore, as he was

moving through the sands,
encountered this exquisite
shiny green demijohn, corked
snugly with a small piece of
an old, dry parchment in it.
getting excited, he pulled the
extra tight spile open. Taking

it out of the bottle, spreading
nicely the curled up paper, on

a dry space he could find, he

began reading the words scrawled
on it. The paper read, "Whomsoever,
this paper shall find, shall simply
throw it back into the sea. Humour."
lacking clarity, he did as was told
exactly. Bottled the message into the sea. a bottle
Aaditya Dec 2015
His last words he uttered
were heard by only him and
were subsequently written
not on paper
but the white wall
in red. His red.
Aaditya Feb 19
Life isn't fair.
So one can't always say,
everything happens for the best.
You never know what may come, but
expect the worst in life.
Stay positive and never
having regrets, is stupid.
Life will teach hard lessons, but
Sometimes it may get unbearable,
thinking it's time to quit.
It may sometimes help, to go on
But the utmost truth is,
Life is absolutely cruel, they say.
Life - yay or nay?
Aaditya Mar 7
You try to take control
that's when everything
out of control...
...about life.
Aaditya Mar 5
L    o    o    k
                         a    s
                                         i    f
                                         a    r    e
           o    f

B    e
               a    s          t    h    o    u    g    h
Aaditya Mar 9
Sea shells washing ashore,
struggling back to you, while
***** crawl sideways,
away from you, O majestic sea,
I bow down to thee.

The golden light of sunset
kissing my face fervently,
the smell of fishes is definitely
nugatory here, O majestic sea,
I bow down to thee.

The loud chatter of people
can be silenced by the sound
of your waves crashing and hitting
the shore, O majestic sea,
I bow down to thee.

The sands treating my feet softly,
the breeze sprinkling salty mist in my hair,
I close my eyes and I find solitude
with joy, O majestic sea,
I bow down to thee.
Aaditya Feb 18
Sitting behind you,
on a chilly winter day
defines happiness.
Or is it "defined"?
Aaditya Mar 11
Like I am from the inside.
Aaditya Feb 15
seeing sounds, hearing colours
feeling words, reading emotions
inhaling food, eating our breath
inebriated with turnt up notions.
I see us lead to a Catastrophic Chaos.

happiness gets overdosed
sorrow becomes the cure
pain is the only antidote
squalor the new pure.
I see you lead to a Catastrophic Chaos.

without a touch
arouses frisson
a fond memory lay
behind it as a reason.
I see myself lead to a Catastrophic Chaos.
either we go together, or we go separately
all roads lead to chaos and catastrophe
Aaditya Dec 2015
The little drop of water
hanging on a leaf above
the colony of ants on the ground.
A subtle manifestation of
an impending disorder that'll
turn their lives around.
Our love is thus alike,
in every way with the ants.
It doesn't matter to them what
hits them,
Life stays in a state of constance.
Aaditya Mar 6
'H-Cl' is in your belly.
'H-S-H' is very smelly.
'O=O' gas we need for life.
'Na' can be cut by knife.
and 'Cl' with 'Na' makes
Salt for mum for food she bakes.
'He' gas will rise up high,
and lifts balloons into the sky.
Gold and Silver make you glad,
as gifts from Mom and Dad.
You call magic a mystery,
for me its all Chemistry.
(from the archives... 10 years ago)
Aaditya Mar 13
Do you still love them
for what they are now too or
what they used to be?
Is the new update better?
Or did the old version bring more joy?
Aaditya Feb 15
of your
is now
than the
of your
about you
is like
to me
Aaditya Feb 19
will   be
there     to
make     sure
he's your   king,
to ***** your   life
and club seeds of
happiness for
his queen,
to reap
Dear V,
they're the shiny,
priceless seeds
that come from the
fruit of our destiny.
Aaditya Mar 26
we all die a little

to live
another day
Everyday brings us a day closer to death.
Aaditya Feb 28
Behind every
"How are you?"
There is always
"I miss you."

Behind every
"I'll see you."
There is always
"I love you."
Behind every
There is always
Aaditya Jul 3
Fingerpicking on my guitar
is my strongest suit, and yet
I am unable to recreate
the sound of your cackle.

Diverse rhythms, tunes all over,
wish to hear 'em all day, and yet
will never be able to remember
the variations in your laughter.

It makes me happy, I smile
while I look at you, and yet
you'll never know I am there,
as I am just another somebody.

I may even be a nobody right now,
extant but unimportant, and yet
I know someday, everyday I will
be treated with your melodious chuckle.
Aaditya Feb 24
                        may be a remedy,
                                                           I was hurt.

                                 may heal,
                                                     scars remain.
                           may fade away though,
                                                                            in time.
Aaditya Feb 17
Waking up from a sleep
to the sound of a
deafening silence.
Everything is visibly dark,
blackest of black
as black as black could be.
I can feel the floor beneath,
moving ahead, it's a tunnel.
A white dot discernible
suddenly at a distance.
With time, it grows bigger
and whiter like a light that
fills the view of your eye.
Immediately, everything
is white. White light.
I had died.
Aaditya Mar 12
It may seem like

you're burning away  all  your  worries

                                   that you feel lighter

and it just helps you escape depression


                          but continues to eat you,

                  darken, what was once pure;

and push you more

towards the point of no return.

Ask yourself.
Is it the best solution?
Is it really worth it?
Is this the help you need?

Some things should never be burned away.
(And some things can't be.)
                                              ( i)
(: : : (___s_a_d_n_e_s_s__(;;;;
Aaditya Dec 2015
So famished without
you here
I can eat a bullet
to suffice that hunger.
Aaditya Jun 24
Lost in this darkness,
took the wrong turn.
Was it a mistake I made,
or just an adventure?

An impending tribulation awaits,
unperturbedly I move on further.
Faith in my sense of direction,
the path is still benign, I tread.

Pitch black, I might even be blind,
Or maybe I am stupid instead.
To go through something like this,
Without even a remote assistance.

So I took my favourite jar out,
flying around in it, a whole swarm.
Lighting up everything ahead,
I can definitely not trip down.

I know where I am going,
I am being helped. But I think,
I take their freedom in turn,
That needs to change, now.

"Let this be my last adventure,
you have done great", I say.
I open the lid of the jar,
out came all the tiny light bulbs.

Fly away dear ones,
I owe you the most.
But I must go alone now,
The onus is mine to endure.

All of them got out,
out of the jar they went.
I knew I'd be left with none,
In the jar. With me. None...
Aaditya Mar 29
Love makes us a fool,
but wiser with experience
and thus, life goes on.
or does it?
Aaditya Sep 2
Fret not
for the cloudy sky hides
the beauty of the Sun
as it doesn't like to be
the centre of attention.

Fret not
the sombre mornings
that don't lighten up the day
as they simply save you
from excess light.

Fret not
for great beginnings may
raise your expectations
while a dreary dawn defines
the true nature of life.
Aaditya Feb 25
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Speech isn't hard
to understand
when you hear
what you expect.
Aaditya Dec 2015
A home, She has built
inside where she stays
With her life moves
mine. Hence I live.
Aaditya Mar 24
Everyday we see new people.
People walking around,
brushing past us.
We see them go.

Can't deny, at times a certain woman
in an amazing black dress
or one in a ***** outfit
catches more than just your attention.

One may say, somebody has got
a little crush on a stranger.
Seeing people together makes you
want to be with someone.

And then, you go home,
ready to sleep at night
playing a certain song
to help you sleep.

There she is,
in front of your eyes,
as always,
every time you close them,
she appears.

She never leaves your sight,
as she dwells there itself.
That face,
however far away, is crystal clear.
That face,
is all you ever need.

However long
you need to wait,
however hard
you need to work, to get her
and however far
she seems to be,
she will be yours, you'll see.

The face behind
"Wonderful Tonight",
I'll be waiting for you


I just

can't help


in love


Aaditya Feb 22
When I look at you,
my heart races like a galloping horse
Everything except you is a blur
and I feel like I had the strongest liquor.

When I talk to you,
classical music takes over my mind
The melody of your voice talking back
fills colours to everything white and black.

When I am around you,
the smell of jasmine fills the space
Time flows slowly just like honey
and the season of spring takes over within me.
I am far away from you,
But I can feel you. Here.
Aaditya Mar 1
When you stop seeing me,
There will not be darkness taking over,
The colours shall not fade away
And nights will also be as bright as my day.

When you stop talking to me,
Silence will not be dreaded at all,
Music will not stop flowing around me,
And the songs will always be there to give me company.

When you are gone,
I'll be alright and I will not be a mess.
Sadness won't be prominent and it won't feel heavy.
Stay happy wherever you are and just remember me.
I am there for you.
But I don't feel you anymore.
Aaditya Mar 14
Brick by brick you helped me make it.
In every brick, had all the love.
They stood strong together, quite high,
and soaring skies above.

So engrossed and lost, to realise
how quickly the time had flown,
because you had left by then,
as everything came crumbling down.
Aaditya Jun 28
My feelings are flowing down,
like how the water washes away
the dirt that stuck on you
after happily playing in the mud.

Oh rain, why have you come?
Go away and bring back the Sun.

My emotions are vaporizing,
like how the heat evaporates
the dew that forms
after a pleasant, chilly dawn.

Oh Sun, why do you glow?
Go away and bring me the snow.

New memories accumulate in me,
like how the white icy flakes
settle on you consistently
on a cold winter night.

I am done asking for change,
Rest is what I crave now.
Can nothing be constant here?
I wonder.

The Autumn shall tell,
when the leaf will wither,
turning brown and lifeless.
When it falls, peace will be there.
Aaditya May 24
It's been days since I woke up
to that soft breezy sunshine
falling over my face, lightening me up.
Her face welcoming with a smile.

Who knew, it would be the last,
the last time I gave rest to my eyes,
Slept like a baby that night,
as she had cuddled up my beside.  

Caffeine my dearest friend,
I hardly ever need you anymore,
Now I stay up, without your help,
Her memory has made me so.

My eyes, you'll see, are red now,
it's not the blood cells, but aether,
which hold the reality stone,
I see things that don't exist either.

I feel tired and worn out, but
Just can't seem to give it a rest,
I can't close my eyes now.
I'll see her in the complete darkness.
Aaditya Feb 23
The first rays of sun falling over
the pots kept on the windowsill
I can hear the flowers stretching
out after a nice, cosy sleepy fill.

"Good morning little ones", I wish
while watering them for the day,
I can sense them glee, "You too,
Mr. Nice Guy", I imagine them say.

Getting ready for a bath, I could feel
cold droplets of water splashing
over my body. My new soap
of lemongrass, smells refreshing.

The toaster tings with two pieces out,
And a bowl of milk with fruit loops.
Getting dressed for work, tying the tie,
Slipping the leather belt through the hoops.

A fresh pair of socks near my shoes,
so shiny, I could see my reflection,
I think I forgot to comb my hair, but
I am perfect with this imperfection.

Tap my car remote and it unlocks,
I sit in it comfortably, rev it up a little
Start driving on the road, straight on
but the distance seems abysmal.

It suddenly starts to darken in front,
The chills hitting me suddenly,
I wake up from my dream, still
in dark, feeling cold and in agony.
Aaditya Mar 3
A sweet song, fills the air,
brings magic in it, I can feel.
Don't need the Sandman, love
All I need is your voice singing.

A sweet melody, humming,
bringing in peace around me.
Don't need Jigglypuff, love
As you, yourself are one like it.

A sweet rhyme, you sing softly,
bring upon drowsiness in me.
Don't need nothing else, love
Just put me to sleep... last time.
Aaditya Feb 12
Some things you want to let go.
But it seems hard.
'cause they were happier times.

Some moments you can never regret.
Not worth a disregard.
Still be melodious rhymes.

You can't always be in heaven,
nor is it always hell.
The intersection's all you are in,
That's exactly where you dwell.

It's time to forget. Time to forgive.
To cherish. To really live.
Get going with life. Move on.
'cause after the dark of the night, there shall be dawn.
Aaditya Apr 2016
He bade his love goodbye.
"Goodbye, my love.", he said.
Aaditya Mar 10
Had our life go its way
Choices made so silly
It mattered not where we reach
We care is the journey.

Created it the way we like
Loved the way we had it paint
Blue grass and green skies
and we shall do it again.

Reminded by a 5 by 7
The photograph had us all
Tattered and uneven though
the memories stayed tall.
Aaditya Feb 20
Your bravery,
scares me.

Your being strong,
makes me weak.

Your confidence
demoralises me.

Your leaving away,
makes me stay.
But if you are happy, so shall I be.
Aaditya Feb 25
Daylight shines like the lustre on a gold bar
Temperature slowly increasing with time
Dawn occurs early now, the birds, they sing soon
"I get less time to be admired", cries the moon.

O Apollo, you rise and shine brilliantly ever so now,
From orange to yellow and slowly to white-ish
Spreading light all over the world to see
I admire the way you burn so brightly.

This time of the year, it is still not my favourite though,
The heat is unbearable and so is profuse sweating.
Now all that's left is to avoid getting tanned badly,
So it's either put sunscreen on or the Sun screen on me.

O dear lord of the Sun, please be merciful this time,
Show that you can still be a charm.
Bring your party of clouds always with you,
I have always loved Winters, I might love Summer too.
Aaditya Feb 21
Wish I could be numb towards inexistent feelings,

like catching air with bare hands, it is but tough.

My sensory neurons are ever active, sadly

I could feel you fading away from my life.

I stand here ossified, while you evanesce.
Aaditya Feb 20
Wonder how,
keys of black and white
can fill your life
with all kinds of colours.
Aaditya Dec 2015
In my hopes to see
you amidst the darkness
I care not to plummet
into the abyss
Cannot live otherwise,
the togetherness I miss.
Aaditya Feb 15
                    THE orange HUE OF SUNSET
       FILLED THE blue SKY
          FILLS THE black VOID OF MY EYE.
The palette needs more colours.
Aaditya Mar 21
Whatever that exists here,
seemed to me as mediocrity
until you stood in front of me.

You reflect all sober elements
into the colours of spectrum
like a prismatic medium.

Shades of red, depicted love
The colour blue, warmth
Lilac, was definitely a charm.

*****, we associated yellow,
Purity was showed by green
And orange remained serene.

Slowly everything became gray,
The blackness taking over us,
White light turning to dust.

Where did you go, I need you
My life seems colorless now,
Happy am I? Tell me how!
to the colours of our life
Aaditya Sep 3
Isn't it rather odd, that we
choose to notice
the less obvious things,
rather than what is beauty.

Clouds spread across
the vibrant blue sky,
hiding the Sun and shading the light,
feels dark as though it's a loss.

Seldom do we realise
the silver lining that shows up,
exquisitely collected together, but
only to the eyes of a wise.

Then there are those rocky roads,
creating hesitations in all of us,
"Walk on it? No way."
"Clearly, Danger, is what it bodes."

Seldom do we realise
the endurance they edify,
needs tries to understand, but
only to the eyes of the wise.

Hear ye, also the crashing waves,
treacherously beguiling,
taking away whatever they touch
instilling fear even in knaves.

Seldom do we realise
their nature indoctrinates
the lessons of fortitude, but
only to the eyes of the wise.

Isn't it rather odd, that we
choose not to notice,
the more obvious things,
which is what is beauty.
Aaditya Mar 14
Your cherry coloured lips used to
bring the coral blush on my cheeks.
But now it boils my crimson within,
leaving my face all scarlet with rage.

You were the apple of my eye,
as precious as ruby to me.
But now, wine and water seem the same,
and jam never tastes as sweet.
What changed, dear Rose?
Why have you faded?
Aaditya Dec 2015
Walking through the dark alley
only lit by the moonlight, I
saw her radiant face, so shiny
and suspiciously elegant.
Her figure, it
filled every emotion
with lust
those lips she bit,
with an ulterior notion
I guess.
Slowly walked towards her
those bright lips
seemed to light up the way
but her face now seemed to fade
Where once stood she
now stood a wall, my
hands frantically trying to find
where went the woman of mystery,
of her there remains no sign.
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