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Jul 2017 · 1.3k
Raindrops Jul 2017
Salamat sa walang sawang pakikinig sa mga kwento ko
Sa mga pangaral sa mga simpleng problema at pangyayari sa buhay ko
Ikaw ang unang nakakaalam pag may problema ako.
Kapag naiinis ako, nagtatampo, masama ang pakiramdam o nalulungkot
Sobrang nagpapasalamat ako sa pagiintindi mo sakin.
Kahit minsan makulit ako
Ipinagmamalaki ko sa lahat na ikaw ang mama ko
Kasi pinalaki mo ko ng maayos
Salamat din sa walang sawang pagsuporta saakin sa lahat ng bagay.
Sa pag compliment ng mga drawings ko hehe
Dahil dun napapalakas mo ang loob ko:3 
Pinapalakas mo ang loob ko palagi
Salamat sa paniniwala na kaya kong lampasan ang mga problema sa buhay.
Salamat kasi kahit kailan hindi ko naramdaman na kailangan ko maging magaling na anak para maging proud ka sakin.  
Salamat kasi yung mama ko yung pinakanakakaintindi sakin.
Ikaw ang pinaka bestfriend ko sa lahat.
Lahat nang yun naaappreciate ko ng sobra sobra.
Jul 2017 · 1.6k
Raindrops Jul 2017
Gabi gabi nalang akong ganto, malungkot, nagoovethink
Di ko nga gustong matulog eh
Feeling ko may kulang, feeling ko di sapat
Yung mga ginawa ko ngayong araw kahit ginawa ko naman ang mga dapat kong gawin
Kahit pagod ang katawan ko
Ayaw ko pa matulog
Jul 2017 · 821
Raindrops Jul 2017
Hindi lang ikaw ang nalulungkot
Hindi lang ikaw ang nag-iisip ng tungkol sa kamatayan
Hindi lang ikaw ang nasasaktan
Hindi lang ikaw ang nagaalinlangan sa kanya
Hindi lang ikaw ang may maraming tanong at hindi makita ang sagot
Hindi lang ikaw ang nahihirapan
Hindi lang ikaw ang nakakaisip na sumuko na lang
Hindi lang ikaw...
Siguro nakikita mo lang akong masaya, nakakaya ko paring tumawa
Nakakaya kong mag-bitaw ng mga magagandang salita na parang wala akong pinagdadaanan
Na kaya ko paring maging positibo at magpatuloy lamang

Ang katwiran mo'y wala pa kasi ako sa sitwasyon mo ngayon kaya hindi ko naiintindihan
Kaya binabalewala mo lang ang sinasabi ko, binabalewala mo lang ang nararamdaman ko,
Akala mo'y luha lang at walang laman ang bawat pag-agos ng aking luha
Ngunit sadyang hindi ko lang kayang bigkasin ang mga salita
Jul 2017 · 418
My Idol
Raindrops Jul 2017
Many people asked me why did I admire her,
Of all the beautiful and talented artist;
well we all have different taste why we like people...
For me, I like her because she's close to my heart.
She got this straight long hair,
petite body, not so thick brows, plain but thoughtful eyes and thin lips.
I like her cute feminine style, she always wear dress and sometimes blouse and skirts.
She doesn't wear much of accessories.
She doesnt dye her hair much and it is either long hair or short hair is her haircut.
She wears makeup that is enough to give color on her face
For me she's simple and thats one of the many things I like about her.
She's good in singing,
she can sing all genres of music.
She can reach high notes and she composed songs too...
Every lyrics her song tells a story;
Misery, loneliness, pain, love and joy.
Its like she's talking to me, like she's telling how she feels even though I didn't directly understand the lyrics.
The melody of her voice express it.
She doesn't have an easy past
She started her career by auditions
She wasn't easily accepted by people
She earned her popularity by working hard
She shares her blessings by donating to charity
She have fans like kids, teens, men and woman.
And she is really an inspiration.
She never forget to give thanks to her fans.
You will know she cares for them because she shares them the things she have whenever she have the time to meet her fans.
Despite of issues about her, bashers  who make her down. Those people who didn't notice how amazing she is.
How she serves as an inspiration and a role model to a simple girl like me and
She is a true idol.
Inspire by my idol, Lee Ji-Eun (IU) <3
Jul 2017 · 441
Good Night
Raindrops Jul 2017
Stars in the night sky
While everyone is asleep
Moonlight shines in peace
First time to try haiku..hope you like it
Nov 2016 · 361
Raindrops Nov 2016
Used to the things around me
I had thought the world is small,
I believe only what my eyes see
Innocence hugging the horizon.
As I grow up, I open my heart  there is so much to see.
I began to search for the world
I began to search for myself
I began to know what truly life is.
Nov 2016 · 1.0k
My Besties
Raindrops Nov 2016
We aren't blood related
But we care more than sister.
We were always together in ups and downs of life,
We aren't complete when there is missing of us.
We are different but we share the same thoughts and
goals in life.
They say we're lucky to have each other
Wishing they have one too.
There are times we argue about things,
Misunderstood each other,
And reach to that point  
that we want each other free
But you know what is that thing
that binds us together?
The misery we feel,
The worry of losing someone,
The one who knows our flaws but still worry of leaving us behind.
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Raindrops Apr 2016
Sky covered by gray clouds
It looks soft but hardened by its burden inside
It will burst any moment
And let it all out
It would be a relief
When the rain comes out
Everything will be better & fine
Apr 2016 · 378
Raindrops Apr 2016
What do you do when you're feeling sad?
Do you write
Do you draw
Do you sing
Or you do just cry it out...
Apr 2016 · 313
Raindrops Apr 2016
Sickness makes me forget feeling well
Just like sadness, I don't remember the last time I became happy...
Apr 2016 · 501
Raindrops Apr 2016
A work is

& Meaningless

without imagination.
Apr 2016 · 944
Raindrops Apr 2016
An old red cement flooring,
Empty walls painted in gray,
Litted by a faint yellowish bulb,
A cozy place to sit with a person by my side.

Holding tightly as the ice candy melts,
Burning my palm with its coldness.
In this awkward state hiding in silence
I want to break it but maybe just comfort myself.

Didn't you notice that, maybe because you are busy;
Staring at that noisy tv.
Do you want to do something else?
Do you want to go somewhere?
Didn't you notice I was struggling my mind?
I wanna know if you do.
Mar 2016 · 3.0k
The Sad Ending
Raindrops Mar 2016
We made it through,
I feel this is the last time and I am with you
I am afraid but excited
Looking at you from behind.
Is this the ending?
You showed me your sweet smile;
the smile that makes me remember,
How far we have reach together

Your gaze that makes me melt,
I cannot avoid
But I somehow feel worried
Why do your eyes looks like they mean something,
I ran to you and hold you tight.
This was the real happiness I was waiting; I thought myself.

We were up in the scarlet sky
with soft clouds surrounding us.
And the sneaking sun beams behind
We watched from above
the things ruin into pieces
Like pixels falling down
But I cannot hear anything
Nothing but the beat of my heart inside
Here in this heavenly place with you
I said I love you forever...
You replied the same and a tear rolled down your beautiful face
I caressed your cheeks,
I close my eyes and leaned to kiss you
I hope this isn't a goodbye

I know this is the end...
This is the time were about to escape.

Its getting brighter and brighter
as if the bright bright sun has made its way
to invade the whole place and take you away.

I feel oblivious
My body is senseless
So does my heart...
Then it blacks out!

I slowly open my heavy eyes and found myself in unfamiliar place.
Its suffocates me that you are not around,
Little by little I gain my consciousness,
I just hope I didn't,
Because you are the missing piece of me,
Without you I cannot live
It really hurts.

That place where you are beside me
It was a fool
It was just a dream

I hope I didn't wake up to the reality that you are gone...
SAO season 1's ending is really sad :'( so I make some poem.
Mar 2016 · 342
Work Your Way To Your Dream
Raindrops Mar 2016
Waking up of the roosters cry in the morning
Start to work until
you get tired and weary.
Every hardship has a purpose
on its own
A work is a goal to achieve and accomplish.

Men and women, old and young
must work their dreams to come true
And wash away the negative thoughts that grew
Nothing worth having comes easy

Don't ever think work is a punishment
Work without thinking the hours you had spent.
For it is a benefit of yourself not them,
To aim things with eagerness and happiness
not to condemn

Work is a progression,
To improve
So you must be wise
with every move
As they say; Life works on how you make it
Don't lose your way and quit.
Inspired by Kahlil Gibran's "On Work"
Mar 2016 · 384
My Mother
Raindrops Mar 2016
I can see affection
in her eyes...
The kindness in her
heart lies
Her sweet words
that make me believe,
Its aim to cheer
and to relieve.

In the warmth of her hugs
I feel love,
I was a gift to her
from above,
To take care and comfort me,
Especially when things go
out of my hand.

No matter what Ive been through,
Even if all is against me,
Atleast I know there is someone
I know she'll always be
by my side.
Mar 2016 · 410
Raindrops Mar 2016
Its hard to say
my feelings I had kept
Considering it is a shame
to be transparent,
to be plain not to mind
what I'm feeling
I walk passed you hoping
it'll just vanish by time
A mere face in the crowd
Would you give a glance?
But I think not co'z we're parallel lines
In my heart where it is hidden
emotions speak in every beat
There's something in you...
With just a glimpse,
You made my day
My eyes searching when no signs of you
Hoping I can see you everytime
But things get different
I get hopless
I know I have no chance.
I'm observer at things around,
hoping to know you more
But I think I see something
somehow I feel disappointed
Cold crept in me you were hugging her
I feel broken even though I'm just a stranger
I was right I thought,
Am I allowed to move on?
It appears to me not
Co'z were no connection
Its nothing but
I hate to admit I'm affected...
Mar 2016 · 10.6k
Raindrops Mar 2016
Loyalty exist
In everyone,
Who cares without doubt
Cannot be expressed
by the words
Of the mouth
It was seen in the act of the heart
Makes loyalty in every part.
Mar 2016 · 399
Little voices
Raindrops Mar 2016
Do you not worry that you hurt everyone else*
Is there guilt in your heart dwells?
As if you can sleep on your bed,
Not minding the things you had said

It whispers on your ear,
But you cover and pretend you dont hear.
You just watch the things that happened,
Closing your eyes not to intend.

Those voices will haunt you down,
Like a ghost wandering in town
Scared because you are not brave enough,
To confess your sins so rough.
Mar 2016 · 5.3k
Raindrops Mar 2016
One hot afternoon
Trees are silent and still
The wind blows hot
through my skin
with my eyes burning in heat
Crack and dry lips
I look at the sun
so bright it appears black.
Its background pale blue sky
Sitting alone my eyes feel heavy
Thinking to get along with this boring day
Hoping it would just rain.
I want to continue this but I'm out of ideas...still need to study :/
Mar 2016 · 434
White Lies
Raindrops Mar 2016
We we're taught that lying is a sin
that truth is all it takes to be
Now is different from where we had been.
There are times we didn't expect things would be.

We must be sensitive on others feelings
Not to say words that'll just make things worst.
We're fragile and imperfect beings
Consider to it at first

It's fine to lie even though you knew
Its hard to stay silent
But its the best we can do
Untruth words for them to soothe
Than to see them suffer because of the truth

But whether a secret or not
The truth is bound to unfold
Soon they'll realize on their own
That if they were on your shoe, they will do the same too.
Mar 2016 · 893
First Love
Raindrops Mar 2016
I wonder once how it felt to love
Though as pure as a dove
Then you suddenly came in my world
Things in my thoughts whorled

The feeling when you're right beside me,
how funny I can't stand straight my knee
I was taken away by your smile
thoughts of you make my life worthwhile.

You're like the star on the night sky
I was so fond of them I want to fly.
Sweet and tenderly love they say
I love the feeling it makes me sway.

It's truly amazing what love can do
It'll surprise you out of the blue
but time flies and feelings fade away
Memories dont because its the only one that stay
Mar 2016 · 867
Raindrops Mar 2016
There are many mysteries here on earth
Even the earth is a mystery itself since birth
There are many questions in my mind
To which I do not know where to find

Unexplainable things that puzzled me.
Leaving me alone in the middle of the sea.
Letting me drown in deep curiosity,
Things that can't unravel even by a witty.

— The End —