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The Unknown Nov 2020
They can tell
When my
liver's working too hard
But they can't tell
When I'm on

They accuse
of mischief
and mayhem
but they don't know I'm high
till I tell them
The Unknown Sep 2018
When they ask me why I came
I'll tell them
Cause my heart was hurting

And if it's hurting here
It might as well hurt
Somewhere else, right?

Love, don't tell me I can't
Cause I can
In my lowest moments
I'm 100% sure
Love, don't tell me I can't
I can do anything

Of all the things we're not sure about
Confused about
Indecisive about
Of all the things we don't know about
This isn't one of those things

So love,
Don't tell me I can't
Cause I can
I can do anything
The Unknown May 2017
This is the part of life
Where you put bricks on the past
so you can't look back
And whatever's underneath will die
This is the part of life
Where you're waiting for time to pass
Enough time
To layer on
Enough bricks
To smother
Enough roots
Of the part of you you don't want
I don't remember what I'm burying
But I've stopped asking myself
Because forgetting
is erasure
makes it easier to forgive
because no one ever did anything wrong
in the first place
Not even you
Laying down bricks with love
A foundation
To build the rest of your life
On bricks
Burying what?
I don't remember
The Unknown May 2017
You want to introduce us
to a house of gold
But gold was never really my color
For some time
It felt as though
a hundred hands held me
Led me through the weight
Pain and loss
that I must bear
My brain spins
And I see
The hands are there
not here
A hundred hands hold you
Through the loss that you must bear
But there is no loss
Only the flowers we forgot to smell
The birds we didn't listen to
The beauty we were blind to
And you
must think I'm blind
for not wanting your house of gold
But Beauty
Is in the eye of the beholder
For a hundred hands
and a house of gold
cannot take me somewhere
I'm not meant to go
The Unknown May 2017
A highlight from your life
is negative
What are you thinking about?
Something negative
Does it help?
how a single moment of discomfort
becomes neck muscle
from the tension you put in your body
The pin dropped once
It is you
who became a cave
and allowed it to
The Unknown May 2017
My love,
if only we could write with two hands
And not get tired when night comes
If only the heat didn't hurt us so bad
And the bus rides didn't make us sick
My love,
the tension that you're
keeping in your wrist
you can let it go now
If only you had always understood
Do not create demons
in a place where there are none
Feel your heart
You're safe here
Come, let's go
to a place where there are none
And your eyes grow heavy
when the steam glows
The Unknown May 2017
If only I could put
cold hands
to the sides of your face
convince that the sky's
that the tear
in the curtain
isn't there anymore
that the taste of this
maternal mango
a little too sweet
so deep
it's where you'll find
what you're looking for
avocados and thick clouds
If only I could show you
how to do what you're told
That conformity
is not weakness
tell your mama
when you're coming home
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