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942 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
The first rays of sun falling over
the pots kept on the windowsill
I can hear the flowers stretching
out after a nice, cosy sleepy fill.

"Good morning little ones", I wish
while watering them for the day,
I can sense them glee, "You too,
Mr. Nice Guy", I imagine them say.

Getting ready for a bath, I could feel
cold droplets of water splashing
over my body. My new soap
of lemongrass, smells refreshing.

The toaster tings with two pieces out,
And a bowl of milk with fruit loops.
Getting dressed for work, tying the tie,
Slipping the leather belt through the hoops.

A fresh pair of socks near my shoes,
so shiny, I could see my reflection,
I think I forgot to comb my hair, but
I am perfect with this imperfection.

Tap my car remote and it unlocks,
I sit in it comfortably, rev it up a little
Start driving on the road, straight on
but the distance seems abysmal.

It suddenly starts to darken in front,
The chills hitting me suddenly,
I wake up from my dream, still
in dark, feeling cold and in agony.
589 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
Behind every
"How are you?"
There is always
"I miss you."

Behind every
"I'll see you."
There is always
"I love you."
Behind every
There is always
529 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Whatever that exists here,
seemed to me as mediocrity
until you stood in front of me.

You reflect all sober elements
into the colours of spectrum
like a prismatic medium.

Shades of red, depicted love
The colour blue, warmth
Lilac, was definitely a charm.

*****, we associated yellow,
Purity was showed by green
And orange remained serene.

Slowly everything became gray,
The blackness taking over us,
White light turning to dust.

Where did you go, I need you
My life seems colorless now,
Happy am I? Tell me how!
to the colours of our life
431 · Feb 2019
What the Puke?
Aaditya Feb 2019
"Doctor Doctor, help me please!"
squealed Vince little hurtfully.
"What is it?", asked the doctor,
"Why have you come to me?"

"Dr. Lee, I think I swallowed
a little thing I remember not."
in a sheepish tone did he reply,
the only excuse he had got.

"Now now," consoled the doctor
while softly rubbing his back,
"it would help you ease out a bit,
first get rid of your anorak."

"Open your mouth, need to check
it may be removed ******." he said.
To ease the pain he thought something
"Lay your head down on the bed".

Using a flashlight he peeked into
the throat of little Vince Susie.
"It looks like some blue coloured piece.
Now you remember what it could be?"

"Actually," started Vince, "I know what
I had swallowed. It is a Lego brick."
"What?" gasped the Doctor in horror,
"Are you choking?" asked with a crick.

"No, I am serious." Vince replied
stupidly. The doctor couldn't control
his smile. "You need to **** now,
need to get that out as a whole."

"Doctor? Why you cursing me?" queried
Vince, as he thought the Doctor swore.
Doctor clarified he did not,
"Kid, other work to do, I have a lot more."

Gave him a brine solution
and a bucket to puke into
Vince drank the brine with a glug
And now he needed a tissue.

Swallowed the piece, painfully so,
but out came rushing his *****,
pouring into the bucket
Lego brick shot like a comet.

"Thank you doctor, you were most
kind." said Vince thankfully so,
"But now I must be excused, as
it definitely is my time to go."

"Wait up!" stopped Dr. Lee, "Who's
gonna pay your fees, dear lad?"
"I don't think I need to pay, as
My mom says you are my dad."

-awkward silence-
348 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Like I am from the inside.
344 · Jun 2019
Aaditya Jun 2019
Nights seem lighter with you,
Evenings more golden.
Have mornings been the best?
Afternoons are chillier now.

Doesn't this feel great?
Around you, it definitely does.
Sun rises and sets with you.
335 · Jun 2016
The forgotten promise
Aaditya Jun 2016
There she stood
with a hope in her mind
           but all that she did
      was walk away cryin'
He simply never showed
         up as she waited on
       'cause he had passed
       at the break of dawn
325 · Dec 2015
sleep tight
Aaditya Dec 2015
a soft wet kiss
a warm cosy hug
on a chilly winter night
right by her side
good night
sleep tight
wake up bright
in the morning light
to do what is right
with all our might
good night
316 · Apr 2015
A Bitty Batty You
Aaditya Apr 2015
A belittled heaven, I never am yearning at

It was impassable, like love

A long wait, and you stay beside

eager to hold, even razor's edge.
301 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Your cherry coloured lips used to
bring the coral blush on my cheeks.
But now it boils my crimson within,
leaving my face all scarlet with rage.

You were the apple of my eye,
as precious as ruby to me.
But now, wine and water seem the same,
and jam never tastes as sweet.
What changed, dear Rose?
Why have you faded?
266 · Feb 2019
Deceptive Cadence
Aaditya Feb 2019
of your
is now
than the
of your
about you
is like
to me
250 · Mar 2019
Fags of Pain
Aaditya Mar 2019
It may seem like

you're burning away  all  your  worries

                                   that you feel lighter

and it just helps you escape depression


                          but continues to eat you,

                  darken, what was once pure;

and push you more

towards the point of no return.

Ask yourself.
Is it the best solution?
Is it really worth it?
Is this the help you need?

Some things should never be burned away.
(And some things can't be.)
                                              ( i)
(: : : (___s_a_d_n_e_s_s__(;;;;
245 · Aug 2015
You 50w
Aaditya Aug 2015
I will be the first one
to tell you about
Your grey hair,
I will be the one
to notice that first wrinkle
on Your cheeks,
I will give You
the last tooth that
will fall from my mouth,
I will be there
with You
when I breathe my last.
I will always be there with You.
235 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
My smiling face constantly cries,

People have given a million tries,

nobody could. But can she?
223 · Feb 2019
Bike ride
Aaditya Feb 2019
Sitting behind you,
on a chilly winter day
defines happiness.
Or is it "defined"?
221 · Dec 2015
Aaditya Dec 2015
So famished without
you here
I can eat a bullet
to suffice that hunger.
220 · Mar 2019
Foolish Wisdom
Aaditya Mar 2019
Love makes us a fool,
but wiser with experience
and thus, life goes on.
or does it?
216 · Dec 2015
Sweaty Palms 10w
Aaditya Dec 2015
Will you still
hold them and
never let me go?
215 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Old romantic music
              reminds me
                                         the memories
that had been.

                                         But why does
New romantic music
                  remind me
For the memories that could have been.
201 · Mar 2019
die another day
Aaditya Mar 2019
we all die a little

to live
another day
Everyday brings us a day closer to death.
192 · Dec 2015
Red Lipstick
Aaditya Dec 2015
Walking through the dark alley
only lit by the moonlight, I
saw her radiant face, so shiny
and suspiciously elegant.
Her figure, it
filled every emotion
with lust
those lips she bit,
with an ulterior notion
I guess.
Slowly walked towards her
those bright lips
seemed to light up the way
but her face now seemed to fade
Where once stood she
now stood a wall, my
hands frantically trying to find
where went the woman of mystery,
of her there remains no sign.
190 · Apr 2016
Narrative Speech 5w
Aaditya Apr 2016
He bade his love goodbye.
"Goodbye, my love.", he said.
185 · Jul 2019
Why the Dilemma?
Aaditya Jul 2019
The moment I address it,
I bridge the gap.
The moment I bridge the gap,
I am scared that it might collapse.
185 · Dec 2015
Aaditya Dec 2015
The little drop of water
hanging on a leaf above
the colony of ants on the ground.
A subtle manifestation of
an impending disorder that'll
turn their lives around.
Our love is thus alike,
in every way with the ants.
It doesn't matter to them what
hits them,
Life stays in a state of constance.
181 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
What does a loser got to lose?

You hit rock bottom
and the only direction left to go is...
170 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
Bags packed, got my hat, laces tied,
"Did you get your shades, honey?"
She said she wants to travel with me.
So I asked where, and she replied,
"Don't ask where, ask me WHEN."
"Back to our first meeting, then
change nothing
relive everything".
The best part of my journey, has been you.
169 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
A sweet song, fills the air,
brings magic in it, I can feel.
Don't need the Sandman, love
All I need is your voice singing.

A sweet melody, humming,
bringing in peace around me.
Don't need Jigglypuff, love
As you, yourself are one like it.

A sweet rhyme, you sing softly,
bring upon drowsiness in me.
Don't need nothing else, love
Just put me to sleep... last time.
Aaditya Jul 2019
वो हसीन चेहरा, तड़पता है मन देखने को,
मुस्कुराती हो तुम जब, घायल कर देती हो।
पलके झपकाती तुम धीरे से या धीरे हुआ समय
पता नहीं हकीकत क्या है, खो गए हैं हम।

तुम्हारे मीठे लफ़्ज़ों का रहता इंतज़ार हमें
वक्त से पूछते हम, कब सुनने को मिले।
आरज़ू है मन में कई ज़्यादा, पड़ता ना फर्क
दिल में बस रहती हो तुम, दिल में बसती हो तुम।

फिदा हैं हम तुम्हारे हर करनी के,
बता ना सके हम कभी विस्तार से।
नासमझ तो हम हैं ही, सच है ये,
पर तुम ना समझी इशारों को हमारे।
169 · Jan 2016
Aaditya Jan 2016
The silence between us can be loud enough to disturb the peace.
165 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
The ride had ups and downs,
Rockiness on the way.
But overall it had been smooth,
Nothing bad was there to say.

Although the path seemed linear,
Motion was spiralling about.
There came a sudden void
Which promptly ****** me out.

A completely different universe,
Filthy beautiful to feel.
More venturesome than before
To me, definitely did appeal.

Wild by nature,
by aura serene,
Tougher on the outside,
Softer within.

This new place had it all,
Tears of joy, glee of pain,
All the seasons at once,
Sunshine, snow and rain.

Countless days went by
Away from my actual path.
Lost in this exquisite journey,
Unbeknownst of the aftermath.

Could still see the old spiral
Mending away its route,
Changing its course with time
Becoming a thing of beaut.

Didn't really matter though,
was happier in there,
But there was a sudden ******
Pushed me out, out of nowhere.

Back to reality, a kosher one,
The path straighter than ever.
Yet the nostalgia kept hitting
Of the ties that did sever.

After all it was a vortex,
Taught me how to survive.
All I wished, it be the dimension,
Where I shall always thrive...
165 · Feb 2019
Ode to Summer
Aaditya Feb 2019
Daylight shines like the lustre on a gold bar
Temperature slowly increasing with time
Dawn occurs early now, the birds, they sing soon
"I get less time to be admired", cries the moon.

O Apollo, you rise and shine brilliantly ever so now,
From orange to yellow and slowly to white-ish
Spreading light all over the world to see
I admire the way you burn so brightly.

This time of the year, it is still not my favourite though,
The heat is unbearable and so is profuse sweating.
Now all that's left is to avoid getting tanned badly,
So it's either put sunscreen on or the Sun screen on me.

O dear lord of the Sun, please be merciful this time,
Show that you can still be a charm.
Bring your party of clouds always with you,
I have always loved Winters, I might love Summer too.
163 · Dec 2015
Heart to reside
Aaditya Dec 2015
A home, She has built
inside where she stays
With her life moves
mine. Hence I live.
161 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
Wish I could be numb towards inexistent feelings,

like catching air with bare hands, it is but tough.

My sensory neurons are ever active, sadly

I could feel you fading away from my life.

I stand here ossified, while you evanesce.
151 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
Waking up from a sleep
to the sound of a
deafening silence.
Everything is visibly dark,
blackest of black
as black as black could be.
I can feel the floor beneath,
moving ahead, it's a tunnel.
A white dot discernible
suddenly at a distance.
With time, it grows bigger
and whiter like a light that
fills the view of your eye.
Immediately, everything
is white. White light.
I had died.
148 · Dec 2015
Aaditya Dec 2015
In my hopes to see
you amidst the darkness
I care not to plummet
into the abyss
Cannot live otherwise,
the togetherness I miss.
146 · Feb 2019
Catastrophic Chaos
Aaditya Feb 2019
seeing sounds, hearing colours
feeling words, reading emotions
inhaling food, eating our breath
inebriated with turnt up notions.
I see us lead to a Catastrophic Chaos.

happiness gets overdosed
sorrow becomes the cure
pain is the only antidote
squalor the new pure.
I see you lead to a Catastrophic Chaos.

without a touch
arouses frisson
a fond memory lay
behind it as a reason.
I see myself lead to a Catastrophic Chaos.
either we go together, or we go separately
all roads lead to chaos and catastrophe
138 · Feb 2019
polychromatic vision
Aaditya Feb 2019
                    THE orange HUE OF SUNSET
       FILLED THE blue SKY
          FILLS THE black VOID OF MY EYE.
The palette needs more colours.
134 · Mar 2019
Time is Relative
Aaditya Mar 2019

Flows too fast
with you.

Flows too slow
without you.
But will it stop too?
134 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Me onto
this wonder.
And I began my
exercise, but now
I feel so helpless as I
am stuck in the moment.
Walking and running to you,
but am never gonna reach you;
Yet I still continue to sweat it out...
...but I am exhausted now. I want to stop.
132 · Jul 2019
The Undesirable Barter
Aaditya Jul 2019
Wanting everything else
That we never had,
We tend to lose everything
That we always had.
Life works in mysterious yet predictable ways, even if it may not be something we are fond of most times. It's hard to accept it rarely but we are told to do exactly that. And we do, accept things the way they occur and go with the flow; most logical decision.
What if we try to swim against the tide? Just push our limits to reach places people never expect us to?
We may be pushed back, unable to steer the direction as well.
It's better to give in, and try to manoeuvre ourselves as much as we can, than lose all control trying to be the hero.
126 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
Wonder how,
keys of black and white
can fill your life
with all kinds of colours.
121 · Mar 2019
Veil Jousted
Aaditya Mar 2019
Heavens Even Yearned
Voraciously, In Jubilance A Year Arrived,
Loosening Our Veil; Eradiating,
Yapping On Unwittingly.
118 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
A beacon of light, showed the path ahead
Then it got hotter, and burned me away.
118 · Feb 2019
The Two Men in Her Life
Aaditya Feb 2019
She's never not happy.
Everything needed has she.
An extremely loving guy
with sharp features and
looks that'd make anyone jealous.

Practitioner of law, has a
permanent job, wears suits,
every woman wants him, but
she is the only girl he loves.

But she has another one
who also has her heart won.
Loves as much as the other,
a chubby bag of warmth
and a heart as big as he is.

A part time musician, an
enthusiast of sports.
Always by her side, and
he's at her beck and call.

Love her like anything, both
of them do. See her growth
is all that matters to them
and they leave no stone
unturned to make sure she
loves them back for what they are.

Yes she loves two men and she
won't choose one over the other,
'cause she loves them as much
as they love each other equally,
As one's her Dad, other's her Daddy.
Inspired by a popular American Sitcom.
118 · Dec 2015
A Note
Aaditya Dec 2015
His last words he uttered
were heard by only him and
were subsequently written
not on paper
but the white wall
in red. His red.
117 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
                        may be a remedy,
                                                           I was hurt.

                                 may heal,
                                                     scars remain.
                           may fade away though,
                                                                            in time.
115 · Nov 2019
The Ossified Blossom
Aaditya Nov 2019
I shall flower, but I ain't alive,
I shall rouse, but I won't revive.
Eons pass and I'll not change,
color me please,
red, yellow, or even orange.
Fill me please,
with the colours of life.
I wish to bloom,
rid me this gloom.
108 · Sep 2019
'tis what it is
Aaditya Sep 2019
Know how it feels?
'tis impalpable, flows through I,
just like the clouds flow
thro' the blue sky.

Know how it seems?
'tis solid, visibly opaque,
just like the clouds above
in the blue sky's wake.
Know what it is?
'tis Love.
107 · Mar 2019
Sticky Palms 10w
Aaditya Mar 2019
Let go of me,

                         will still be stuck to you.
You can let me go love,
it won't trouble us
I promise.
A lot of things shall
remain the same
from before,
only one thing would
105 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
The silhouette eclipsed
the sunset
but the reflection
gave away your shine.
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