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Aaditya Dec 2015
Walking through the dark alley
only lit by the moonlight, I
saw her radiant face, so shiny
and suspiciously elegant.
Her figure, it
filled every emotion
with lust
those lips she bit,
with an ulterior notion
I guess.
Slowly walked towards her
those bright lips
seemed to light up the way
but her face now seemed to fade
Where once stood she
now stood a wall, my
hands frantically trying to find
where went the woman of mystery,
of her there remains no sign.
Aaditya Feb 17
Letting you go was unwise.
Wish I could take back now.
Wilting spring and summer snow,
the whole world's upside down.

An aftermath of contrition,
seemingly an endless pain.
Yearning for happiness, like
seeking rainbows without rain.
I know not,
what to do next,
Can't stop myself,
from calling or text.
Aaditya Mar 3
Old romantic music
              reminds me
                                         the memories
that had been.

                                         But why does
New romantic music
                  remind me
For the memories that could have been.
Aaditya Feb 28
Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I come closer to you

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I know I am not the same

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I know I leave something behind

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I lose a second of my life

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I come closer to death.

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I... was.
Running (out of) time.
Aaditya Mar 15
My smiling face constantly cries,

People have given a million tries,

nobody could. But can she?
Aaditya Jan 2016
The silence between us can be loud enough to disturb the peace.
Aaditya Feb 27
The silhouette eclipsed
the sunset
but the reflection
gave away your shine.
Aaditya Dec 2015
a soft wet kiss
a warm cosy hug
on a chilly winter night
right by her side
good night
sleep tight
wake up bright
in the morning light
to do what is right
with all our might
good night
Aaditya Feb 19
An argument ensued
between the two people
who knew each other
better than anyone else.

Every point put forth, made
more sense than the other's
No one was wrong, but
both weren't right either.

How was one supposed to
come to a conclusion now?
Hardly anyone realised, that
all that mattered was to talk it out.

The more they conversed,
the clearer the picture seemed.
The right choice made eventually,
there couldn't be a better team.
You always need someone
to talk to, that someone is
always there with you.
For you, in you.
Aaditya Feb 22
There's more music
in white noise
than the sound
of your voice
Dynamic Change.
Aaditya Mar 23
Let go of me,

                         will still be stuck to you.
You can let me go love,
it won't trouble us
I promise.
A lot of things shall
remain the same
from before,
only one thing would
Aaditya Jun 16
The sands of time keep falling like rain
drowning me in their dunes, hot and arid
Like a worn out traveller I yearn for water
Thirsty, from wandering aimlessly.

It seems like darkness is taking over,
Expectations arise with time,
In turn inundates me further,
Needing someone to keep me afloat.

It's a foreign land, I thought,
So much struggle to stay alive.
Never realised when I got here,
But home it has been, all this while.

Things have changed so drastically,
Life hasn't been the same as it was.
Ease is a luxury I can't seem to afford,
Pain is the misery I am left to endure.
Aaditya Feb 13
A beacon of light, showed the path ahead
Then it got hotter, and burned me away.
Aaditya Dec 2015
Will you still
hold them and
never let me go?
Aaditya Jul 7
In life,
you'll come across
some things,

that shall
make your heart
race faster.

It may seem like
is chasing
after you,

but turns out,
your heart
is chasing something instead.
Aaditya Mar 2
I have seen
how amazing
you are, in creating art
but you shall never be
as great as
the One
who created
You, are a masterpiece.
Aaditya Jul 25
More often than not,
I find myself getting lost
in the distant freedom.

Clear and colourful
yet extremely far
and seemingly unattainable.

Even if I am given the powers
to reach out
and hold on to it,  
I am stopped
by the bars
that lock me inside,
which do not
let me out
in the fresh air.

Skies call me,
the clouds approach me,
I can smell the breeze
but I can't fly.

When will I break free?
It matters not
as much as
"how" I would rather.
Aaditya Jun 2016
There she stood
with a hope in her mind
           but all that she did
      was walk away cryin'
He simply never showed
         up as she waited on
       'cause he had passed
       at the break of dawn
Aaditya Nov 20
I shall flower, but I ain't alive,
I shall rouse, but I won't revive.
Eons pass and I'll not change,
color me please,
red, yellow, or even orange.
Fill me please,
with the colours of life.
I wish to bloom,
rid me this gloom.
Aaditya Feb 17
Between those carefully penned words
fell a drop of ink by accident.
Words faded with time, but
the smudge was permanent.
Aaditya Feb 16
She's never not happy.
Everything needed has she.
An extremely loving guy
with sharp features and
looks that'd make anyone jealous.

Practitioner of law, has a
permanent job, wears suits,
every woman wants him, but
she is the only girl he loves.

But she has another one
who also has her heart won.
Loves as much as the other,
a chubby bag of warmth
and a heart as big as he is.

A part time musician, an
enthusiast of sports.
Always by her side, and
he's at her beck and call.

Love her like anything, both
of them do. See her growth
is all that matters to them
and they leave no stone
unturned to make sure she
loves them back for what they are.

Yes she loves two men and she
won't choose one over the other,
'cause she loves them as much
as they love each other equally,
As one's her Dad, other's her Daddy.
Inspired by a popular American Sitcom.
Aaditya Jul 22
Wanting everything else
That we never had,
We tend to lose everything
That we always had.
Life works in mysterious yet predictable ways, even if it may not be something we are fond of most times. It's hard to accept it rarely but we are told to do exactly that. And we do, accept things the way they occur and go with the flow; most logical decision.
What if we try to swim against the tide? Just push our limits to reach places people never expect us to?
We may be pushed back, unable to steer the direction as well.
It's better to give in, and try to manoeuvre ourselves as much as we can, than lose all control trying to be the hero.
Aaditya Mar 17

Flows too fast
with you.

Flows too slow
without you.
But will it stop too?
Aaditya Feb 20
Bags packed, got my hat, laces tied,
"Did you get your shades, honey?"
She said she wants to travel with me.
So I asked where, and she replied,
"Don't ask where, ask me WHEN."
"Back to our first meeting, then
change nothing
relive everything".
The best part of my journey, has been you.
Aaditya Mar 16
Me onto
this wonder.
And I began my
exercise, but now
I feel so helpless as I
am stuck in the moment.
Walking and running to you,
but am never gonna reach you;
Yet I still continue to sweat it out...
...but I am exhausted now. I want to stop.
Aaditya Mar 17
For whom will I buy
those precious little
gifts of trinkets
that I had always got
for you, all this time?
I will never stop doing that.
Aaditya Feb 18
Dangling along the ledge
towards a deep dark ditch,
an aftermath of your action.
With seering pain flowing
through me and within me,
want to jettison this affliction.
Will you pull me up,
or do you
love me enough
to let me go?
Aaditya Feb 26
What does a loser got to lose?

You hit rock bottom
and the only direction left to go is...
Aaditya Jun 16
Nights seem lighter with you,
Evenings more golden.
Have mornings been the best?
Afternoons are chillier now.

Doesn't this feel great?
Around you, it definitely does.
Sun rises and sets with you.
Aaditya Mar 25
Heavens Even Yearned
Voraciously, In Jubilance A Year Arrived,
Loosening Our Veil; Eradiating,
Yapping On Unwittingly.
Aaditya Feb 13
The ride had ups and downs,
Rockiness on the way.
But overall it had been smooth,
Nothing bad was there to say.

Although the path seemed linear,
Motion was spiralling about.
There came a sudden void
Which promptly ****** me out.

A completely different universe,
Filthy beautiful to feel.
More venturesome than before
To me, definitely did appeal.

Wild by nature,
by aura serene,
Tougher on the outside,
Softer within.

This new place had it all,
Tears of joy, glee of pain,
All the seasons at once,
Sunshine, snow and rain.

Countless days went by
Away from my actual path.
Lost in this exquisite journey,
Unbeknownst of the aftermath.

Could still see the old spiral
Mending away its route,
Changing its course with time
Becoming a thing of beaut.

Didn't really matter though,
was happier in there,
But there was a sudden ******
Pushed me out, out of nowhere.

Back to reality, a kosher one,
The path straighter than ever.
Yet the nostalgia kept hitting
Of the ties that did sever.

After all it was a vortex,
Taught me how to survive.
All I wished, it be the dimension,
Where I shall always thrive...
Aaditya Feb 21
"Doctor Doctor, help me please!"
squealed Vince little hurtfully.
"What is it?", asked the doctor,
"Why have you come to me?"

"Dr. Lee, I think I swallowed
a little thing I remember not."
in a sheepish tone did he reply,
the only excuse he had got.

"Now now," consoled the doctor
while softly rubbing his back,
"it would help you ease out a bit,
first get rid of your anorak."

"Open your mouth, need to check
it may be removed ******." he said.
To ease the pain he thought something
"Lay your head down on the bed".

Using a flashlight he peeked into
the throat of little Vince Susie.
"It looks like some blue coloured piece.
Now you remember what it could be?"

"Actually," started Vince, "I know what
I had swallowed. It is a Lego brick."
"What?" gasped the Doctor in horror,
"Are you choking?" asked with a crick.

"No, I am serious." Vince replied
stupidly. The doctor couldn't control
his smile. "You need to **** now,
need to get that out as a whole."

"Doctor? Why you cursing me?" queried
Vince, as he thought the Doctor swore.
Doctor clarified he did not,
"Kid, other work to do, I have a lot more."

Gave him a brine solution
and a bucket to puke into
Vince drank the brine with a glug
And now he needed a tissue.

Swallowed the piece, painfully so,
but out came rushing his *****,
pouring into the bucket
Lego brick shot like a comet.

"Thank you doctor, you were most
kind." said Vince thankfully so,
"But now I must be excused, as
it definitely is my time to go."

"Wait up!" stopped Dr. Lee, "Who's
gonna pay your fees, dear lad?"
"I don't think I need to pay, as
My mom says you are my dad."

-awkward silence-
Aaditya Jul 9
Stepping into your aura
little did I know
I will be,
engulfed completely.

You came into my life
like a feeble source of light,
but in time took it up a notch,
illuminating everything around.

Carrying that spark in you,
a mere proximity towards
my tinder-esque nature,
caught me on in your fire.

Burning bright, purely white,
I don't see anything but you.
Lost all senses, slowly slowly,
but I feel everything too.

I am sweating now, naturally;
but wonder why,
these flames
make me shiver too.

I feel blinded at times
by your bursting ambience;
the longest one that happened,
happened for 60 minutes.

I'll be honest, I am **** scared,
but I still love this feeling,
of danger amidst safety,
the beginning, of an adventure.
With you.
Aaditya Jul 8
The moment I address it,
I bridge the gap.
The moment I bridge the gap,
I am scared that it might collapse.
Aaditya Mar 8
Mother, Sister,
Wife, Friend,
Great Grandmother,
Aunt, Daughter,
Niece, Granddaughter,
Great Granddaughter,
Girlfriend, Lover,
Crush, Ex,
Colleague, Boss,
and all the women
who are gonna come
in the future.
With lots of love, always.
Aaditya Aug 2015
I will be the first one
to tell you about
Your grey hair,
I will be the one
to notice that first wrinkle
on Your cheeks,
I will give You
the last tooth that
will fall from my mouth,
I will be there
with You
when I breathe my last.
I will always be there with You.
Aaditya Feb 15
You are the one for me.
But all I keep thinking is,
Now that you are gone
I never deserved you, I know

Still it was so beautiful
Life did have its ups and downs
But I was the happiest with you
You were happy with me

I know how much I meant to you
Even as I was most flawed
You defined perfection to me
You loved me with all your heart.
First attempt on reverse poetry.
Aaditya Jul 2
वो हसीन चेहरा, तड़पता है मन देखने को,
मुस्कुराती हो तुम जब, घायल कर देती हो।
पलके झपकाती तुम धीरे से या धीरे हुआ समय
पता नहीं हकीकत क्या है, खो गए हैं हम।

तुम्हारे मीठे लफ़्ज़ों का रहता इंतज़ार हमें
वक्त से पूछते हम, कब सुनने को मिले।
आरज़ू है मन में कई ज़्यादा, पड़ता ना फर्क
दिल में बस रहती हो तुम, दिल में बसती हो तुम।

फिदा हैं हम तुम्हारे हर करनी के,
बता ना सके हम कभी विस्तार से।
नासमझ तो हम हैं ही, सच है ये,
पर तुम ना समझी इशारों को हमारे।

— The End —