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Tess Dec 2018
Run away, Run away,
No one wants you as you are.
Do not stay, do not stay,
Hurry up now and depart.

Get the blade, get the blade,
No one else will understand.
Till one day, till one day,
Your blood is on your own hands.

Murderer, murderer,
****** screams pierced the sky.
Bury her, bury her,
This is what I'm remembered by.

Fight and win, fight and win,
I am sorry, but I lost.
Ignore pain, ignore pain,
I did, and death was the cost.

Blame on me, blame on me,
My weakness killed my own soul.
Misery, misery,
That blame is not mine to hold.

Oppression, oppression,
Degrading names broke my will.
Transition, transition,
From life to forever still.

Murderer, murderer,
****** screams pierced the sky,
Murderer, murderer,
The life that I took was mine.
People take their own lives for many different reasons. Don't be one of them.
Tess Jul 2018
Humans come in colors assorted,
African, Asian, and Indian,
We all are equally created,
Sailor, policeman, or a chaplain.

Whether we're white, black, red, or other,
Poor, famous, slave, or of noble blood.
Did we not come from Eve our mother?
Whose life came from diety above?
We are all the same regardless of religion, race, age, gender, or occupation.
Tess Apr 2018
Bold like a lion,
strong and brave.
I'm not defiant,
know my name.

Proud like a lion,
showing might,
No turning back now,
I will fight.

Roar like a lion.
Hunt your prey.
Walk like a titan.
Rule the day.

Live like a lion.
Know your place.
Keep your head high an'
show your grace.

Sleep like a lion,
with your pride.
Protect your region.
None shall die.

Fail like a lion.
tail down low.
But rise like a king.
All will know.
Be a lion, bold strong, and full of fight, and if life gets's you down, rise up!
Tess Apr 2018
Come into my view.
Come before my gaze.
So I can see you,
through this thick, gray haze.

Through the illusion,
you pretend to be.
That makes me caution,
this reality.

To view the real you,
shouldn't be too hard.
Do you heal those near you,
or simply discard?

Does life hold value?
Is your word sincere?
Do your friends know you,
to hold them quite dear?

I care not 'bout looks,
height, weight, or your race.
All the lives you took,
can't be replaced.

No physical ******.
Only mental death.
When under fire,
do you care who's left?

Come into my view,
So I can see clear.
You do not want to.
It's the truth you fear.

My view's untainted.
My beliefs neutral.
I see the frayed thread,
of your betrayal.

I see the real you,
your imperfect soul.
Will you start anew,
with a new life goal?

Don't make deception.
I can see your lies.
the hardest to try.

Come into my view,
either near or far.
Your sins though a few,
make you who you are.

Don't falsely live.
A lie all can see.
Change cannot outlive,
What you refuse to be.
Do you view people for what they are, or what you want them to be? How do you view yourself? Call your view into question.
Tess Apr 2018
I wish I had a shield.
So when you talked I wouldn't get hurt.
I wish I didn't yield.
Then I'd stand up not fall in the dirt.
I wish that you cared.
I'm starting to think you never did
I wish I wasn't scared.
That way I could say what I wanted.
I wish you weren't mean.
I just wanted to make things better.
I wish we weren't a thing.
Then I could reunite with laughter.
I wish I could heal you.
But you've hurt me too much to do right.
I wish I could tell you.
But it always ends with a big fight.
I wish that I could leave.
And leave you a broken heart like mine.
I wish you weren't a thief.
But you've stolen my heart one more time.
I wish I could end this.
I would leave you and never return.
I wish you weren't a disease.
An infection with no developed cure.
I wish for happiness.
I've finally broken free from you
I wish the emptiness.
Would close itself to monsters like you.
Some relationships are just hard, physically and emotionally.
Tess Apr 2018
I wait all day,
I sleep all night.
I like to play.
I do not bite.

I'm your best friend,
I'm here for you.
I will defend
you through and through.

I have four legs.
I'm big and small.
I can be scary
or not at all.

You know me best.
I know you too.
I do what you ask.
because I love you.

When I'm older,
my life all spent,
I'll wish for more
than I could give.

For a new friend
who will love you
and be loyal
like I was to you.

Until that day,
I'll be your friend.
I will stay true,
until the end.
For all beloved pets.
Tess Jan 2018
Unwavering happiness, true love.
An ultimate peace, pure like a dove.
Unforgivable rage, it you'll fear.
Unmendable grief, for those so dear.
Time tests and destroys what we protect.
Our love that once spawned has a defect.
Our peace torn from us by emotion.
Hard to concentrate with the commotion.
Try rebuilding trust lost with a lie.
Get's better or worse as time goes by.
Grief is heavy, but relief is light.
With a broken heart, some still do fight.
Time tests or destroys the things we hold dear.
Withheld rage can bring many to tears.
Time brings challenges for us to face,
which we can conquer with the Lord's grace.
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